Book Boyfriend Reviews

Reading is my passion, there is nothing like being taken away and being sucked into a great book and falling in love with one book boyfriend after another.

Trading Paint by Shey Stahl

Trading Paint: Racing on the Edge (Volume 3) - Shey Stahl

Firstly, I just want to be honest with all of you. When I made the choice to do this blog tour I had no clue what this series was. I had the first book (Happy Hour) in my Kindle, I have an obsession with that damn 1 click button (it will be the death of me and my bank account!) and you know what......


I am like most bookies, I think, I will eventually get to that book.

OMFG! I am seriously happy that I am doing this blog tour. I read the first book Happy Hour like if I was on crack. I must have looked like this to my family


I found my new book boyfriend JAMESON RILEY!!! 

This series is about NASCAR driver Jameson Riley, Ok I know most women are like really NASCAR! Trust me I totes know that feeling. I was like yeah this is going to be boring, I mean what's so great about NASCAR?


Well slap me upside my head and call me stupid, after reading the first book I had to eat those words.


Happy Hour was just unexpected I was not ready for all that awesomness spilling forth from the pages.

I was seriously


then...I was like

What just happened!



Needless to say I finished the first book in 1 day...can you say sleep deprived and so worth it!

There are 5 books in this series. Trading Paint is technically the 3rd book but after reading the first book Happy Hour, this has to be read 2nd. It just takes you a bit further into Jameson's world.


I have read many books and I love books that can just suck me in and make me believe everything coming out of it. This book did just that. I am not a NASCAR follower or even a watcher, I thought I was going to have a problem reading this book because I knew nothing of that world. Shey Stahl has written a series that grabs you and she holds your hand to lead you through all the jargon of what is NASCAR. I never felt lost. I understood and my imagination was crystal clear. I fell deeply for Jameson and the whole Riley family for that matter. He is oozing sexiness and in love with his long time best friend Sway (Omg don't you just love her name). Since he was little he has been at race tracks watching his father Jimi compete. Racing has always been in his blood. Jameson met Sway when they were both 11, both of them love the sport, she is one of his biggest supporters. Jameson just didn't know how to handle wanting his best friend and being with her while having a crazy schedule that would not allow for him to spend the quality time he thought she deserved. As, you read you begin to understand that internal struggle and the vulnerability in him that is lovable and captivating.

"For the first time in my life, I wanted to tell someone I loved them, and she was my best friend. I didn’t love her as a best friend either, no; it was so much more than that. It was the kind of love that you felt in your bones; deep blinding love"

Awwww how cute is that?


In this book you get an better look into Jameson and how he got to where he is now. The stuggles he endured and the friendships he created, especially his true feelings for Sway. I was enthralled from book one and just could not get enough of him or his family. Another reason I fell so hard for Jameson that he is a big prankster. He does things that would make a parent cringe but a kid laugh hysterically. (I think, I am a kid because I laughed hysterically).


Sway is a character that I instantly loved not only is she confident but she is pretty badass

Listen asshole,” I began reproachfully pointing my finger at his caterpillars. “I don’t give a shit who you think is the best NASCAR driver,” I air quoted, “but you carping on Jameson and my home town...I’m going to rip those caterpillars off your face before they become butterflies!”


 and funny as heck.

"Everything Jameson did turned me on. He breathed and I wanted to jump on top of him. He laughed and I wanted to hump his leg, he smiled and I nearly died. But it wasn’t that I was horny. Everything he did was enduring"


another character that made me laugh so hard was Jameson's older brother Spencer.

“Yes, oh, yes!” the taller fry groaned. “Sway, God you’re so greasy for me. Mmmm...I wanna lick all the salt off you...Oh, shit I’m gonna...I’m gonna...Oh...Ooooh!"


Imagine sitting in a restaurant and hearing this


This series has definitely become one of my favorites. Jameson Riley is absolutely worthy of being on the Book Boyfriend List!!!


I rate this book


5/5 hearts

The Submission of Alistair Ingram

The Submission of Alistair Ingram  - Kelli Maine

Have you ever looked at a book cover and though to yourself, damn that looks really good?
That is how I felt when I looked at this book cover. I wanted to know how Alistair was put into Submission.

As soon as I began the Novella, I knew I was in for a ride! I mean Alistair is at a Dolls and Dom's with Black Betty. The story develops as these two seem to hate each other but have this unexpected pull towards one another.

Things will never be the same for either of these two after their first encounter together.

I am happily reading and really getting into the story then:


SERIOUSLY??? I could not stop after learning about Black Betty, who she really is and her past. Then Alistair comes along and practically whisks her away...I was not expecting that one. I mean its a love/hate relationship with these two.

Then some of this happens:

 which leads to this:


and I was doing this:

By the time I was more than halfway through this novella I was like this:

Really? Really!!! I couldn't believe it either!!
Then it through me for another loop which had me like this:

I was completely taken aback by how wonderful of a man Alistair is. I could not put this down for a second...eating become non-existent because I could not get enough of these characters. By the end I was happy and wanted to do this to everyone I live with:


Kelli Maine once again has done a great job in captivating me to the point of starvation (ok, not really but just go with it peeps!) I was not expecting certain points in the book. 

Alistair is wow! yummy and awesome,caring, loving and sensitive, he has grabbed my heart and squeezed it. I don't know if I want him to let go just yet but I am content for the moment.

Bethany is pretty bad ass as a dominatrix (Black Betty) but, also has a side that nobody sees. It was fascinating to watch her come out of her shell and let her guard down. Not an easy thing, for this woman to do. 

Thanks, Kelli I enjoyed the ride and can not wait for more. 

I rated this book with: 4.5/5 hearts



*ARC provided by author for honest review*


The Rocker that Holds Me By Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker That Holds Me - Terri Anne Browning












We are first introduced to Emmie, a sweet little scared 5 yr old girl who is neglected and abused by her junkie mother. 

 The only family she has are 4 guys who are 10 years older then her but take great care of her. Nik, Drake, Shane and Jesse, are there for Emmie no matter what. So when Emmie's mother dies they guys who are now mega hot rockers on tour, jump to claim Emmie and have her come with them. 

Emmie takes care of her guys. She makes sure they have food, sleep in beds, get there hotel rooms, showers and anything else they may need. She is like the guys little sister and they are very very protective of her. Secretly she has feelings for Nik lead singer of 'Demons Wing' and total hottie.
(this is how I envisioned him)

I totes would have been crushing on him too!

Emmie gets sick and all the guys are beside themselves. Worrying about her and feeling hopeless as they try to get her to see a Dr. No matter how hard they try she just reassures them that she is fine and does not need a Dr.

A few days later Emmie is the guys' concert and just about passes out and is rushed to the hospital.....

AND this is where the spoilers would be if I did that sort of thing 

So lets just say that this is where you get the "OH SHIT" moment. 
from here on out I was pretty much enthralled with the storyline and the surprise twist that was thrown in. Usually, I'm pretty good with figuring out the unforeseen events. I'm pretty sure I'm off my A-Game, because the last two books I have read I did not expect the twist. Same can be said for this novella. 

From the beginning Terri Anne Browning had me captivated. Although this is a novella, the author did a great job in pulling me in and not having any holes in the story. I never felt cheated and throughout I understood the magnitude of the characters protective dynamic of each other. Emmie is one lucky girl to have found such a exceptional group of guys that were there to love and protect her from such an early beginning.

I would recommend this novella to EVERYONE!! The authors writing is extraordinary, and from what I hear each member of the band will get a novella! I'm so excited because I've fallen in love with every one of the characters. 
I rated this:
4/5 hearts!!!  

The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life By Tammy Coons and Michele Pace

The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life - Michelle Pace;Tammy Coons

Perpetual Quest takes you on a ride that at times leaves you breathless and captivated. I did not know what to think of this book as I had begun to read it. We meet Avery a headstrong independent beautiful woman who takes no bull. 

Nicole, is Avery's sister in law, who was left widowed with a baby boy. Ryan who was murdered was Avery brother. Nicole and Avery are very close. She and Nicole have been friends for a very long time. Nicole moves back to Jefferson Point to be closer to be near family and friends.
Then we have Aaron, He was Ryan's best friend. He has always had a crush on Nicole but being that Nicole was with Ryan he never persuade anything. 
We are also introduced to Shilah, a man who made me squirm by his description alone. He is a strong man who knows what he wants. He is kind and just awwww.
From the beginning, I was sucked into this story. There is plenty of things that go on in this book and I felt as though I was right in the middle of it all as it unfolded. Secrets are revealed, new romances are formed. Old crushes come together. 
I think it was a great story of a mother who will do anything to make her way in a world that has robbed her of her husband, she is determined to make her way.
There were times that I was left in shock as things were revealed. 
I really enjoyed that the authors gave us a back story to the characters. It felt as if I was getting to know them and bonded with them. Another unique thing that this story has is the use of so many characters. At first I was a bit leery thinking how can I keep track of everything that is going on, but quickly found that the way this story is written my anxiety over that was for nothing. 
Overall it is a great story. The secondary characters were great and pulled in everything nicely. I laughed, I cried, I swooned and was shocked. I love when a book can pull forth so many of my emotions. 
I gave this book 
4/5 Hearts

The Mistaken By Nancy Thompson

The Mistaken - Nancy S.  Thompson


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live such a messed up and desperate life that you actually thought about hurting someone? Well me either until Tyler Karras. I actually wanted to started take shots drinking lots of vodka once I started reading about his life.
This poor guy has been through his parents and sisters deaths, he almost lost his bother in that same accident. Then his bother gets beat outside his home and he nearly losses him again, Next Tyler marries Jillian the love of his life, they find out she's preggers and want to buy a house.
Okay so at this point I am thinking YAY but looking at the percentage of my kindle I am like WTF there is way more story and its still early....riiiiggghhhtttt so then we find that someone has stolen their credit card numbers and used it to rack up an 18,000 bill. No longer able to get the home of their dreams due to this blunder on their credit, Jill goes a little crazy and finds the girl and confronts her. Now Jill who mind you is pregnant and pissed as I feel she should have been, chases after this girl in her car and guess what happens???
I start to drink yet again......
Yeah you guessed right she dies in a car accident, Tyler's whole world in now in shambles and he blames himself for her death. His brother Nick tried to help him out but really can anyone really help someone after all that? 
Now this is where things get interesting....Nick and Tyler come up with an ahhhh intriguing way of getting back at Erin the woman who stole not only Tyler's credit card number but his wife and child as well. 
While all this is going on we meet Hannah a married woman who's husband just so happens to be having an affair with Erin who by the way looks just like her, I know creepy right? but I am thinking this is all one big cluster fuck....


Now the guys Tyler and Nick decide to kidnap Erin and give her to the Russian Mafia as a way to torture her, and wipe out Nicks debt to them, but they accidentally kidnap Hannah and this is where I did this 
So once it is figured out she is not Erin, this is where the story turns in to a thrill ride. Now Tyler is trying to save this poor innocent woman. Can you really outrun the mafia? holy geez. 
This is where if I get into to many more details I get into spoilers and you all know I don't do spoilers, Oh but I do have to say that kidnappings, fightings, gun battles, all ensue and it gets intense.
I was pleasantly surprised when the author had asked if I would read and review her book. I like all genres, so for me this is right up my alley. I enjoyed the way she put all the details together and  the story line didn't drag for me. I was captivated and engrossed into this mafia filled world, where not everything is the way it appears. 
Even though I was verge of going on a drinking binge, I understood why it was all necessary in the end. I mean seriously I can't really be expected to read a book especially a thriller without the angst and drama right? Belive me Nancy brought the drama. Where does this leave me? contemplating my rating that's where... I was entertained and the twists and turns kept me guessing. I love the feeling of being on the edge of my seat, so for that I gave this book....
                                         4.5/5 hearts
**I was provided a copy of the book for an honest review**

The Love Game

The Love Game  - Emma  Hart

I began to read this book and I was like (yawn) another one of those books. You know girl goes to college sees the good looking man whore wants nothing to do with said man whore and blah blah blah.
HA! Well guess what? Emma Hart you fooled me you little devil you!

Have you ever seen John Tucker must die?? You know where the girls the man whore is two timing/four timing all get together to bring him down.

Have him fall in love with one "special" girl and then break his heart.
That is Braden in this book and that special girl is Maddie. Twist to this plot though and that is that the guys know that Maddie is a tough ummm nut to crack so the guys also do a challenge. Have Maddie fallin love with Brayden and then dump her. Crazy right.

Maddie refuses to fall in love or date guys like Brayden because of her brother and what he has done in the past. little more specifically ehat he did to her best friend Abbi.
Braden has a best friend who is a girl Megan or Megs or Meggie, she is a part of the girls plan to make him fall in love with Maddie then dump him. I know your all probs like HUH! that is her BFF why would she do that? Oh Megs is a tad bit smarter then I think everyone gave her credit for. She wants to see her BFF change his ways.

I think pretty much throughout the book I knew how it would end...BUT the way the author writes is really what draws you in. I couldn't stop reading. I found myself laughing and saying oh hell no. Then I got to 71% and I was like OOOOHHHHH SHIIIZZZZ.....then at 79% I think I actually gasped and I am pretty sure I looked like this....

It gets kind of crazy. And I think I was like....

Brayden and Maddie fall for one another and its crazy but when you read how and why it totes works. I was like hell yeah but then yup that part in every story where you know your gonna get punched in the stomach happens. They both find out about each others bets. And then chaos ensues.
I enjoyed their story. I liked the secondary characters, I enjoyed the banter and the way the relationship evolved. It wasn't all wham bam...ok well 3 weeks but it seems longer and they are just too cute together.

I gave this book

4/5 hearts!


Taken by Kelli Maine

Taken: A Give & Take Novel (Book 1) - Kelli Maine

Firstly, I looked HIGH and LOW for this book! I know youre like WTF, but let me explain. So one night prior to making the blog I was online searching for books (don't ask what I googled this was all prior to knowledge of goodreads) anywho I saw the description for this book. I was like OMG I need to read this! well I get distracted like really really easy. 

I was taken (hehe) from that page into another and totes forgot to write down the name of the book or author. Yup I'm smart

Needless to say when I went to Amazon to one click books this one popped in my head and I could'nt remember. I WENT CRAZY it took me 4 days many different google searches and FINALLY asking my book friends to get the name of the book. WHOOOOOO HOOOOO ok so then I started the book and I was like 

We have Merrick a billionaire wants to hire Racheal to help him renovate his hotel on Turtle Tear island (yup he owns an island!) In his eyes she is perfect for the job. She ends up turning it down because her mom would be lonely, and Rachel can't take that. So instead of taking the job of her dreams she turns it down. 

This is where it gets interesting. Merrick doesn't take no for an answer, he knows she is the only one for this job. He begins to stalk his prey....errr.....this woman. He thinks that if he can get her to this island she will see that she is meant to do the job and maybe even meant for him.

Thats what I said! so after a few months this sexy, crazy man "takes" her. Like he kidnaps Rachael....I know I know your probably like WTF? thats crazy! I will admit it is but it sooooo works.

“You made a lasting impression on me, Rachael, and I don’t like to be turned down. I needed to find out why you didn’t come work for me.”
 "You flinch at my words. “I’m detaining you until you choose to be here.”

LOL see not kidnap.... detain
Alright so this is where I was like ok dude no matter how sexy you are you is cray cray! 

as he begins his quest to show her he is neither delusional or scary, I found myself giddy and excited. I know WTF is wrong with me right? but Merrick just has this way about him.

I was enthralled. I was captivated. I was Taken! I never wanted this to end. I think I was a little sad when I finished the book. Yes I just gave you the meat but not the potatoes. Oh you want more. Well lets just say my kindle steamed up and I wanted a rich crazy bastard like Merrick to detain me! You all know me I likes the drama in my books because it adds effect and "OMG is this really happening?" and if done correctly my stomach is in knots and I won't put the book down until I know how it all turns out. This is that book.

I am so glad that I put that many hours searching and scouring until I found this gem. Imagine if it had sucked BUT luckily it was a great read and I was happy, then sad when it ended because I missed the characters. For all that I gave this book

4/5 hearts. 


Stay With Me by AC Marchman

Stay with Me (Callahan) (Volume 2) - A C Marchman
OMG yeah that's basically how this book starts out. This is the 2nd book in the Callahan series. Overwhelm me is the first book which is spectacular! Ususally, I find that the follow up book usually lacks something. NOT.THIS.BOOK!
Stay With Me starts off where Overwhelm me left us. Donovan and Allie are still new in their relationship. Lets just say that its HAWT like fire. I need to find myself a Donovan, quick, fast and in a hurry...
The way he commands his presence and the sexual chemistry between Allie and himself, WOW. 
Alright, whew where was I?? right, so these two have heaps more to overcome in this book. You know me there has to have that undertone of drama and a great build up. Check and check! Donovan has a MAJOR secret he is keeping from Allie. They go to his fathers estate in Savannah one weekend to meet his family. Oh and then he sneakily throws in that she will also be meeting his Best Friend who by the way is also getting married on his fathers estate! YAY, for being thrown to the sharks and not being prepared, I was upset for her WTF dude??This is where the fun begins (so to say). 
Allie, I just have to say that I love her. She is strong and a go getter. I hate whiney, weak female leads (they bug me). Allie is the perfect mix of no nonsense and sweet. You know the kind of chick thats just cool from the get go and you want to hang out with her? Yup, thats Allie. Its easy to see why MY DONOVAN....I mean uh...Donovan is falling for her.
We also meet the evil step-mother Donna! as well as Donovan's sweet father and sister. I WANT A DAMN HUG TOO! <--- (my mini rant)....Lets focus shall me?
As the book progresses we get to that part 
Yep, all hecks breaks loose and lies are revealed. UGH I may have let out a "WTF" "OH Hell NO!' and  "I can't even, WTH?" so you all know I was totes into the book. My kids looked at me like I was crazy. *Shrugs*
I seriously think everyone needs to read this. I was satisfied even though in my opinion, I think Donnie someone should have suffered a bit more and another someone should have not been so quick to forgive. I am excited for you all to read this. Oh you want a quote to show you how awesome this book is. 
“Babe, you look stunning.” He reaches me in one big step and puts his arms around my waist to
pull me into a hug. He drops his head to my ear and whispers, “Of course, it looks much better
off of you, next to my bed while I fuck you senseless.” 
Ummmm YES PLEASE! hehehee

 "We all start heading out, and that’s when I catch a glimpse of Allie. My breath catches in my throat every time I see her, but today, she looks incredibly beautiful. My dick starts to twitch, just from having those thoughts about her. She looks at our group and her eyes seek me out."
Awwww, see totally a sweetie. 
Oh before I forget, I love the way AC Marchman writes because me are in the heads of several people. Read it!
Lets just say I was captivated, intrigued and kept on my toes.
For that I gave this book....
4.5/5 hearts!!! GREAT READ

Shattered Grace by K. Anne Raines

Shattered Grace  - K. Anne Raines














I am a sucker for paranormal books. Especially anything that has to do with Angels. 

When asked to review this book and learning what it was about I jumped on the Angel's wings real quick.

I know that for myself sometimes I read a book and start to think ok well this reminds me of this book or that book, so what makes a book so special it stands out? I always ask... well it's the plot. How does it differ form the other books, does it have sustenance to keep me intrigued? 

I know Gabriel is an ArchAngel and in these types of books he is usually always mentioned. 

It's the main and secondary characters in the book that pull you in  and keep you wanting to read more about what happens to them.

For me Grace was a character that I was kind of surprised by. She doesn't know certain things about her past, after her grandfather and only real person she thought truly card for her dies, her life turns into chaos. She seems to handle everything thrown at her with....grace. She just steps up to the plate and takes it all in and learns and grows. I was cheering for her and I adored that she was so compassionate towards her friends. She is selfless and always wanting to make sure they are taken care of.

New things are revealed to her and she must learn to become whom she was destined to be. On the bright side she has a badass HOT guardian Angel that helps to protect her. Quentin <3
I was in awe of this guy. He deeply cares for her throughout the book. I loved reading his POV and how much he cares for her. He made me fall for him so completely.


Then, just to push this story even further the author writes in another incredible guy, Darius. OMG seriously...I have to choose between these two great guys. Well come to find out that Darius has a secret and Quentin knows what that is but can not tell Grace, UGH. 

Next, the author threw in yup you guessed it another hot guy. Zeke although you don't really read to much about him, but you can just sense that his "crush" on Grace is just a bit more. So yes we have a trifecta of guys and one girl they all want to help protect. All the  while she is trying to maintain being a regular high school girl, oh and inheriting millions and a mansion, while also trying to fend off her money hungry family. It's a lot of crap she has to deal with! 

All in all I enjoyed the story, the plot was different as well as throwing in all the guys after her, usually I have two guys I get to choose from. I think for me the only thing missing was more action as she was the "chosen" one. I really wanted to see her tear up people. I am assuming that in the next book she will develop her fighting skills and be super badass! I am well invested in this book series now and believe that Grace can only get better. 

So with all that I gave this book a rating of 

Rock My World by Michelle Valentine

Rock My World (Black Falcon, #2.5) - Michelle A. Valentine
I am just telling you all this now I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Michelle Valentine! The way she is able to write a book or even a Novella WOW. I love Riff he is now my favorite of the Black Falcons. He is like the ultimate boyfriend and the way he cares for Aubrey makes me melt.
In this Novella we get to see where Aubrey comes from. Her family and why she is so reluctant for them to meet Zach (Riff). Ohhhh and let me tell you I wanted to punch the crap out of her mom and dad!
Yup in this installment she takes Riff home to meet her uptight, asshole parents. Her brother wasn't so bad and I enjoyed his character. Well you know me and my need for drama and believe me there is drama. 
Its interesting how Zach handles the situation. I feel so bad for both of them as her family tries to tear them apart. I think I was so anxious and upset at a certain point in the book, ohhhhh and then you want to know what Michelle did to my heart??? She almost broke it and my faith in Zach! I was hyperventilating, I couldn't take it. Then you wanna know what happened??? I can't tell you. LOL you need to read how it all ends. Its a doozie!! I loved it and I highly recommend that you read this novella....wait READ THE SERIES!!! Noel is hot Riff is hotter and whats better than rockers??? OMG I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ ROCK THE BEAT!!!!
I rated this book
4.5/5 hearts

Rock My Bed by Michelle Valentine

Rock My Bed (Black Falcon Series) (Volume 2) - Michelle A Valentine


Holy Moly I seriously need me a Riff and I need him STAT!
I know its hard to trust those rockers, but this guitarist just blew my senses and heart away. It has been a while since I have read a good rocker book and Riff just proved to me again, why I love me some ROCKSTARS.
So I loved Rock the Heart (book 1) and fell you know of course for Noel. Now Michelle gives us Rock my Bed, which is Riff and Aubrey's story. We start out with Riff trying to give Aubrey a "golden ticket". I laugh just thinking how ridic that is. A ticket to have sex with a rockstar ppfffttt (can I get one though?)
When he finds out who she is and why she is there, he just knows there is some thing different about her. Aubrey actually makes the first move and becomes his friend on his fan page which he runs, and they begin their flirtation from there. 


Riff and Aubrey agree that they will spend one night together to get this infatuation of one another out of their sysytems. That fails and they spend the weekend together.


I loved the witty banter between them, then of course comes that part and you all know me well enough to know what that is right...the WHHHYYY (insert whiney cry)


So from here you can see that these two really do want to be together and they explain why they can't and I can give them this, the reasons where/are good and I would have been leary too. 

Aubrey goes back to NY and Riff is on the road, neither can stop thinking about the other. Aubrey, determained to move on from Riff, starts dating Issac. You know they type the exact opposite of a hot rockstar.

Ok, so here is where things get interesting and now that she is dating Issac, Aubrey's BBF Laine is going to marry Noel, the front man for Riff's band. Alas, they will be reunited and now this is where I am mean and leave you with these questions....
Will Aubrey be able to stay away from Riff? Will she give into him again or will she just walk away from what she feels to be with whom she thinks she needs to be with?
I know mean, but hey *shrugs* I don't do spoilers SORRY! Michelle has given me a reason to believe in my rockers. I love Black Falcon and these guys are just yummy. I was captivated with Riff from the jump, ummm can I have a golden ticket please? He is charasmatic, loyal, funny, and sensitive (even if on the outside he doesn't show it) I loved the way Michelle writes because we see what is inside both of these character's heads and never left wondering WTF is going on. Just like Noel and Laine's story, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Riff and Aubrey's story. Shoot I am already re-reading it because I can not get Riff out of my head! I think someone is about to be getting a spot on the blog to join my other rockers, and you all know how picky I am about who gets a place here on the blog!
I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE. You will not be disappointed.
I rated this book
4.5/5 hearts

Remembering Zane by J.S. Wilsoncroft

Remembering Zane - J.S. Wilsoncroft

I was asked by the author to review her book and received an ARC.*
I love stories like this. I am not morbid I promise. Sometimes I feel like you need to be shaken up a bit. Remembering Zane did just that for me. It is a quick read (but took me a lot longer as I was sick)
I love happy ending as much as the next girl.

We all know that sometimes life is not fair and we don't always get that happily ever after with the one. That is what I enjoyed about this book. Bonnie was in love with her High School sweetheart, they dated for many years broke up  and she felt like most of us who still have hope with "the one" that some day he would return to her. Like that saying "if you love it set it free, if it returns it was meant to be."

Unfortunately, for Bonnie that would never be. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies (thank you Maroon 5 for that) this is what Bonnie learns, the "one" that got away from her dies in a car accident. She will never know if they ever had another chance to be happy again.

I know you are saying WTF? how is this supposed to make me want to read this? Well lets just say that life has a crazy way of always presenting different doors for you to open. Bonnie needs to learn to let go of Zane and try to find true happiness. I know that is hard. I have been here, so I could relate. Sometimes life is crap, someone you love dies, and you feel as though there is a huge hole in your heart. While reading this I felt as though Bonnie wanted to give up and die and say "SCREW YOU LIFE" but in the midst of all that,She had to learn to be strong and move forward, to remember the great things in life and hold on to the precious memories of Zane. Ready? Open door one, Zane's best friend Jonathan.

 and then door 2 Sexy Dentist Bonnie works with


 Now I know your like HUH? Zane's best friend oh heck no, and wait a sexy Dr. too?  Well I am not about to give up all the details so you need to read this to find out for yourself, what happens and how Bonnie learns to love again.

J.S. has written a beautiful novella of the courage that it takes for Bonnie to move forward. Yes, it was hard. Yes, she grieves but in the end she learns to open herself up for more. I enjoyed this novella because of that rawness. Its not easy to go through life when the one you love is no longer in this world. I laughed, I cried, I cheered for Bonnie and swelled with happiness when she finally decides to open herself up again for love.So for that I am rating this novella with

4/5 hearts

Relentless  - Cassia Leo

Relentless....ok....where to start...well lets see if I can actually form coherent sentences. I have read many books, many, many books and usually I can tell you about 1/2 way in what the big secret is or pretty much which way the book is headed. With this book NOT SO MUCH! 

In the beginning of the book I am thrust into a flashback where  Claire is in a really crappy environment as a child and I just wanted to scoop in and rescue her. Her mother is "sick" and dies when she is very young, so poor Claire goes from one foster home to another. 
Coming out of that we find Claire now a grown adult, she has a major secret. The only people that know this secret is her Best Friend Senia and wouldn't you know it, a girl that just doesn't like her. 
Yeah, crazy right...
As the story progresses I start to get a better feel for Claire and where she is currently. She has dropped out of college, moved away from her home town, works at a small coffee shop, likes to meditate to help her anxiety. All of this because of her secret. 
Then she meets Adam. He is relentless in his pursuit for her. He is exactly what she feels she does not need at that point in her life, but he makes he laugh with his corny jokes, he doesn't take no for an answer and is just dreamy and gorgeous.
They both have secrets that kind of holds them back from truly being able to fully open up to one another. We also find out about her ex boyfriend who is now big time rocker Chris. He was a very big past of her past. 
The relationship progresses rather quickly, but hey I am not one to talk I got married after 2 months of ummmmm dating my hubby so its all good. 
This is the part where I am like yeah, yeah, yeah I know the secret and then.....
Nope, that sure the hell wasn't what I expected at all WTH! 
Yeah that totally took me by surprise. Where the hell did that come from? 
I have to say that Cassia Leo threw a wrench in my theory and then had me so shocked I had to stop reading for a bit. I am usually pretty good at this guessing the secrets, WELL not today.
I know that for me the backstory on the characters has to fit in with the story or I will just be like ok what's next. Cassia did this and so much more for me. She gave me a sad backstory then teased me throughout to where I was so sure I knew what all these secrets were. She played my mind well! I give you this one Cassia. 
Overall I feasted on this book as if it would disappear if I put it down for too long. The characters were all well put together. The story all flowed. I loved the secondary characters in the book, they brought a lot to the table and though I wanted to kill one of them at one point because she spills the beans about a secret that is not her's to tell, I was okay with the way it was presented. Life is now always easy and there is always someone there that wants to jump in and try to bring you down. It's up to you, how well you take those challenges and turn them into something positive. Claire does just that and grows, from her experiences. 
I gave this book a 
4/5 hearts
Fav Quotes from the book
"Being uncomfortable is part of being on a date right? Like holding in your farts when you're in a new relationship."
"Yeah, I'll put some extra roofies in your smoothie to help you relax."
"Its an elusive warmth, like a subtle promise whispered in your ear and you can go on with your day knowing you've been given another chance to get it right."
"But I wouldn't give my heart to someone I didn't trust. And you have my whole heart, Claire, so please be gentle with it."



Playing Hooky by Rita Webb

Playing Hooky  - Rita Webb

I really enjoy paranormal books. I have a great fondness for them. In this book we meet Emma on her 21st birthday, along with Jason. They have been friends forever and have feelings for one another, yet never seem to let one anther know. 
On this Valentines Day and Emma's birthday Jason takes her on an adventure she is she to never forget. OK, they live in Alaska so for me that them even going outside is adventure enough. I like the hot! (I live in Palm Springs)
As I continued to read, I find out Jason's secret and the world that is really all around us. I LOVE unicorns, I would not be able to touch one, which ummm totes sucks and when you read this you will find out why. 
As, these two continue their day we find them in more adventures. I really want to meet the grumpy dwarf!! What? I am a sucker for grumpy things.
This is a short book, so I felt it hard to get into because of the rapidness of scenes changing. BUT have no fear this is a novella into a series! You all know I loves me a great series and I believe this is will be one.
For that I gave this book:
3.5/5 hearts

Playing for Keeps by Emma Hart

Playing For Keeps  - Emma  Hart






Ok I fell in love with Emma Hart, yup I am in love. Her writing syle is refreshing and even though I swore the first book I read by her The Love Game was going to be cliche it was like so awesome I fell in love. My review for that book is on the blog.

With that said I was like ok I loved the way book one ended wtf why is there a book 2???
Well slap me

and call me stoopid! Umm book 2 is a continuation but not of the same characters, this is Aston and Megs story. I was excited...whoooo I loved her in book 1.

So Megs deal is this. She is in love with Aston, Bradens frat brother. In book 1 we learn that Braden and Megan (Meggy) are BFFs. They grew up together and he is very protective of her, he tells people she is his sister. Braden has warned everyone in the house to stay away from her, especially Aston.

Megs has been in love with Aston for the past 3 months and one night Braden is away and well you know that saying when the cat is away the mice will play. Yup its true. Aston and Megs hook up.

We learn a great deal about Aston and his past. Can I just say that I LOVE EMMA HART!!! I think I said it but I will proclaim it from the mountain tops, she created Aston so wonderfully that I am literally already missing him. I love that even though he had a rough childhood he pushed forward. He is just yummy and c'mon any man that can quote Pride and Prejudice is like instantly my favorite. Yup Aston is my favorite.

I love that Megan is funny and so down to earth. I love her character, I think in book one she made me laugh becuz she just knew what was good for Braden and Maddie that they kind of played into her hands. Megs is someone that I would totes hang out with and just chill. Actually all the characters and that is what I love is that you get sucked in. I didn't want to leave this world. I was so glad that this was nothing like book one but the characters were all there.

Have I said I LOVE EMMA HART???? yeah??? well guess what I am going to keep saying in because this series is just that amazing. You all know you have to have drama and angst and all that to keep me interested and Emma did that.

I am excited for book 3!! I love when we get different characters stories it makes me happy especially because I love these characters.

I gave this book

4/5 hearts

Nets and Lies by Katie Ashley

Nets and Lies - Katie Ashley

WOW! This has to be one of the most powerful books I have read in a while. I was warned about the situation by Katie Ashley prior to accepting an ARC to do the review. Nets and lies brought out so many emotions with in me.

Gasp, did that really just happen.....then it went into

My mind was reeling from the turn of events.
then I was....
By the time I got to a certain part of the book, I had to put it down and walk away for a bit.
Whoa! We have 2 girls that are exact opposites yet are both victims. I could not understand certain decisions that Melanie made but, as I read the inner voice of Melanie, I could visualize and sympathize with the reasons why she did and said the things she did.
Jordan, Jordan, Jordan.....(sigh)
The other main female in the story. I was not to pleased with her at first but, as I continued reading her story, I understood her more and more, although I did not agree with her actions. All things will eventually do come to light. In a way I was upset with what she did, but then in another I was kind of glad that she did because with out that I do believe one of them would have hurt far worse for a lot longer. By the end of the story I was pleased with Jordan's outcome and was happy with where she ended up.
Although Katie Ashley's Net and Lies was a gut wrenching, roller coaster of emotions, I admired her for writing this story. I have known a few girls (now women) that have gone through, maybe not exactly but close to this story. I was drawn in and at times had to walk away for my own sanity, to just breathe and calm down, because I could literally feel all that anguish rolling off my computer. There are moments were I was glad to see that Melanie had such a great support system. Along the way both Melanie and Jordan find out what true friendships really are. 
       I rated this book: 

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