The Mistaken By Nancy Thompson

The Mistaken - Nancy S.  Thompson


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live such a messed up and desperate life that you actually thought about hurting someone? Well me either until Tyler Karras. I actually wanted to started take shots drinking lots of vodka once I started reading about his life.
This poor guy has been through his parents and sisters deaths, he almost lost his bother in that same accident. Then his bother gets beat outside his home and he nearly losses him again, Next Tyler marries Jillian the love of his life, they find out she's preggers and want to buy a house.
Okay so at this point I am thinking YAY but looking at the percentage of my kindle I am like WTF there is way more story and its still early....riiiiggghhhtttt so then we find that someone has stolen their credit card numbers and used it to rack up an 18,000 bill. No longer able to get the home of their dreams due to this blunder on their credit, Jill goes a little crazy and finds the girl and confronts her. Now Jill who mind you is pregnant and pissed as I feel she should have been, chases after this girl in her car and guess what happens???
I start to drink yet again......
Yeah you guessed right she dies in a car accident, Tyler's whole world in now in shambles and he blames himself for her death. His brother Nick tried to help him out but really can anyone really help someone after all that? 
Now this is where things get interesting....Nick and Tyler come up with an ahhhh intriguing way of getting back at Erin the woman who stole not only Tyler's credit card number but his wife and child as well. 
While all this is going on we meet Hannah a married woman who's husband just so happens to be having an affair with Erin who by the way looks just like her, I know creepy right? but I am thinking this is all one big cluster fuck....


Now the guys Tyler and Nick decide to kidnap Erin and give her to the Russian Mafia as a way to torture her, and wipe out Nicks debt to them, but they accidentally kidnap Hannah and this is where I did this 
So once it is figured out she is not Erin, this is where the story turns in to a thrill ride. Now Tyler is trying to save this poor innocent woman. Can you really outrun the mafia? holy geez. 
This is where if I get into to many more details I get into spoilers and you all know I don't do spoilers, Oh but I do have to say that kidnappings, fightings, gun battles, all ensue and it gets intense.
I was pleasantly surprised when the author had asked if I would read and review her book. I like all genres, so for me this is right up my alley. I enjoyed the way she put all the details together and  the story line didn't drag for me. I was captivated and engrossed into this mafia filled world, where not everything is the way it appears. 
Even though I was verge of going on a drinking binge, I understood why it was all necessary in the end. I mean seriously I can't really be expected to read a book especially a thriller without the angst and drama right? Belive me Nancy brought the drama. Where does this leave me? contemplating my rating that's where... I was entertained and the twists and turns kept me guessing. I love the feeling of being on the edge of my seat, so for that I gave this book....
                                         4.5/5 hearts
**I was provided a copy of the book for an honest review**