The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life By Tammy Coons and Michele Pace

The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life - Michelle Pace;Tammy Coons

Perpetual Quest takes you on a ride that at times leaves you breathless and captivated. I did not know what to think of this book as I had begun to read it. We meet Avery a headstrong independent beautiful woman who takes no bull. 

Nicole, is Avery's sister in law, who was left widowed with a baby boy. Ryan who was murdered was Avery brother. Nicole and Avery are very close. She and Nicole have been friends for a very long time. Nicole moves back to Jefferson Point to be closer to be near family and friends.
Then we have Aaron, He was Ryan's best friend. He has always had a crush on Nicole but being that Nicole was with Ryan he never persuade anything. 
We are also introduced to Shilah, a man who made me squirm by his description alone. He is a strong man who knows what he wants. He is kind and just awwww.
From the beginning, I was sucked into this story. There is plenty of things that go on in this book and I felt as though I was right in the middle of it all as it unfolded. Secrets are revealed, new romances are formed. Old crushes come together. 
I think it was a great story of a mother who will do anything to make her way in a world that has robbed her of her husband, she is determined to make her way.
There were times that I was left in shock as things were revealed. 
I really enjoyed that the authors gave us a back story to the characters. It felt as if I was getting to know them and bonded with them. Another unique thing that this story has is the use of so many characters. At first I was a bit leery thinking how can I keep track of everything that is going on, but quickly found that the way this story is written my anxiety over that was for nothing. 
Overall it is a great story. The secondary characters were great and pulled in everything nicely. I laughed, I cried, I swooned and was shocked. I love when a book can pull forth so many of my emotions. 
I gave this book 
4/5 Hearts