Rock My Bed by Michelle Valentine

Rock My Bed (Black Falcon Series) (Volume 2) - Michelle A Valentine


Holy Moly I seriously need me a Riff and I need him STAT!
I know its hard to trust those rockers, but this guitarist just blew my senses and heart away. It has been a while since I have read a good rocker book and Riff just proved to me again, why I love me some ROCKSTARS.
So I loved Rock the Heart (book 1) and fell you know of course for Noel. Now Michelle gives us Rock my Bed, which is Riff and Aubrey's story. We start out with Riff trying to give Aubrey a "golden ticket". I laugh just thinking how ridic that is. A ticket to have sex with a rockstar ppfffttt (can I get one though?)
When he finds out who she is and why she is there, he just knows there is some thing different about her. Aubrey actually makes the first move and becomes his friend on his fan page which he runs, and they begin their flirtation from there. 


Riff and Aubrey agree that they will spend one night together to get this infatuation of one another out of their sysytems. That fails and they spend the weekend together.


I loved the witty banter between them, then of course comes that part and you all know me well enough to know what that is right...the WHHHYYY (insert whiney cry)


So from here you can see that these two really do want to be together and they explain why they can't and I can give them this, the reasons where/are good and I would have been leary too. 

Aubrey goes back to NY and Riff is on the road, neither can stop thinking about the other. Aubrey, determained to move on from Riff, starts dating Issac. You know they type the exact opposite of a hot rockstar.

Ok, so here is where things get interesting and now that she is dating Issac, Aubrey's BBF Laine is going to marry Noel, the front man for Riff's band. Alas, they will be reunited and now this is where I am mean and leave you with these questions....
Will Aubrey be able to stay away from Riff? Will she give into him again or will she just walk away from what she feels to be with whom she thinks she needs to be with?
I know mean, but hey *shrugs* I don't do spoilers SORRY! Michelle has given me a reason to believe in my rockers. I love Black Falcon and these guys are just yummy. I was captivated with Riff from the jump, ummm can I have a golden ticket please? He is charasmatic, loyal, funny, and sensitive (even if on the outside he doesn't show it) I loved the way Michelle writes because we see what is inside both of these character's heads and never left wondering WTF is going on. Just like Noel and Laine's story, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Riff and Aubrey's story. Shoot I am already re-reading it because I can not get Riff out of my head! I think someone is about to be getting a spot on the blog to join my other rockers, and you all know how picky I am about who gets a place here on the blog!
I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE. You will not be disappointed.
I rated this book
4.5/5 hearts