Playing for Keeps by Emma Hart

Playing For Keeps  - Emma  Hart






Ok I fell in love with Emma Hart, yup I am in love. Her writing syle is refreshing and even though I swore the first book I read by her The Love Game was going to be cliche it was like so awesome I fell in love. My review for that book is on the blog.

With that said I was like ok I loved the way book one ended wtf why is there a book 2???
Well slap me

and call me stoopid! Umm book 2 is a continuation but not of the same characters, this is Aston and Megs story. I was excited...whoooo I loved her in book 1.

So Megs deal is this. She is in love with Aston, Bradens frat brother. In book 1 we learn that Braden and Megan (Meggy) are BFFs. They grew up together and he is very protective of her, he tells people she is his sister. Braden has warned everyone in the house to stay away from her, especially Aston.

Megs has been in love with Aston for the past 3 months and one night Braden is away and well you know that saying when the cat is away the mice will play. Yup its true. Aston and Megs hook up.

We learn a great deal about Aston and his past. Can I just say that I LOVE EMMA HART!!! I think I said it but I will proclaim it from the mountain tops, she created Aston so wonderfully that I am literally already missing him. I love that even though he had a rough childhood he pushed forward. He is just yummy and c'mon any man that can quote Pride and Prejudice is like instantly my favorite. Yup Aston is my favorite.

I love that Megan is funny and so down to earth. I love her character, I think in book one she made me laugh becuz she just knew what was good for Braden and Maddie that they kind of played into her hands. Megs is someone that I would totes hang out with and just chill. Actually all the characters and that is what I love is that you get sucked in. I didn't want to leave this world. I was so glad that this was nothing like book one but the characters were all there.

Have I said I LOVE EMMA HART???? yeah??? well guess what I am going to keep saying in because this series is just that amazing. You all know you have to have drama and angst and all that to keep me interested and Emma did that.

I am excited for book 3!! I love when we get different characters stories it makes me happy especially because I love these characters.

I gave this book

4/5 hearts