Shattered Grace by K. Anne Raines

Shattered Grace  - K. Anne Raines














I am a sucker for paranormal books. Especially anything that has to do with Angels. 

When asked to review this book and learning what it was about I jumped on the Angel's wings real quick.

I know that for myself sometimes I read a book and start to think ok well this reminds me of this book or that book, so what makes a book so special it stands out? I always ask... well it's the plot. How does it differ form the other books, does it have sustenance to keep me intrigued? 

I know Gabriel is an ArchAngel and in these types of books he is usually always mentioned. 

It's the main and secondary characters in the book that pull you in  and keep you wanting to read more about what happens to them.

For me Grace was a character that I was kind of surprised by. She doesn't know certain things about her past, after her grandfather and only real person she thought truly card for her dies, her life turns into chaos. She seems to handle everything thrown at her with....grace. She just steps up to the plate and takes it all in and learns and grows. I was cheering for her and I adored that she was so compassionate towards her friends. She is selfless and always wanting to make sure they are taken care of.

New things are revealed to her and she must learn to become whom she was destined to be. On the bright side she has a badass HOT guardian Angel that helps to protect her. Quentin <3
I was in awe of this guy. He deeply cares for her throughout the book. I loved reading his POV and how much he cares for her. He made me fall for him so completely.


Then, just to push this story even further the author writes in another incredible guy, Darius. OMG seriously...I have to choose between these two great guys. Well come to find out that Darius has a secret and Quentin knows what that is but can not tell Grace, UGH. 

Next, the author threw in yup you guessed it another hot guy. Zeke although you don't really read to much about him, but you can just sense that his "crush" on Grace is just a bit more. So yes we have a trifecta of guys and one girl they all want to help protect. All the  while she is trying to maintain being a regular high school girl, oh and inheriting millions and a mansion, while also trying to fend off her money hungry family. It's a lot of crap she has to deal with! 

All in all I enjoyed the story, the plot was different as well as throwing in all the guys after her, usually I have two guys I get to choose from. I think for me the only thing missing was more action as she was the "chosen" one. I really wanted to see her tear up people. I am assuming that in the next book she will develop her fighting skills and be super badass! I am well invested in this book series now and believe that Grace can only get better. 

So with all that I gave this book a rating of