Playing Hooky by Rita Webb

Playing Hooky  - Rita Webb

I really enjoy paranormal books. I have a great fondness for them. In this book we meet Emma on her 21st birthday, along with Jason. They have been friends forever and have feelings for one another, yet never seem to let one anther know. 
On this Valentines Day and Emma's birthday Jason takes her on an adventure she is she to never forget. OK, they live in Alaska so for me that them even going outside is adventure enough. I like the hot! (I live in Palm Springs)
As I continued to read, I find out Jason's secret and the world that is really all around us. I LOVE unicorns, I would not be able to touch one, which ummm totes sucks and when you read this you will find out why. 
As, these two continue their day we find them in more adventures. I really want to meet the grumpy dwarf!! What? I am a sucker for grumpy things.
This is a short book, so I felt it hard to get into because of the rapidness of scenes changing. BUT have no fear this is a novella into a series! You all know I loves me a great series and I believe this is will be one.
For that I gave this book:
3.5/5 hearts