Book Boyfriend Reviews

Reading is my passion, there is nothing like being taken away and being sucked into a great book and falling in love with one book boyfriend after another.

Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

Stripped - Jasinda Wilder

I know you are all probably like Ummm hello San did you not read the synopsis for this book? She is a virgin. I know I know....But I was intrigued like how the hell does a virgin become a stripper?? that is a contradiction. OMG all I can say is this book is just WOW!

I love finding new books that really blow me away, especially ones that make me change my way of thinking about how I feel about the cliche virgin college girl. Grey (yes she is a girl and yes this is her name!) is just down right loveable. I couldn't help but feel her struggles. Being brought up the way she did is the reason behind the way she is. I have never said being a college virgin is a bad thing, just that it has been over played. Few authors have been able to capture my attention with this storyline. Jasinda had my attention, she had my heart, she had me engrossed so deeply that this book is all I have thought about for the past few days.

Grey's life in Georgia was confined. When things unravel and the only person who ever truly knew who she was is no longer around, Grey goes to USC to study film. As I am reading and understanding Grey, circumstances happen that lead her to become a stripper. I could totally see this happening to someone. I was sad for her. I felt her pain and anguish to have to do this. The way she was raised is never far from her thoughts. Her morals kick in and it is hard for her. I felt every one of those emotions. I saw myself in this naive innocent girl (you know prior to my being exposed to real life). My heart broke for her because I knew she didn't want this but had no other choice. Then Jasinda throws in my new book boyfriend DAWSON 

I love this man. I love the way he speaks, I love the way he cares, I love that he can see through Grey like no one else can. 

Dawson is a Hollywood actor and can have any woman he wants. When he sees Grey stripping in the club he is drawn to her, just as she is to him. Life has a funny way of putting two people in each others paths. Call it fate, coincidence or cupid either way it gets interesting. All I could think to myself was "Ooooh Gre y you are in for it now!" I could not get enough of these two. I was so caught up in Dawson that I read well into the night. I was like this by 3AM

I swear Dawson was all....

And I was like...

I am telling you all that this right here is how you write about a college virgin. This is how you gently pull me in so deep that I won't stop reading and devouring this book until I am fully satisfied. This is how a book boyfriend should be written. Strong, masculine, no nonsense yet caring, warm and loveable.

I abso-fucking-loutly LOVE this book. Love the characters, love the fact that Grey is a strong character (even if she doesn't know it herself). And I just LOVE DAWSON *sigh*

I gave this book

4.5/5 hearts



Winning Back Ryan

Winning Back Ryan - S.L. Siwik

Have you ever in your life had someone you truly love tell you things that made you feel less then worthy? I know I have. I have even felt as Annie did. Like it was my fault by being cheated on. I loved and hated the main character. I hated her because she was with an asshole who treated her like crap and cheated on her. I loved her because she had the courage to grow and see that he was not what was best for her and grew in confidence. Ryan is the ultimate jerkoff. His ass cheats on Annie then the bastard tells her its her fault that he did so! I was like....

 I know at the time Annie didn't have the courage to fight back. I seriously wanted to choke Ryan out! 


Annie has many guy friends who love and care about her. Enter Brian and Ben. Ahhh the makings of a love triangle. Both of these guys have loved Annie for a while. I liked both characters but I think Ben many be a better choice for her. Yes, Brian is her BFF but idk, I like Ben. 

Yes, there is even an OH SHIT moment where I cringed. Some guys are just plain assholes and need to be kicked in the balls. What?? its true don't act like you have never thought about it, at least once in your life.

Overall I liked the book. I could connect with Annie. Maybe not the whole all these guys are in love with me but ya know what I mean LOL. I rated this book....

3/5 hearts


Intentional by MK Harkins

Intentional - M.K. Harkins

We begin with Mattie who has a BFF Sarah. They have been friends since the 4th grade. As they grow up Mattie's parents die and she is taken in by Sarah's family. 

Sarah and Mattie move to Sedona, AZ after graduating college. Sarah a lawyer and Mattie a graphics designer. Sarah lands a job at a respectable law firm in town. Her boss Jeremy Harkins is 28 well accomplished and gorge!!! One day Mattie meets Sarah for lunch and Jeremy sees her and instantly is attracted. This is where things get weird because Sarah tries to keep Mattie away from him. It got me thinking WTF is up with her?

Eventually Mattie and Jeremy do get together and they are really in love, they even plan on getting married. Then yup you guessed it....


Drama! I kind of expected it. Then enter Cade. An engineer by day and a rockstar by night. He tries to help Mattie heal from the betrayal she went through. Things get interesting and then I learn the truth. 


Say whaaa??? I can't believe someone could be that hateful, well wait yes I can. It was all crazy. 


Well the writing style wasn't really for me but the book was good. It was a pretty quick read and I enjoyed all the characters well except for one. I will enjoy reading more from this author as she grows. I like the basis of the story so that is what kept me intrigued. 


I rated this book

3/5 hearts



Tension by RL Griffin

Tension - R.L. Griffin

Holy shit where do I even start with this review? I am seriously in love with R.L like seriously. This book has breathed new life into me. How you ask? Well after reading so many books that for me all seem to be the same, this one is just  completely blew me away. While there is a love story here you have to get through all kinds emotions to get there. Its not an easy ride. 


The entire time I am like OMG...Oh no....Holy crap!....Did that just happen? so many emotions ran through me. Have you ever thought of sky diving or meeting up with someone you have a total crush on and you get those butterflies and you feel excited yet sick at the same time? that is the only way that I can describe this book to you.


Stella has been through so much, and wakingup in the hospital and not knowing how or what it was that happened or why she is there. (If you have not read BY a Thread, you have to read that book prior to this one). Slowly the fog in her head begins to clear and she remembers bits and pieces. A twist is now she is being called a hero and paparazzi is now all around and the news is reporting things about her personal life. 


Imagine being shot in an explosion and waking up to you all over the news? could you handle that? Even more pressing could you handle the fact knowing that someone you once trusted and cared for is the one who shot you? 


 George is by Stella's side and I was so thankful for that. Thankful because I feel that had he not been there she would have probably become more withdrawn. He is so patient and never gives up on her. I love this guy. *sigh* he warms my cockles. 


Millie makes me laugh, she is Stella's BFF and makes her a twitter account so Stella can tweet updates about her progress to the world. She will text Stella to let her know when she is trending. Who does that? a real BFF that's who. 


I loved this book. It has drama and suspense as well as the love aspect. It has friendships and sometimes those friendships are broken. R.L took me by my hand and lead me through a maze of fucked up emotions. There were times I wanted to kick her ass, times I wanted to kiss her, times I wanted to slap her and then at the end....I wanted to kill her! yup, she did this shit to me again! she is making me wait for another book, another fucking book!!! IDK if she thinks my heart and body can continue to take all the emotions she dishes out. 

 Even though she is going to make me wait yet AGAIN for another book I will gladly wait because I enjoy this series very much. I love Stella and George. So R.L is lucky that I am so invested and willing to wait because I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!!

I rated this book 

4.5/5 hearts



Sharing Harper by V Murphy

Sharing Harper - V Murphy,  Taylor Kent (Editor)

I am really at odds with myself. I am having a hard time writing this review because I respect writers and the time it takes them to write their book. Its hard because as a reviewer I read so many books, that if the plot/storyline is the same I kind of get turned off if there is no real huge something that makes me feel connected or wanting more. I don't know if this makes sense. Its kind of like being fed spaghetti for every meal. Your palette wants something different, a new texture, a new taste something other than the same spaghetti. 

There were many aspects of the story that I did like. I liked that Harper came from a bad background and was trying to find herself. I enjoy when women who don't want love find it in an unexpected person. That is what happens when Harper meets Ryder. 

I loved Harpers best friend Skye. She is someone like me. She reminded me a lot of Chyna from the Avoiding series. I love Chyna so I love Skye. The fact that she always has her friends back and is there for her thick or thin. I love and value friendships such as these in any story line. I feel like everyone needs that one friend who is their rock. 

Ryder is the sort of character that is easy to fall for. Charming, handsome, kind of an alpha male. He is patient with Harper and shows her how to love. All great qualities. 

I understand that Harpers past is something hard to overcome. It wasn't easy and I was glad to read that she had Ryder there. I was happy that he helped her. It is not always easy for everyone to move on from their past. I liked that this book was just that. Harper finding someone and moving forward in life even if she thought that was not what she wanted or needed. 

The sex scenes to me were good, I think I got thrown off with the anal sex. Don't get me wrong I like anal nothing wrong with it, my only concern is that as one who knows about this, the first time a woman has anal unless the mans penis is the size of pinky it will not just go in, it needs training. I think a bit more research in this area would have made that scene more believable to me. Don't get me wrong when I say the sex scenes where good there are some that are hawt! 

I think that this being this authors first book, she will continue to grow and get stronger. The flow of the book was easy. I liked that there is a bit of a surprise in there. That was an unexpected treat. I was glad to see the way Harper grew in this book. 

I rated this book with 

3.5/5 hearts

Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea

Unbreakable  - Rebecca Shea, Okay Creations

There are times that you come across a book that really takes hold of your heart and makes you love it so completely.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. At first I was like damn it man not another cliche girl virgin yadda yadda bs...but slowly it morphed into this book that I could not put down. The beginning of the book was sweet and then it got hot...I was like ummm can I please have me a Gabe Garcia??? I like the lead character Jessica. She was a bit nerdy and she wasn't stick thin. Refreshing right!


So Jessica has a dad who is the fire chief and is never around so she was basically raised by the Garcia's. Ava is her best friend and Jessica is in love with her older bro Gabe. I liked him straight off and the we find out that he feels the same way for her. Yes, they get together and damn it he's hot and guess what else he is a firefighter, so you can only imagine how hot his body is. These two are super sweet with one another, the banter was great, the sex was hot. 

Now, you all know me I have to have drama because hello what else really makes you want to continue to read right? Oh man the drama in this book is HUGE! I cried, I was like OMG NOOOOO!!! it was the saddest shit ever! Then it fucking gets worse. I can't tell you what happened but I can say that Gabe tries hard to hold on to Jessica as she just gives up. Gabe was all

But damn Jessica just shuts him out so he walks away! 

Can you hear that??? that was my fucking heart cracking!

Now I am a blubbering fool and I am like wtf....Guess what comes next?? just take a guess....No? fine.... it gets even worse. Jessica who is ahead in college credits needs an internship at a news station so she decides to go to North Carolina. Like WTF??? My head at this point is spinning and I am like Oh my Gawd, poor Gabe he loves this girl so whole heartedly. Poor Jessica because she loves Gabe but is pushing him away. I get the reason why believe me I do but it doesn't make it hurt any less. 

At this point I am so invested in the book that I feel as thought these characters are apart of my being. I am emotionally connected. Jessica is now is North Carolina and starting her internship. She meets a chick named Lindsay who has a hot ass brother named Landon who is a cop! 

Now he is an alpha and you can totes tell, oh and BTW did I mention he has tattoos and had a motorcycle??? I wanted to not like him, I wanted him to stay away from Jessica, I wanted Gabe back, but damn he is hot and sweet and I was conflicted. This is where I leave you. I know I suck but you have to and I mean have to read this book to see how it all ends. I cried like this



I really liked this book even though, yes it stared out pretty cliche, by the end Rebecca Shea slapped me in the face as was like what now biotch? I loved all the characters, and even though I was conflicted with Landon he is pretty fucking amazing and I ended up loving him for what he does, and who he is. I loved that this book has alternating POV's. I loved being in Gabe and Landon's heads and of course Jessica's. This is a great book and I loved the way it is written and executed. I can not wait for book two. No it doesn't leave you with a cliffhanger but a certain guy gets his own book and I can not wait!!! 

for that I rated this book

4.5/5 hearts



The Redemption of Callie and Kayden

The Redemption of Callie & Kayden  - Jessica Sorensen

Let me start by telling you all that I read Losing Hope, Out of Breath and this book all back to yeah I am emotionally spent. 

I had to go back and re-read the last two chapters of The Coincidence because I remember the cliffhanger but I just needed refreshing on the characters, so I get into The Redemption and HOLY MOTHER OF BATMAN. I swear that Jessica Sorenson writes to make me have anxiety and panic attacks! The book starts where the other left off. Good right?? NOOOOO! because right from the jump its like your ready to kill bitches and strangle mofo's!! 

Callie is back at school, wait what? I am trying hard to comprehend how and why she would leave Kayden....and what happened to Kayden??? where is he?? yes I know I am only on page 3 but damn it I need answers!!!

Buckle down woman I said to myself as I slap my focus. Alright so as I continue to read and find out why she left Afton, I literally yell at my kindle "I hate her family! Fuck I hate his family even more!!" then want to know what? I wanted to kill! yup I was beyond pissed. Jessica, you and I need to talk. I get you have to make this book like dramatic and expel emotions from deep with in me but, I was literally pacing the floor telling myself to "reel it in". I get that I am at 6% but seriously? 

After that breakdown I think I wanted nothing more then to just grab Kayden and Callie and Seth and just run. Unfortunately I can not do that sooo my next option was to keep forging ahead. Then bam all within that same 6% I am even more pissed off. Who says and does those types of things? UGH...

Jessica, 8% is no better and my heart is being crushed and ripped apart slowly. Sometimes I have to wonder if people ever truly listen to one another. Pain and I think the word I am looking for here is sorrow. As a mother I think this has to be one of the worst things in the world, to see your kid to talk to them but never really hear or see them. *sigh*

I am barely through to 12% and I am a ball of many emotions, but I think I like 12% this is a happy place. I actually crack a smile. Life is good....and that lasted all of 1%.

Are you all starting to get the sense of what is happening here?? I seriously have no clue how I will survive and I haven't even cracked 20% yet! I think I need to just let my emotions flow. I can't keep this up. I finished this book, I needed a hand like literally I needed to hold someones hand. I turn to my hubby. Yeah that doesn't help especially since he thinks I am nuts because I yell at my kindle, I throw my kindle (on the bed), I yell out "WHHHYYY" and lastly I cry. Like a champ he hold my hand and lets me cry. 

Kayden gah! once I begin to see the inner workings of that crazy, family of yours I just want to jump in this book, wring the neck of your father, slap the shit out of your mother and tell her "fuck what everyone else sees. Fuck keeping up appearances and actually be a fucking mother you bitch!". I know its harsh but this is how I feel about this family. I also just want to wrap you in a cocoon of love and let you know how amazing of a person you truly are. Keep you in that cocoon until you mend and heal. 

Callie, Holy fuck! I love you girl. You are brave and strong. I know things were so hard and you kept so much bottled up, but reading about you finally opening up and just letting Kayden in all the way, I saw your transformation before my eyes. I laughed, I cried, I was in awe. I wanted to fight Caleb myself especially in that one scene where he said and did those things to you. What a bastard! I loved how you took control and finally started making wise choices. That other secret was a harsh one and I am so glad for my sanity that you made it through that and stopped. I also loved how you never gave up on Kayden, even when it seemed like he wanted to give up on himself. How you drew him in and helped him realize how much better he was and didn't need to hurt anymore. I know it was hard to let him know your other secret but I was glad you told him and from that you both drew strength. The love between you too is pure and true and I am truly happy that I got to experience it with you.

Seth, Thank you for taking care of Callie and just knowing what she needed at every turn. Always being there and never judging her. Keeping her close and letting her learn to fly. I love that she has such a great Best Friend to lean on. I know now so much more about you and if I could rip you out of my Kindle and breathe life into you, you would most certainly be my best friend. I think my favorite scene with you still has to be the one at 12% in the truck. A smile still forms on my face, you are the epitome of what a true friend is. I loved sharing those moments with you and got to know you better.

Luke, I have no words to utter to you but thank you. What Seth is to Callie is what you are Kayden, his best friend. You just always seem to know what he needs and what is best. I didn't get to know a lot about you, but damn I hope you get a book because I really want to know what is up with your household. Can I just say that the ending made my stomach twist and I couldn't believe what I had read! I am so sorry you had to go through that, but you are a stronger character that I never gave you credit for. Again all I can really say is thank you.

I have no way to make all of you truly understand how wonderful this book is. While it did make my heartache and cause me anxiety it also shows what true friendships are. Healing after tragic events is never easy and even though these 4 friends have a past, that is detrimental, they lean on one another for support. I know Callie or Kayden could have easily given up and went a different route but to watch as they finally let out all their secrets and doubts, its a beautiful and hopeful thing to read. 

Throughout this book (as you read from the beginning of the review) I was on a continuous roller coaster of emotions. I was anxious, pissed, murderous, laughing, smiling, crying. I was never disappointed. It was like a well executed fighter, blow by blow I was spitting out wordgasms of Oh yeah or Oh no, that's better. Yes stay there, don't stop! This book has made me want to just be a better parent. To truly look and see my children and to hear what it is they are saying without saying it. I have read many books that pull emotions out of me, Jessica has this way of doing this to me with every one of her books. No matter what genre. This book is no different. She has developed the characters and story so well that you seem to forget that this is a story on a kindle/nook/e-reader. The story is playing in my mind as I read, its as if I can look up and see Kayden sitting in an office talking with a man. I can hear the pain in Callie's voice when she talks about Kayden and what she saw that night in the kitchen. I can close my eyes and hear the snap of the rubber band against skin. I can feel the emotions of each of the characters. I am in awe of you Mrs. Sorenson. Thank you for giving me this amazing book and these truly inspiring characters. 

Do you really need a rating? Seriously? Geez you are all so needy....fine 

5 x infinity= the best book ever


**ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

Beautiful Broken Rules  - Kimberly Lauren

OMFG! I am in awe right now! Like literally I am just sitting here thinking HOLY FUCK! words can not even begin to express how I feel. Ok so do you ever look at a book or read the synospsis and think yeah heard and read all this before? Yeah me too until this book. I think I have found competetion for my #1 love Travis Maddox!! Yes you heard me right! I know you are probably thinking WTF?? there could never be anyone like Travis, ok true but Jaxson Riley OMFG!!! 


Right from the first sentence I knew I was going to love this book....FROM THE FIRST SENTENCE....I mean it opens up with Em calling herself the school slut! I was like OMG a non virgin college chick who sleeps around and isn't afraid to admit it?? 

Then you throw in the fact that she is best friends with a hot ass dude named Cole who is like her older brother I was like "fuck this keeps getting better and better" then Omg I was dying laughing because she walks out of some frat dudes room and her clothes are up in a tree so she has to walk to her car practically naked and her first introduction to Jaxson is her just like that in a bra and undies...Oh man this was just the best.


I loved that Em has certain rules that she lives by. The one rule I absolutly loved was:

"Never sleep with someone who is in a known relationship (when this isn't disclosed to me, it is not my fault)"

Bahahaha I totes agree if you don't know how can you be at fault. So at first I was like ummm why all these rules??? well as I read I got to understand her more and more and why she is the way she is and I was like Oh damn girl! 

Jax knows she sleeps around but he doesn't care. He truly just cares for her. Oh man and this guy just....I can't even put into words his amazingness...oh and did I mention that he is a twin!! HE HAS AN IDENTICAL TWIN!!! Gah! 

Let me show you what he says about her so you can understand what I mean:

"If they think you are beautiful, feisty, and brilliant, then I would agree with them. Anything else, I don't care about."

So all this happens by like 30% and I was like holy motherfucking shit!! how can I barley be at 30% and already be so damn invested and in love?? What the hell. I swear I had been through sooo many emotions by this point that I didn't think I could even go on.

I kept going and I was pleasently surprised that these two didn't just jump into a relationship especially since Emmy aka Ems (her real name is Emerson, and can I just say that I love her name!) is like a total commintment phobe, I think she was actually worse then Abby. I know right, Abby was so bad. Anyway Ems is like killing me because you can tell she wants Jax and I am like girl get this man! If not I will gladly swoop in and take his adorable ass.

Yeah I know I am a cheating whore but once you read about Jax you will totes get what I mean. There is just so much that happens but I another reason I love this guy is that he writes her notes on the palm of her hand.

Mind you I haven't even started telling you all about the secondary characters. Quinn who is Ems step-sister/BFF. Man this chick is just incredible. I loved the way the two girls interacted with one another and when you read about them you will understand why I love Quinny. I told you about Cole but man this guy I want him as my BFF. He is there for both girls and I am hoping that Cole and Quinn get a book because these two together are just WHOA!!! then we have Jase...Jax's twin...IDENTICAL TWIN. He just rounded out the group and I loved that he was so studious and that he loved his brother so much that he gave up two years at a university to be closer to him. I swear these Riley men have riled me up and since I can't have Jax I will gladly take Jase!!

Alright then came the part that I cried....yup I cried. I was like heart was ripped out, I was axious, I had to walk away. I couldn't even believe my eyes had just read that. I mean I know it has to have angst and drama or else what's the point right?? but c'mon make me suffer and then put my heart back together. Nope this was worse then the whole Travis trying to win Abby back. I was crying and I was thankful for Quinn and Cole and Jase. Even though Cole is Jax's Bff he stood by Ems side. The whole quad scene I was like this:

At this point I was ready to give up. I know I had to have stopped at least 3 more times before the book ended. Ugh it was so damn good. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I pouted, I was anxious and I wanted nothing more then to beat Jax and Em. I fell so hard for this book and I am really surprised that it is not more known. I mean IDENTICAL TWIN TATTOOED, MOTORCYCLE RIDING, YUMMY, DELICIOUS, LOVING, CARING TWIN BROTHERS. Like I said Jaxson Riley has really put Travis Maddox up for some serious competition. I know I know I can't even believe I typed that. If you know me at all you know that Trav is my #1 like seriously #1, so I am just as shocked that I have Jax this high in my sights but after you read this I think you will understand why. For that I rated this book


5/5 hearts! I know I gave a 5!!!! 


The Wingman Chronicles by James Holeva

The Wingman Chronicles - James Holeva

OMG all I can do is laugh. I know that not all people are like me and some may be more well whats a nice way to say this....uh...sheltered?....prude?...uptight? I am very open when it comes to sex and talking/reading about sex. My friend (who is a blogger and is as raunchy as me) told me YOU have to read this book. Yeah yeah yeah I am like if you have read one sex book you have read them all. She went on and on and on. I was like JEEEZZZ Nat ok ok I will read the damn book. She literally said she professes her vagina to the author. WHOA!!!

I was still a bit apprehensive just cuz I like to make life more difficult then it needs to be but that is ok because yeah I am a drama queen at times but I admit that shit. Anywho back to the point, another friend was like have you signed up for the blog tour? So I did, now lets get this straight while I am not opposed to sex and reading/having it, I am a bit ummmm judgmental when it comes to dudes writing about it because I instantly think "This dude has to be a douche, I mean c'mon he's writing about his sexual adventures and talking about women." Damn my friends and James Holeva for once again making me feel the need to apologize for being a judgmental bitch.

I loved this book. I laughed my ass off and I thought James was great. Yes, these are his stories but the truth of them and the way he is just idk such a guy to some answers had me rolling in fits of laughter. I loved how honest he was about sex. Never promising anything more then a great time. I couldn't help but LMAO when he was with the "Prom Queen". I was like OMG he didn't say that did he (you have to read it to understand) I about died with wall of pillows.

While I know most people will look at him and say he is a pig, I applaud him because I am sorry ladies, I have been out to clubs with my girlfriends and they meet a guy go out back fuck and come back. Hey I am an adult, if you feel the need to get your rocks off like that more power to ya. I think what set James apart is the fact that he was just honest about it. He wants to make the lady he is with feel good, and then you know if they meet again cool and if not that is ok too.

Overall I think you should read this book because it is not like anything I have ever read. It made me crack up, get hot, want to go to a funeral, a wedding, a bathroom, a balcony, shit I just want to meet this guy because I was so wrong about the book :) yeah that's why! Oh and James I will buy you lobster! Bahahahaha Best scene ever with that!!!

So I gave this book

5/5 hearts


Just Breathe by Rachel Brookes

Just Breathe - Rachel Brookes













I LOVE TATE CONNORS! that is all!!

ok its not because duh I need to gush about him and tell you all how wonderful he is.

I have read so many books sometimes I feel that they all seem to run together. Well kick me in the ass, this book was just so refreshing. Savannah is from Australia and she is moving to Los Angeles with her boss and only family Mr. Davenport. Savannah has a bit of a past and she is looking to make a fresh start in L.A. 

Tate Connors is your typical playboy, player. Sleeps with random women, is sexy and fine as hell. At first glance I thought meh just another one of those guys, but boy was I wrong. As the story goes on we see that these two are attracted to each other but they try hard to stay away from one another. Until finally they give in, but it seems that when things are finally looking good for them something happens to try to keep them apart. It was a bit frustrating. 

Both Tate and Savannah have things in their past that they need to let go of before either of them can move forward. When they do get that chance and it seems like FINALLY they will be together 

yup you guessed it another twist in the story.


What I enjoyed about the book was Savannah's way of speaking. She is from Australia so many of the things that we say here are not the same meaning for her. For example we say flip flops, she calls them thongs (bahahahaha) I still laugh thinking of that. I enjoyed her relationship with Tanzi, Tate's twin sister. I loved that even though Sav was a mess she decided that she should be able to love again and was willing to open herself up. The fact that she wouldn't give up on her friendship with Lucas even though Tate is not so nice about them being friends. She is a broken but strong character and that made me happy. She wasn't perfect, she was a bit out there which made me like her even more.


Tate is the all around great looking guy who knows he can get any girl he chooses. He doesn't do relationships but Savannah is something else and there is way more to him deep down then he lets on. He is charming, romantic and 

I just want to keep him forever. I liked the fact that he was a typical guy who is jelly of Savannah's friend (even though it bugs me). He eventually man's up and accepts him because he knows Sav will not stop being his friend. He is incredibly sexy...

Tate Connors has his effect on me and I am soooo happy with that. I will take it!!!


There are many memorable scenes in this book for me. I love that Savannah calls chips, crisps. It made me smile because they're chips Sav just chips. Another scene is where she goes to eat a hamburger with Tate and she orders a hamburger with chips and tomato sauce BAHAHAHA...its just so cute that you can't even be annoyed by it and finally my FAVORITE Australian word that I have adopted for my own is Fairy Floss!! I know you all want to know what it is but I refuse to tell you, you need to read the book to find out what it is!


Overall I think this book has everything I look for. Drama, angst, frustration, sexy lead male character who is vulnerable, strong female lead, great story and I love that Savannah finally finds a home here in LA. I am not a hugs fan of sequels anymore, so I was a bit disappointed that there is another book, but if its Tate I can live with it. I mean hello I will be needing my Tate fix!!! 


So I rate this book with 

4.5/5 hearts

And Tate is definiftly Book Boyfriend material! he will make you want to come back for more!


Wreck Me by J.L Mac

Wreck Me  - J.L. Mac, Veronica Meunch












Wreck Me has totally Wrecked me! 

I am going to show you all the emotions this book put me through first...ready?........


First I was like....




Then came...











Yup thats the order in which JL Mac decided to reel me in, stay up late, get so far in I was wanting more then, she ripped out my heart! WTF?


I am still at a loss for words. I have literally been sitting here for about an hour just trying to process all of the emotions that I felt while reading this book. I finished the book 2 days ago!! Usually I can just come to the computer sit and just let my fingers fly across the keyboard, this time....I am still reeling and struggling to figure out all of this, it is an.....



That is what this book is exactly! Ok lets see if I am coherent enough to get all this out. We meet Jo/Jojo/Josephine who has had a pretty shitty life. Everything she has ever cared about has been torn away from her. She is the type of woman who needs no one and devours men because she doesn't feel the need for a relationship nor has ever felt the need to had one until.....

She meets Damon, Alpha male, totally gorgeous, incredible, sexy, seductive, amazing, just simply hot! 



Their first date goes a little like this: ITS HOT!!!



Come to find out he, is exactly what she needs. They have this unexplainable familiarness about each other but can not seem to pinpoint what precisely that is. Until they can figure that out they decide to be umm "friends with benefits" if you will. 

"I too feel like I've been waiting for him without even knowing it. I too feel the connection that says I could never want another man the way I want him, but I also know that I am not the dating type. I don't even know how to be someone's girlfriend"

Damon is just, oh I can not even begin to describe him think Christian Grey and Gideon Cross type of man. They all have that authoritativeness about them that makes you want to obey any order they give. I trust that they will not hurt me and will put my needs and interests first. Yup, this is Damon. Except, I felt he is a bit softer not so rough around the edges. He knows what he wants commands attention and is sexy as hell. 



Then, I am excited for Jo because I felt like finally, this woman has a chance at real happiness with this man who wants nothing more than to protect her. 



He has broken down her walls and is helping her heal. I could not get enough of them being together and gaining ground on this new thing to both of them called a relationship and not to mention the sex is SPECTACULAR! 


This is the part where JL Mac pulls the rug out from under me! SERIOUSLY? 



and when I feel my heart can not take anymore she does this to me....



Now, I am sitting here in shock with a broken heart and I can not comprehend how the hell all this happened. JL, I thought we were getting somewhere....I thought you had my best interest at heart! No, instead you grabbed my heart RIPPED it out of my chest, threw it to the ground stomped on it and then ground it with your shoe into the dirt, then if that wasn't enough picked it up and tore it to shreds!....CAN I HAVE MY HEART BACK NOW PLEASE???



I feel as though I am all over the place with this review. I do not want to give anything away and if I say one thing then it leads me to say something else and then BAM Spoilers...and I really don't want to do that because I want you to experience every emotion, every frustration, every arousal, everything that this book has to offer.


Here are a few quotes that made me fall for my new book boyfriend Damon....

"You may not realize it yet, but you're mine. Not because I am claiming you. You're mine because that's how it is. I feel like I have waited my whole life to find you. Before we met in that store I dreamed of you every night. I wondered where you were and when I'd find you."

"You think you can't give that to me, but I am going to prove you wrong. Just let me prove you wrong, Josephine."

"I'd never deny you. Please don't deny me."

"I can't explain it. I saw you and everything came together for the first time in my life. It felt like breathing. You are the one who is out of my league. I don't deserve you. Trust me." 

*Swoon* now comes this part the rating...So I keep waving between all these emotions, I am still raw and really trying to process it all. In the end I have to go with my heart (even though I can not locate it at the moment) I gave Wreck Me.....

5/5 hearts 

Wanted by Kimberly Knight

Wanted  - Kimberly Knight

First of all HELLO JOE! Lol isn't this cover stunning? I mean how do you go wrong with these two models? And if the cover gives any indication of how the book is....I AM SO GLAD!!

The story of Brandon **sigh**

and Spencer picks right back off from Where I Need To Be. Man oh Man the hotness between these two certainly has not cooled off what so ever. I love to watch the passion that emulates from within the pages of Wanted there was some of this:

And this:

oh and a scene in a dressing room:

HAWT!!! It wasn't all sex. There were times that I was like this:


What can I say, I am really visual. 


Kimberly brought out the best of all these characters. I was laughing at the banter between the women. 

"Do you spit or swallow?"
"You already know the answer"
"I don't," Becca said
"I Swallow--of course!"
"Ah, you're a keeper, Spencer, every guy wants a swallower," Becca said laughing.

Ah yes, Spencer that is my girl because everyone knows that

I loved the tenderness between Brandon *Sigh* and Spencer.

"My life would fall apart without you--I'm not sure how I survived before you"

These two make me want to go out and find my own Brandon! He is just the epitome of what and how a man should treat his lady.

Even from the first book I have loved Spencer and Brandon's friends. Its so crazy that these two are so perfect for each other and their friends just seemed to all mesh together perfectly. We meet and see more of Brandon's family in this book which for me was a bonus. I love seeing them interact with various people in their lives. The way Brandon's mom treats Spencer, makes me wish I had a mother in law that treated me that well LOL.

We also have drama and you all know I love me some drama in books! There is no way you can have a book without it, and this one has a twist that I was not prepared for! I think I actually said

It seemed that no matter how much these two tried to get away from the drama and just start their lives together, something or someone from either of their pasts would emerge. I loved the fact that through it all they stuck together as a united force. 


All in all I was have to give major props! This sequel is just as good if not better than the first, only thing I wanted to see was the drama drag out more. Yes, because I am an anxiety filled book whore who loves to be put on the edge of my seat. Another reason is becasue I wanted, and needed more Brandon. I swear one day, I am going to find and kidnap me my own Brandon. 


I gave this book 4/5 hearts

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire

Has a book ever touched you so deeply that you feel you will never be the same way again?

This is what Jamie McGuire has done to me, She has created a character in Travis Maddox, that will have him live in my heart forever! I don't believe anyone will ever be able to top him, thats how magnificently written he is. He is burned in my brain, body and soul so deeply that he made me forget Christian Grey! YEAH! crazy right. Plus I am a sucker for the guy's POV. I got to live inside the head of Travis Maddox for a while and it was amazing.

Alright how do I now put all the awesomeness of Travis is this review? I was emotional pretty much throughout and it went like this


Yeah I was pretty much all over the spectrum of emotions while reading this book! I know most of you are excited for more Travis, and maybe even some of you are a bit leery about it being too much like Beautiful Disaster, but let me tell you this.... OMG that is so not the case! 


Travis' POV is riveting, exciting, emotional, heart pounding, anxiety filled, heartbreaking and just simply breathtaking. Jamie took Trav to a whole new level for me. I was not sure what exactly to expect but this, is above and beyond anything I could have ever hoped for.


Yes, the storyline matches BD but, now we see through Travis' eyes all the love he felt for Abby, how he became the man he is, why he decides to change to be that man for the love he can not live with out. I cried many times, I laughed, I smiled, I oowww, I think I even ughed a few times.



Know what was  kind of crazy? the knots I had in my stomach even though I knew how that certain part ended. Mind you I had to do this all alone. I had nobody to call and say:  

"OMG did you read this part?"  "Can you believe he said that?"

"WHY did he do that!"      "OMG did that just happen!"

Kind of annoying right? For 3 weeks I have had to sit and suffer in silence. It is not easy and I can not wait to disect this book from beginnig to end with all my bookies!

Oh, and I seriously LOVE the Maddox men! They stick together, I have a new fondness for them. There is one part in particular where seriously, I cried like this and if someone would have asked that's exactly how I would have responded!!!

I think I fell in love with the Maddox men in this scene alone! Just the way they rally around their brother *sigh*

Jamie, if you happen to read this, I know Travis has Abby and I'm ok with that. My question or ummm suggestion is this. I would LOVE to be Thomas' or Trent's, so if you could write me into one of their books as "the one" I'd totally appreciate that.

What? Believe me after you read this book you will so definitely want a Maddox as well!!!


Another great aspect of this book that I enjoyed was that we got to see more of Shepley and America. Shepley and Travis' relationship stood out more for me and I really got to see how close they truly are.


OH and the epilogue! HOLY WOWZERS BATMAN! I wanted to yell "Take note people THIS is how you end a book." I wanted for nothing, I was left exquisitely satisfied. I smile contently now just thinking about it. I am so in love with this book its crazy. 


I gave this book:

5++/5 hearts

(There are not enough hearts in the world)

**ARC provided by Atria Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Waiting For You by Shey Stahl

Waiting for You - Shey Stahl

SERIOUSLY? Seriously? For the love of all things that I hold dear to my broken shattered heart WHY?? 


Ok Sorry my peeps I am just a bit emotional right now. Hopefully and I mean hopefully I can get through this review without breaking down. 

Still Fresh and raw in my mind although it has been a few days since I finished this book. Yes, it is that type that still has a hold of your soul after reading it. 


Shey Stahl has done it again! She is..... I don't know..... I feel as though I need a new words to describe her....Mad genius... linguistically incredible author...??? Geez she just has me tongue tied and left emotionally spent. 


We meet Bailey, an 18y/o who is living a life of perfectness. Her whole life was planned, her friends were hand picked, her clothes were bought by her mother, her boyfriend was chosen for her, everything she did was never her own choice.....OMG she was a PLASTIC


Fortunately, on the day of her High School graduation, where of course she is Valedictorian, she realizes that her whole life is a sham. Let me say this, the speech she gives makes me so damn proud! 

Unfortunately, her father the Mayor of the town is non to pleased and yanks her off the stage mid-speech.

Poor Bailey, my heart breaks for her as she is telling off her father who of course the jackhole turns it into an issue about him, never hearing his daughter. Her friends and boyfriend are all shocked. Now mind you all this is happening and then Dylan Wade (oh yeah total bad-boy tattooed hottie thanks Shey)

Is out in the parking lot fighting with his father. Its a huge commotion. Turns out Dylan is Bailey neighbor they have known each other since they were 3, but have not spoken for the last 8 yrs. His mother died in a car accident, and he kind of lost his way. He turned into a bad boy causing havoc on the community and has an abusive father (sad). Anyway...Dylan's dad hits Dylan, Bailey sees and runs over and tries to protect Dylan. This is when another argument between Bailey's boyfriend and Dylan ensues and she leaves with Dylan....I know, I was like......


Essentially she is leaving with a stranger, not a complete stranger but really she hasn't talked to him is 8 years! This is where their grand adventure begins. They runaway together and though it is a bit strained at first, the more you read the more you begin to understand that Bailey has had this life of people always controlling her and she is naive to her surroundings. Dylan has sat back all this time pining for her and is upset as he see's how she is manipulated. Oh did I mention they were each other's first kiss when they were 7. 


Dylan and Bailey decide to have a city to city road trip. This is their freedom. Dylan helps Bailey to explore herself. She makes a summer bucket list....Oh I love her list, lets just say stripping and a pole are on the list! 

There are plenty of other GREAT things on that list. (hehehe) 

Let me give you brief run down of the trip....ok there is almost cow tipping, a ramming bull, fireworks, dancing on a car, special memories, kissing in the rain, drinking, laughing, singing, pole dancing, falling in love and mad jealous fights. Not in that order. The author wrote these characters with such passion and intensity that it spilled forth and I had no problem imagining the scenes and scenarios they found themselves in, in my head playing like a movie. I was enthralled and didn't want to come up for breath.


OMG best part and I Love Shey for doing this....Bailey and Dylan go visit his friend who just happens to work for Jameson Riley AWWWW YEAH! 

I was so happy to see Sway and Jameson in here, Sway imparted Bailey with words of wisdom LOL and it was just awesome.


Alright now you know there has to be some sort of problem, climax, angst otherwise whats the fun right?  So this is where it happens and I was like this

then I wanted to do this:

Then I started 




Yup that was totally my heart breaking! WHHHHYYYYYYY. 

Be warned this book is awesome! I laughed, I oohhed, I awwwed, I was like Hello Dylan....



I was shocked, I snort laughed and then the angst hit, tears rolled down my cheeks, my heart broke and then I was spent. 


Basically what I am telling you all is that Shey Stahl has once again done an amazing job and I recommend this book 1000 times over. When I was asked to do this tour I jumped on board quick. If you have not read her other books, trust me you need to. 


I gave this book 

5/5 hearts


Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Undeniable  - Madeline Sheehan

To start off I was really scared of this book....Like REALLLY scared. I know you are all like ummm...why? *sighs* Ok well I am NOT a huge fan of old men with younger grosses me out. Like.....

I don't understand the attraction. I know I know I am a HUGE pussy when it comes to this but I can't help how I feel....probably why I married a waaay younger man. Old stinky, droopy grey balls do nothing for me. Ok, so that is my backround and I swear when I told the hubs why I so scared to read this (because I say I don't judge but ya know what? Fuck that I am a judger! I judged this book solely because I knew Deuce was an old man and Eva was like a baby in comparison.)

He told me this, "Hunny there are so many women and little girls that fall in love with older men, I know its not your thing but why miss out on a great story because of your judgements?" like whoa when did he get so damn smart??? 


Then my friends (bloggers) all told me to basically suck it the fuck up, grab my chonies and read the mother effing book! Talk about I did what I do and thats AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAUGE! yep that's me. I needed to mentally prepare. SERIOUSLY the thought of an older man and a young chick....

Ok so now you all know I am crazy but at least I can admit it. So, a friend Mags, starts reading it and is like OMG its so good...(heard it like a zillion times) so I said fuck it and dove in. So here goes my review....


While I am still reeling from this book and mind you it has been at least a week since I finished, I really had to marinade. Like I sat here literally like ummmmm WOW! and then EWWWWW so gross. I know most ppl are like at least at the end the age isn't so bad WRONG WRONG WRONG. WTF??? I am almost the age of Eva (at the end of the book) and I could NEVER be with a man that's in his 50's that just makes my vagina want to close up and never open again until it is kissed by a man who is in his late 20's seriously! Ok ok ok I will stop with the age thing. Alight on to the book. Madeline has really screwed with my head. Since I mentally prepared for it, but nooooo we open up with 5yr old Eva meeting 23yr old Deuce. I was like omg that is soooo disgusting, whatever I kept forging ahead and the more I read the more I swear my tweets and voxer rants kind of went like this WHAT THE MOTHER FUCK!!....OH HOLY SHIT!! TELL ME THAT DIDNT HAPPEN.....WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER FUCKING DAD??......WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??.....OMG I AM NEVER LETTING MY DAUGHTER OUT OF MY SIGHT!!....CAN ANYONE HELP ME?? friends in voxer just laughed and told me oh keep reading, were they serious? this book was like one of those train wrecks that you see happening but you can't avert your eyes because if you do you will miss the gruesome ending!


I was so into this damn book that I didnt even care that Eva and Deuce ummmmm hmmmm do shit when she is 16. Ok fuck that I cared. I was telling my friends I CAN NOT BEEELIEVE you all thought this was ok for me to read!!!


I tell my hubby and he was like "Sweetie how many of your friends dated marines that were 23/24 when they were 16?" Ummm ok true but even then I was like that is nasty! 


Alright I can say this, they didn't actually do the deed until she was of age so that won Deuce back like a point, and don't even get me started on where the sex took place becuz WTF? but then I think about it and I am like fuck that is kinda hot. I mean not ideal what so ever but can you imagine being that worked up? Like I said not my ideal but I dealt with it. As the story progressed I was engrossed DEEP in this biker world. I swear I only came up for air to tweet or voxer when I was soooo pissed. As Eva gets older she makes decisions and does things because well she grew up in this biker world. I was SO PISSED to find out she was with Frankie. OMG and her fucking dad! That asshole. I was like this is your baby girl you don't let her end up with a psycho, you freaking moron. 

Ok, Biker world not my world. Well I do get to meet Cox and Ripper and I was like oh, yeah maybe the biker world isn't so bad and I would totes be Kami except for the whole being married to that crazy dude, cuz no! Whew...alright so Eva Eva Eva...ok initially I am turned off by the whole age thing and then her with Frankie (I will not get into that because we will be here for days) and then her doing what she did to help Frankie. As I sit here and I think more and more about her and her backstory and the way she grew up I can see why. I guess when your basically the only girl in this biker world you are going to do things that are your truth and find a way to navigate through it as best you can. I loathed Frankie like to my soul I wanted to cut his dick off and shove it up his ass for what he did to Eva. I wanted to cry for Eva, excepting what was her fate even though she didn't want it because she knew that is what her dad wanted. I was in agony watching her do things for Frankie she otherwise wouldn't and thinking it was okay. My heart broke as I read the way that Deuce really loved her from his soul. I was pissed when Deuce finally had her and treated her like she was just another whore in the biker world. I had so many emotions. I just didn't know what to do. So I kept reading because I needed to see for myself that this was ok.


Deuce! Oh man. I don't even know where to start with him. AND WHAT THE HELL why do women get all OH DEUCE??? am I missing something? did I read the same book? Firstly, I can not fathom ever being with a dude that I know openly cheats on me! and does things that is not normal. I like bad boys, I do! but, old biker dudes ah I pass. I can say though that I appreciated the way he loved Eva, unconditionally. He was there to always help her and his love for her was more than lust. I didn't get it (and really I still kind of don't cuz that was like pedo shit just saying) but I could appreciate the story and the way Madeline laid it all out for me. It was not pretty, it was not predictable, it was grimy and dirty, gritty and heart wrenching. I felt like I was back in Compton amongst the street gangs I grew up with. That is real and it was raw and I abso-fucking-loutly LOVED every damn minute of it. I fell so hard that at times I forgot that Deuce was a grampa (ok he wasn't but whatever) and the age difference. Except IDK Madeline kept fucking rubbing it in my face. She literally served it up on a platter and was like "here bitch eat this shit and swallow it the fuck down". You want to know what I did? I willingly opened my mouth and let her feed it to me and I SWALLOWED!!! I would be so into the book and then BAM someone just had to say something about the age difference UGH!


Do I recommend this book? FUCKING HELL YEAH I DO!!! I have to say that Madeline Sheehan is now the object of my stalking...errr affection. I loved that this book was real, as in the characters were fucked up, they were not pretty and proper. They did shit that made me cringe. My emotions were raw and instead of soothing me Madeline threw alcohol and made that shit burn! But it burned so good. I am now a glutton for punishment because instead of saying ok that was good I need rainbows and butterflies now NOOOO I am like Damn it I need to read Unbeautifully the next book in this series. (because I am a needy wanty cunt!) I know my reviews are not usually this long but when it brings out all these emotions I have to get them out!


One last thing I LOVE MADELINE!! I love that she didn't write another oh I am a virgin in college and end up with this man who only has eyes for me and loves me and BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT!!! There is no perfect man and no perfect life. I loved that about this book. I do love my romances dont get me wrong but sometimes I need a writer who can evoke the deep dark grittiness of a life I know nothing about and bring it to me in a dark ugly package, that I can love and devour, and that is exactly what this book did!!!!


Now the rating....

I gave this book 10 hearts!! I know I only go up to 5 but its that awesome 5 is not enough!!!! <3 Sandie




Truth and Humility By J.A. Dennam

Truth and Humility - J.A. Dennam

I thoroughly enjoyed this ride the book gave me. Have you ever looked at a book description and thought this sounds good and then you begin to read and you can't stop? so you pretty much just look like this

well this was certainly me. We begin with a girl named Danielle Bennett but her family and friends call her Danny. She has an older brother named Derek who is best friends with Austin Cahill. These two families are feuding like Romeo and Juliet style.

  No one knows why it all started, nobody cares they just know they don't like each other. Derek and Austin have to keep their friendship a secret.

Ok so skip ahead some years and Danny is now grown up. She is pretty badass! She is doing what most would consider men's work, her father doesn't want her to go to college. She has enrolled without her father's knowledge or money, so she does what any woman in that situation would do.....She goes to work for Austin Cahill. 

I know I couldn't even believe it myself. Well lets just say that at this point I was fascinated  I mean what the hell! She basically lies on her application, Austin is not stupid. Well as I kept reading I find out that Austin now hates Danny's brother and is accusing him of committing a pretty serious crime. So naturally he does what any person who is hell bent on getting revenge would do, he takes it out on Danny! I have to say I give Danny major props because I think I would have beat the crap out of Austin. Lets just say Austin was less then a gentleman. As he continues to spend time with her guess what happens? C'mon take a guess....


Yup I am not gonna say! just kidding. He starts to fall for her. Really I don't blame him. She's smart, pretty and can hold her own among a bunch of men! Now we get into all the drama, the secrets come spilling forth, and I was like 

then it turned into

next it was 

Yup, full of angst and drama just how I love my books! 

I am so glad that I got a chance to read this book. This author has a way of sucking you in and chewing on your emotions until they combust, then spits you out, all the while you are begging her to give you more! Its a bit masochistic I know, but I wanted it and I wanted it bad. 

The lead characters were really what drew me in, the way the author presented them. You felt the intensity from Austin and the fight within Danny. Then you throw in the family and the drama and bang a book I could not put down.

I was satisfied with the ending, you know I hate when you go through a book and its so good and then the ending is like BLAH. Did not get that here, and I was so glad for that.

So in the end J.A Dennam delivered a book that had me on my toes and kept me guessing. The things I thought I knew I was way off. So for that I give this book..


4/5 hearts

**I was provided a copy of the book for an honest review**

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