Taken by Kelli Maine

Taken: A Give & Take Novel (Book 1) - Kelli Maine

Firstly, I looked HIGH and LOW for this book! I know youre like WTF, but let me explain. So one night prior to making the blog I was online searching for books (don't ask what I googled this was all prior to knowledge of goodreads) anywho I saw the description for this book. I was like OMG I need to read this! well I get distracted like really really easy. 

I was taken (hehe) from that page into another and totes forgot to write down the name of the book or author. Yup I'm smart

Needless to say when I went to Amazon to one click books this one popped in my head and I could'nt remember. I WENT CRAZY it took me 4 days many different google searches and FINALLY asking my book friends to get the name of the book. WHOOOOOO HOOOOO ok so then I started the book and I was like 

We have Merrick a billionaire wants to hire Racheal to help him renovate his hotel on Turtle Tear island (yup he owns an island!) In his eyes she is perfect for the job. She ends up turning it down because her mom would be lonely, and Rachel can't take that. So instead of taking the job of her dreams she turns it down. 

This is where it gets interesting. Merrick doesn't take no for an answer, he knows she is the only one for this job. He begins to stalk his prey....errr.....this woman. He thinks that if he can get her to this island she will see that she is meant to do the job and maybe even meant for him.

Thats what I said! so after a few months this sexy, crazy man "takes" her. Like he kidnaps Rachael....I know I know your probably like WTF? thats crazy! I will admit it is but it sooooo works.

“You made a lasting impression on me, Rachael, and I don’t like to be turned down. I needed to find out why you didn’t come work for me.”
 "You flinch at my words. “I’m detaining you until you choose to be here.”

LOL see not kidnap.... detain
Alright so this is where I was like ok dude no matter how sexy you are you is cray cray! 

as he begins his quest to show her he is neither delusional or scary, I found myself giddy and excited. I know WTF is wrong with me right? but Merrick just has this way about him.

I was enthralled. I was captivated. I was Taken! I never wanted this to end. I think I was a little sad when I finished the book. Yes I just gave you the meat but not the potatoes. Oh you want more. Well lets just say my kindle steamed up and I wanted a rich crazy bastard like Merrick to detain me! You all know me I likes the drama in my books because it adds effect and "OMG is this really happening?" and if done correctly my stomach is in knots and I won't put the book down until I know how it all turns out. This is that book.

I am so glad that I put that many hours searching and scouring until I found this gem. Imagine if it had sucked BUT luckily it was a great read and I was happy, then sad when it ended because I missed the characters. For all that I gave this book

4/5 hearts.