The Love Game

The Love Game  - Emma  Hart

I began to read this book and I was like (yawn) another one of those books. You know girl goes to college sees the good looking man whore wants nothing to do with said man whore and blah blah blah.
HA! Well guess what? Emma Hart you fooled me you little devil you!

Have you ever seen John Tucker must die?? You know where the girls the man whore is two timing/four timing all get together to bring him down.

Have him fall in love with one "special" girl and then break his heart.
That is Braden in this book and that special girl is Maddie. Twist to this plot though and that is that the guys know that Maddie is a tough ummm nut to crack so the guys also do a challenge. Have Maddie fallin love with Brayden and then dump her. Crazy right.

Maddie refuses to fall in love or date guys like Brayden because of her brother and what he has done in the past. little more specifically ehat he did to her best friend Abbi.
Braden has a best friend who is a girl Megan or Megs or Meggie, she is a part of the girls plan to make him fall in love with Maddie then dump him. I know your all probs like HUH! that is her BFF why would she do that? Oh Megs is a tad bit smarter then I think everyone gave her credit for. She wants to see her BFF change his ways.

I think pretty much throughout the book I knew how it would end...BUT the way the author writes is really what draws you in. I couldn't stop reading. I found myself laughing and saying oh hell no. Then I got to 71% and I was like OOOOHHHHH SHIIIZZZZ.....then at 79% I think I actually gasped and I am pretty sure I looked like this....

It gets kind of crazy. And I think I was like....

Brayden and Maddie fall for one another and its crazy but when you read how and why it totes works. I was like hell yeah but then yup that part in every story where you know your gonna get punched in the stomach happens. They both find out about each others bets. And then chaos ensues.
I enjoyed their story. I liked the secondary characters, I enjoyed the banter and the way the relationship evolved. It wasn't all wham bam...ok well 3 weeks but it seems longer and they are just too cute together.

I gave this book

4/5 hearts!