The Submission of Alistair Ingram

The Submission of Alistair Ingram  - Kelli Maine

Have you ever looked at a book cover and though to yourself, damn that looks really good?
That is how I felt when I looked at this book cover. I wanted to know how Alistair was put into Submission.

As soon as I began the Novella, I knew I was in for a ride! I mean Alistair is at a Dolls and Dom's with Black Betty. The story develops as these two seem to hate each other but have this unexpected pull towards one another.

Things will never be the same for either of these two after their first encounter together.

I am happily reading and really getting into the story then:


SERIOUSLY??? I could not stop after learning about Black Betty, who she really is and her past. Then Alistair comes along and practically whisks her away...I was not expecting that one. I mean its a love/hate relationship with these two.

Then some of this happens:

 which leads to this:


and I was doing this:

By the time I was more than halfway through this novella I was like this:

Really? Really!!! I couldn't believe it either!!
Then it through me for another loop which had me like this:

I was completely taken aback by how wonderful of a man Alistair is. I could not put this down for a second...eating become non-existent because I could not get enough of these characters. By the end I was happy and wanted to do this to everyone I live with:


Kelli Maine once again has done a great job in captivating me to the point of starvation (ok, not really but just go with it peeps!) I was not expecting certain points in the book. 

Alistair is wow! yummy and awesome,caring, loving and sensitive, he has grabbed my heart and squeezed it. I don't know if I want him to let go just yet but I am content for the moment.

Bethany is pretty bad ass as a dominatrix (Black Betty) but, also has a side that nobody sees. It was fascinating to watch her come out of her shell and let her guard down. Not an easy thing, for this woman to do. 

Thanks, Kelli I enjoyed the ride and can not wait for more. 

I rated this book with: 4.5/5 hearts



*ARC provided by author for honest review*