Relentless  - Cassia Leo

Relentless....ok....where to start...well lets see if I can actually form coherent sentences. I have read many books, many, many books and usually I can tell you about 1/2 way in what the big secret is or pretty much which way the book is headed. With this book NOT SO MUCH! 

In the beginning of the book I am thrust into a flashback where  Claire is in a really crappy environment as a child and I just wanted to scoop in and rescue her. Her mother is "sick" and dies when she is very young, so poor Claire goes from one foster home to another. 
Coming out of that we find Claire now a grown adult, she has a major secret. The only people that know this secret is her Best Friend Senia and wouldn't you know it, a girl that just doesn't like her. 
Yeah, crazy right...
As the story progresses I start to get a better feel for Claire and where she is currently. She has dropped out of college, moved away from her home town, works at a small coffee shop, likes to meditate to help her anxiety. All of this because of her secret. 
Then she meets Adam. He is relentless in his pursuit for her. He is exactly what she feels she does not need at that point in her life, but he makes he laugh with his corny jokes, he doesn't take no for an answer and is just dreamy and gorgeous.
They both have secrets that kind of holds them back from truly being able to fully open up to one another. We also find out about her ex boyfriend who is now big time rocker Chris. He was a very big past of her past. 
The relationship progresses rather quickly, but hey I am not one to talk I got married after 2 months of ummmmm dating my hubby so its all good. 
This is the part where I am like yeah, yeah, yeah I know the secret and then.....
Nope, that sure the hell wasn't what I expected at all WTH! 
Yeah that totally took me by surprise. Where the hell did that come from? 
I have to say that Cassia Leo threw a wrench in my theory and then had me so shocked I had to stop reading for a bit. I am usually pretty good at this guessing the secrets, WELL not today.
I know that for me the backstory on the characters has to fit in with the story or I will just be like ok what's next. Cassia did this and so much more for me. She gave me a sad backstory then teased me throughout to where I was so sure I knew what all these secrets were. She played my mind well! I give you this one Cassia. 
Overall I feasted on this book as if it would disappear if I put it down for too long. The characters were all well put together. The story all flowed. I loved the secondary characters in the book, they brought a lot to the table and though I wanted to kill one of them at one point because she spills the beans about a secret that is not her's to tell, I was okay with the way it was presented. Life is now always easy and there is always someone there that wants to jump in and try to bring you down. It's up to you, how well you take those challenges and turn them into something positive. Claire does just that and grows, from her experiences. 
I gave this book a 
4/5 hearts
Fav Quotes from the book
"Being uncomfortable is part of being on a date right? Like holding in your farts when you're in a new relationship."
"Yeah, I'll put some extra roofies in your smoothie to help you relax."
"Its an elusive warmth, like a subtle promise whispered in your ear and you can go on with your day knowing you've been given another chance to get it right."
"But I wouldn't give my heart to someone I didn't trust. And you have my whole heart, Claire, so please be gentle with it."