Nets and Lies by Katie Ashley

Nets and Lies - Katie Ashley

WOW! This has to be one of the most powerful books I have read in a while. I was warned about the situation by Katie Ashley prior to accepting an ARC to do the review. Nets and lies brought out so many emotions with in me.

Gasp, did that really just happen.....then it went into

My mind was reeling from the turn of events.
then I was....
By the time I got to a certain part of the book, I had to put it down and walk away for a bit.
Whoa! We have 2 girls that are exact opposites yet are both victims. I could not understand certain decisions that Melanie made but, as I read the inner voice of Melanie, I could visualize and sympathize with the reasons why she did and said the things she did.
Jordan, Jordan, Jordan.....(sigh)
The other main female in the story. I was not to pleased with her at first but, as I continued reading her story, I understood her more and more, although I did not agree with her actions. All things will eventually do come to light. In a way I was upset with what she did, but then in another I was kind of glad that she did because with out that I do believe one of them would have hurt far worse for a lot longer. By the end of the story I was pleased with Jordan's outcome and was happy with where she ended up.
Although Katie Ashley's Net and Lies was a gut wrenching, roller coaster of emotions, I admired her for writing this story. I have known a few girls (now women) that have gone through, maybe not exactly but close to this story. I was drawn in and at times had to walk away for my own sanity, to just breathe and calm down, because I could literally feel all that anguish rolling off my computer. There are moments were I was glad to see that Melanie had such a great support system. Along the way both Melanie and Jordan find out what true friendships really are. 
       I rated this book: