Book Boyfriend Reviews

Reading is my passion, there is nothing like being taken away and being sucked into a great book and falling in love with one book boyfriend after another.

Moving Forward by Erika Ashby

Moving Forward  - Erika Ashby

Let me also add that Jesika Reynolds is just an awesome lead female character. Lets begin this journey shall we?

When I first began this book I was like OMG this is so sad, we meet Jesika a young widowed mother. Her husband and center of her world has died. I think I was already ready to be like this

while at the very beginning the tears were on the verge, I continued to read because I needed to know what was going to happen next. 
Fast forward a year and we find Jesika as a single mother devoted to her son. We also met the man of my dreams, Derek! 

Let me explain something to you though because I seriously don't think you are grasping the sexiness and swoonworthiness (<--- if that's not a word it should be) of this guy. Derek is a single father to his daughter Emma. He is a fireman (HOLY HOTNESS) and a drummer in a band. 

Both their kids go to the same school, Derek has been crushing on Jesika for a wile but never did anything until a chance encounter at their kids' school. Then its like she couldn't escape him, I'm pretty sure it was fate telling her it was time and with this man! 
I will say that yes they so begin dating and I am rooting for them because.. 

1. She is an amazing mother and deserves to get laid because sometimes BOB is not enough! 

"Gah! Why does he have to be so in tune with me? He can probably smell me like I’m a dog in heat. God knows that’s how I feel. Battery operated toys aren’t meant to replace the real deal forever. They’re more like a temporary fix and mine has been used way past its expiration date."

 2. He super hot. He is sensitive and understanding and romantic.

'I will always protect you. I will always put the safety of your heart above everything else.....just know there is no word that could every fully grasp what I feel for you.'

3. They both crack me up.

"I want her to have abso-fucking-lutely no regrets about making like to me. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that’s what we will be making tonight. I can’t stand how people call fucking making love when they don’t even know the person. You cannot call sex making love if you don’t fucking love the person. Hence the word love being used in the phrase. That’s a dead give a way right there. Maybe saying ‘make love to me’, or ‘we made love’ sounds better or makes them feel better about themselves instead of just saying ’yes we fucked. If it was up to me, it’d just be called ‘making fuck’. Seems more appropriate ---Derek


“You know. . .your truck is pretty hot Derek. I love how big and black it is.” --Jesika

Alright so then we get to the 

moment! You know where you are like...I'm so happy then BAM! You get the wind knocked out of you and you can not believe that all of this is even happening, yeah that OH SHIT MOMENT!!!

So from this point I was like do I really want to keep reading because thank you Erika Taylor for giving me anxiety. Of course I had to keep reading I am so intwined with these characters that I feel like I would be abandoning them if I put the Kindle down!! 

I could totally put myself in Jesika's shoes and though it is hard to loose the person you thought you were meant to be with forever, sometimes that forever is shattered. This book is about finding the strength to learn to love again, to trust another person with your heart, to learn to let go and move forward no matter how hard it is. Nobody ever said life is easy.
Now your probably wondering ok sooooo what happens next?? well duh silly I can't tell you! This is a book that you need to pick up and read for yourself to find out the answer to that. 

Oh and I have one more thing to say I love Jesika's best friend Mallory! I could totally be Mallory, I swear its like Ericka was looking at my life and said yes she is my muse for Mallory, ok I am kidding but man this chick is the ultimate best friend. I was laughing so hard at certain points in the book. Mallory was just refreshing and hilarious.
Also Seth, can I have him too? PLEASE?? 
Seth is Derek's brother and lead singer of the band. You know bad boy type guy that I want to take to my room and have my way with him. Yeah like that!!! 

Both of these characters added and enhanced the story for me.
and I can not wait because the next story is theirs and I am going to STALK yes STALK Erika until I get my greedy little hands on it! so just so you know Erika I am coming for you LOL.

You all need to seriously get this scrumptiously delicious book, that will take you on a ride that is worth every bit of the sleepless night you will no doubt endure.

I gave this book 

Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle

Metamorphosis - Erin Noelle

The author had contacted me and asked me to review her book. I had heard good things about it, so I was honored to do the review.

I have mentioned that on Facebook I belong to a group where we talk all things book. This one happened to come up and we decided a group read was a great idea. As we were reading we were "discussing" and I was thought what a great way to do a review. So I asked two of my many many friends from that page if they would do this with me. They have agreed and I know its a bit unusual but I thought you all would appreciate the 3 different perspectives to this book.

I want to introduce my friends Kaci and Heather:
Welcome to my little blogging piece of heaven that I call home!

HeatherSo glad to be here!!
KaciThanks for having me!

So glad you both agreed to help me out. Alright lets get to this and talk book!
KaciReady, set, go...
Heather:Lets do it!

 The beginning we have Scarlett a sheltered girl who has never experienced anything because her parents were cray cray! how did that make you feel about reading a book like this?

Kaci:I was excited to see just how cray she might go. I had a feeling once she tasted a little bit of freedom, she would run like crazy with it.

Heather:I liked watching her explore her freedom! I loved how she got to explore it with her best friend Evie!

Speaking of Evie her best friend, she was wild so them sharing a dorm I had a feeling things were going to get wild and crazy.

Kaci:LOVE Evie!! I think having Evie was probably the best thing for her in terms of her newfound freedom. Evie was there to show her the ropes, let her have fun, but make sure she didn't make a complete ass of herself!

BBR: I agree. Evie is the type of best friend every girl should have. She kind of gave her boundaries.
Heather: I loved Evie!!! I think Evie helped her. Kept her balanced.
Kaci: Exactly! Fun & Fiesty, but protective & caring.

The author did a great job because, she talked about book boyfriends, I was laughing at the girls on their first night out.

KaciThat was most definitely one of my favorite parts of the book, because let's face it, we're all book whores here!

BBR*raising hand, lowing head* yes I am a book boyfriend whore!
HeatherI loved the references to Book Boyfriends!
BBRI loved that she used Book boyfriends that we all love!
KaciNo sense in any of us trying to deny that. I was just excited to see my ultimate book boyfriend, Kellan Kyle, made the cut!!
BBRor just that fact that she used them at all, most books talk about the girls liking/reading books but never really go much further, I loved that the author did.
Kaci: And the second I saw the Abby/Travis reference my mind immediately went to you Sandie!
BBR: *SQUEEE* Travis Le sigh

HeatherI was excited that Travis made the cut!!!
BBRI was so giddy when the reference was made to Travis and Abby! I was like, I want to hump Erin's leg LOL
KaciShe would probably let you too, Sandie. Love Erin!
Heather: Yes, Love Erin!
BBROh she had me at "I need to change into my Team Edward t-shirt" I am team Emmett but I will let her slide with Edward.
KaciLet's face it, I was pretty much grinning the entire time I was reading this book. I loved everything about it. If I wasn't grinning, I was "awwing" or "that's so sweet-ing" or "ugh-ing"

Lets talk Book Boyfriend potentials in the book Ash

HeatherI loved Scarlett's reaction to the first time she saw Ash!

BBR: When she met Ash! Ok ok I was a swooner. He seemed so perfect and the description, surfer! I died I was like OH HELL YEAH!
"My mouth fell open as the breath escaped my lungs. He stood what I guessed to be close to six feet tall with a lean but muscular build. His dirty long hair looked as if he had just run his fingers through it and the sexy five o'clock shadow on his face made me want to feel the scruffiness under my hand."
KaciUh yea. Taylor Kitsch immediately popped into my head.

Heather and I both have no idea who this is so we grab our phones and quickly google him.
Kaci***gasp*** Gorge ladies, simply gorge!!

BBR: *mouth open, drool coming out of my mouth* yeah thats a good description/pic Kaci.


Heather:That is a good fit for Ash!
BBR: Holy Hecks!! whew its hot in here?? 

HeatherHoly Hell he is Hot!
KaciFor reals, TK gets my blood boiling!
BBRI loved that the author used Taylor Swifts song Trouble when Scarlett was at the party so fitting!
KaciI pretty much despise Taylor Swift so I didn't even really get that reference. Guess I need to look it up.
HeatherI don't know the song either.
BBROh hahaha Well its a good song. That song fits Ash perfectly.

What about the reference Evie makes to Scarlett about Taking Chances was that fair?

HeatherI thought the Ruining Me reference fit better!

KaciHer current sitch with Ash & Mason (or was it just Ash & Dylan at that time??) was very much relatable to TC. but I think Scarlett was more open about her thoughts/feelings with the guys than Harper was.
BBR: I agree Kaci...I loved that Scarlett was just so honest even if it wasnt what the person wanted to hear. She knew that was the only way to let her feelings/thoughts be known. No beating around the bush.
Heather: Scarlett was honest with her feelings!
Kaci: Ash was the one that couldn't get his head out of his ass long enough to tell her his true feelings!

BBR: Ok Im so excited I am squirming in my seat thoughts about Mason!
HeatherOMG! I freaking loved him!
BBR: my panties need to be changed just thinking about him.

"I tried very hard to pay attention to the conversation that was going on around me but I kept finding my attention and eyes turned in on the guy holding the microphone. I was awestruck. He was tall, probably six-five or six-six, and his defined muscles were on display via the sopping wet black t-shirt was plastered to his chest. His dark hair was shaved close to his head and tattoos covered both arms and crawled up the front and back of his neck."

So this is Heather and Kaci's Visual Version of Mason:

and this is mine:

Either way its a win win!

**This is where you can see which guy we are rooting for!**

Kaci: BUT, in his defense, bc I am Team Ash (even though I really really love Mason too), I think he really was truly trying not to hold her down. He knew that she had never even been on a date, let alone had a bf. He knew that in his current state of "affairs" he was not the right guy for her to jump into a relationship with, no matter how much he wanted her. She needed to test the waters.

BBROk in regards to Ash I get that but seriously? if I wanted to be with someone I would be with them.
Kaci: Dammit Sandie, he was just trying to, somewhat, do the right thing! He didn't think he was good enough for her. Whereas Mason, who, might I add, is also a manwhore, had no prob whatsoever letting her give him head 5 mins after meeting. Just sayin.
BBR: HAHAHA I don't think Mason did that after he meet Scarlett. I understand somewhat what/where Ash was coming from but hello Travis was the same way and he changed while with Pidge so I don't think his logic works.
HeatherI don't think Mason did anything after he got with Scarlett
Kaci: Whatevs! Everybody's all Mason and his tattoos and his piercing (which I love too, don't get me wrong), but I've still got Ash's back!
Heather: He (Ash) said he didn't want her, but then got pissed when she was with Mason!
BBR: LOL I love the fact that we all have a different POV for them
Kaci: I was wondering about Mason too Heather. I'm thinking you're prob right tho.
Erin has created a shitstorm of bickering bookwhores!
BBR: That is my point too though I think Mason, saw Scarlett and knew she was worth holding on to and even though he was a man-whore stopped because she was what he truly wanted
Kaci: But we don't know that he did for sure...
BBR: Unlike Ash, he wanted her but in his way. He held her at arms length and was still with other women in her face, True we don't know for sure, but you never read about him with someone else where as Ash every time I swear I turned around he was with another woman
Kaci: Word. I can't really argue that point :(
Kaci: And for me, his (Mason) whole "I'm so in love with you" declaration kinda came out of nowhere to me. I didn't realize up until that point that his feelings for her really ran that deep.
BBR: I saw it. I knew he really cared for kinda threw me too with that whole declaration but he's hot I would have melted, Sorry I'm a sucker for guys with piercings and tattoos 
HeatherI had a feeling he was falling for her!
KaciI thought he was falling, just not quite that far or fast I guess. Maybe I was just in my Ash bubble

Ok so then we come to the point of where I cried....I won't say who or what exactly happened but you ladies should know right?

Kaci: I totally saw it coming :(
BBR: Really I thought something but not THAT! I was devastated 

Heather: I saw it coming too :(
KaciI was expecting more of a Edge of Never type sitch though. I wasn't really diggin Scarlett's reaction to it though. I thought it coulda been more dramatic
Heather: Scarlett's reaction was a shock to me.

OK enough with the heavy...HAHAHA that was a line in Breaking Dawn.

Nicknames! Yes? no and why?

BBR: I have to give it to Ash, (sigh) only because of the story behind his nickname for her and that was what made me be all goggly eyed for him.
HeatherI loved how her called her Butterfly!
KaciYep! It had the most meaning! Obviously the author thought so too.
BBR: Mason's was kind of eh, I mean don't get me wrong if he called me Angel I would have creamed on the spot but yeah Ash's was better! (I can play nice and give credit where credit is due)
Kaci: LOL Sandie! Loved that she got his designed tattooed on her, but was thinking wtf about the placement of it.
BBR: RIGHT! I was like huh that is not where I would have gotten a tat, glad I wasn't the only one
Heather: I loved that too! I liked how he went and got it done on his forearm
BBR: Yeah, Yeah after the fact that he was a total dickdouche to her then he realizes UGH
KaciBackoff Sandie!!
BBR: true or not? that was a douche move...I think that was why I got so upset with him.

Heather: I was pissed at him for that!

Kaci: Oh yes, I had a total Jack F'in Carter moment during that whole scene! I was so pissed and him!! And then right after that, I was even more pissed at Scarlett for what she did!
BBR: Yup me too...kind of like Olivia from the opportunist right? 
Heather: Yes, I don't like what she did either!
Kaci: Exactly!! I was screaming at Erin "didn't they read TO?!?! Didn't she learn anything from Olivia?!" And she's gonna regret it in Ambrosia when she ends up with Ash 
BBR: She's not ending up with ASH!
Heather: I still don't believe that Ash has changed!
Kaci: We'll see Sandie, we shall see.
Heather: She will end up with Ash, but I don't think he deserves her!
Kaci: Maybe not yet Heather, but I still think he can. Just think about what KK did to Kiera before they ended up douche.
BBR: UGH! NO NO NO.....That's it I am going to write a book about all the rockers that get left by the girl....My poor Ollie and Mason they can live with me 
Kaci: No way Sandie!! Kellan got the girl!!
BBR: Alright I can give you that Kaci. Damn it
Heather: We can run away with them Sandie!
BBR: Yeah but Ollie didn't!!
Yes Heather we can LOL
Kaci thats Kellen Kyle hellooo I would have left Denny too (sorry Denny)
Kaci: Ikr?! Kellan is the ultimate rocker book boyfriend. He'll always be #1, always!
Don't kill me, but I don't know Ollie.
Heather: Kaci you need to read Bound Together! Ollie is amazing!
BBR: I would never kill you Pea, LOL Ollie is from Marie Coulson's Bound hottie Book Boyfriend Worthy and yeah. Jared the other guy in book he's a hottie with a tie. A lot of peeps like Jared but I am a sucker for a guy with skilled fingers and piercings just sayin

How do you each rate the book and why?

Heather: I gave it 5stars! I love when a book draws me in from the beginning. I didn't want to put it down. Also I couldn't stop thinking about it when I finished. I WANTED more!

Kaci: I gave it a solid 4, but the more I talk and think about it, I may have to upgrade it. It may require a re-read, a little slower this time. That's what I had to do with BD. The first time I read it, I only gave it 4, but I absolutely could. not. stop thinking about it, so of course I read it again and it's been a 5 ever since. I think I'm in the same boat with this one. Can't wait for Ambrosia!!
I did love Meta from Page 1 though and that's pretty rare!

BBR: For myself I have to say that it was a mixture of angst, drama, swooniness and awesomesauce. It had all the elements of what I look for in a book, the story came together and the fact that the author put in things that us bookies could relate to and understand was the best past for me. Then the author had me days later still contemplating certain things about the book I gave it a 4.5!

Whoo Hooo thanks ladies this was fun I enjoy doing reviews like this gives the readers different perspectives which is always a good thing

Heather: Thank you for having me! It was a lot of fun.
Kaci: I had a lot of fun too! Anytime you wanna talk Will Cooper, I'm your girl!!! 

This was a little different but, I hope you all enjoyed the review/discussion. As you can see we get very passionate about our book boyfriends. In the end its fair to say that this book has 2 swoon worthy guys that make the list of Book Boyfriends.
Ash and Mason. 
Now its up to you to decide which one of these would be your book boyfriend, heck you can even be greedy and say both! This book is a definite must read. I enjoyed it from page 1. I can not wait for the sequel and I am going to BEG Erin Noelle to hurry because I can't sleep or eat knowing that my Mason might get heartbroken *SOBS*.
In the end I think its safe to say combined we have a rating of 4.5 (I don't have 1/2 hearts)

Make it Last by Bethany Lopez

Make it Last - Bethany Lopez
Love when I read a book and can totes connect with it. As I began to read by the 2nd page I was like 


You know you start a happy dance becasue you just know and feel it that this is going to be something grand?? no you don't do that?? well shit! I do.....
okay well back to the we have Briana and Colin. They were high school sweethearts. Yeah I know so rare that they last. No exception here, he's a BIG ol football jock he's leaving for college and though he "loves" her he says good-bye *cough* bullshit *cough* I mean I am sorry I think...even though I get where he is coming from that if you truly love someone you will make it work. See yes I am crazy I know it never works that way in real life.
Needless to say Briana is hurt
Skip ahead 4 years later and look whos back....yup you guessed it Colin. Knee injuries suck...there went his chances to go pro and Of course he sees Briana and all that he has missed. Of course he still wants her.
I was so happy when she was like 
Awww yeah, now we all know what happens right? he wants her, more so because he cant have her. I know MEN!! 
Now at this point Briana has this "arrangement" with Kent. You know the kind. 
Uh huh that would be the kind. Well apparently Kent has deeper feelings for Biana then he has lead her to believe. I know most guys do right? 
Eventually they do get back together and this my friends is where I am like yeah! DRAMA
Apparently Missy has a secret with Colin's BFF Rich. Ummm hmmm wanna know what it is? read the book LOL ok that was mean but
I am Sandie and I post no spoilers.
Ok wait it gets better. So Colins ex-gf from college comes to town and guess what??? she has an announcement of her own!!! So this is where I got all OMG seriously??? 
In the end, I enjoyed the book I connected with the characters. It was a pretty fast read. Do I believe you will enjoy it? yes I think you will
I rated this 
4/5 hearts

Lost by Nadia Simonenko

Lost - Nadia Simonenko

How do I even start this review? HOLY SHEEEEIIIITTTTT that's how!

From the first page this book had my full attention! I am honestly over HEA but this book has touched me in a way no book has in a long while. The subject matter in this book is not for those who are faint of heart. 

From the first page I was encapsulated. I knew this wasn't going to be another beautiful boy meets girl love story. This story is about finding your voice and yourself. Learning to love yourself and letting go of things that have hurt you. Though the things in your past shape your present they dont have to control who you are today.

Owen is a Teachers Aid in college and has had a horrible past. I think like 3 pages into the book we see why his life is not all happy and wonderful. He is trying to move on from his past. He is still very much controlled by his past. It is hard for him to go out with his friends and just have a good time. A certain person from his past pops up every now and again and he feels guilty for what took place that night so many years ago.

Maria is a bright woman, who is fighting demons of her own. Her past is also not a joyous one. She was a typical teen until one day that all changed and has never been the same. She is skittish around people and has a hard time in a crowd. 

Owen and Maria both have best friends that know one another and in a way hook them up. I laughed a lot during the skiing/snowboarding scene. I was happy to see that Maria was open to the possibility of opening herself up to Owen. Now while I am tired of books having these HEA, I can honestly say I wanted these two to have that. They are both broken and seem to find comfort in one another. I loved that the story slowly developed and wasn't this whole 

"Oh I see you and your my soul mate lets just go into a relationship and every things beautiful"
Nope that sure isn't what happened. They took their time, slowly opened up and learned to love and trust again. This was a great book and I was happy to see the progression. 

Oh and I almost forgot there were times in the book that made me mad. I was like OH HELL NOOOOOO!!! you will see when you get to those points in the book.

This book is full of drama, angst and just an overall powerful message that many people may not have the best upbringing or things may happen tot them in the past that delegates the choices they now make but we should never judge anyone. I connected with Owen being a child of abuse I understood the feelings he felt. It was a bit hard but I truly connected and wanted these two characters to overcome their past and find true happiness.

I gave this book 

4/5 hearts
Favorite quotes:
"I don't care if you're messed up. I am too. It doesn't matter how lost we were, because we found each other anyway."
"You have to take the bad with the good, and you've got more of the good than I ever imagined"
"If your willing to stick by me and put up with my problems, I'm sticking by you." 
"impossible-looking shapes that can't be accidental...they're all part of the boy I love, and he needs to know that I love them too. He found his way out of Hell, fell in love with a mess like me, and I can't imagine being without him now."

Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Losing Hope  - Colleen Hoover

5:45 AM 7/7/13

HOLY CRAP I am going to attempt to write this review but be warned I have been up all night reading and my emotions are still so raw.

I just finished reading this book. OMG I have a snot rag sitting here because I think about the book and the tears begin again.

This book if you have expectations of it being IDK another Hopeless just from Holders POV, YOU ARE SO WRONG! In this book we get Holder but we get a backstory his emotions, his reactions, we get answers to the questions we asked in Hopeless but most of all we get to see the man stripped and bared. 
I don't even know how to put into words how this book made me feel. I really just want to say READ THE DAMN BOOK ITS AWESOME and be done with it. 
10:24PM 07/07/13
Needed a break because I was serious when I wrote the statement above. I really wanted that to be my review. I know it gets right to the damn point. So here I sit again staring at the computer as scenes from Losing Hope run through my mind. I will just let my heart flow free and hopefully you will all enjoy this review.
Holder, is a man that any parent would be proud to call their son. He is caring and smart and wonderful and just an awesome person all the way around. In this book we get a better sense of who he is and why he did certain things that he did in Hopeless. We see from when Les was alive and a bit into their bond. Colleen just has a way of incapsulating me into this world with her writing that as I am reading I can see the scenes playing before my very eyes. 
Finally seeing through Holders eyes the things he knew and the truths he had to face. I cried so hard reading Hopeless but Losing Hope had me just in sobbing hysterics. I believe I woke my hubby up during a really heartbreaking scene. He thought I was crazy but he held me and let me cry. He fell back to sleep mind you but at least he was there. As a mother my heart ripped apart and as I remember that scene, I am crying once again because I could feel the weight of that emotion. The feeling of loss and my heart just breaking not only for Holder but for his mother as well.
I have read many many books but the way that Colleen writes whoa! she is magical because I felt every emotion, I was angry, I was sad, I was DEVASTATED, my heart broke, I blushed, I smiled, I laughed, I needed a hug! 
I still have to say the non kissing, non sex having scene is by far the BEST SCENE EVER!!! I didn't re-read Hopeless and I am glad I didn't because I don't feel like I missed a thing. I did remember a few scenes from Hopeless, that scene being one of them. Oh man it was just as good reading it through Holders eyes as it was through Sky's!!!
Learning the real reason that Holder stayed away from Sky for that month it all just made so much scene it was like... 
I can not put into this review just how awesome this book is. You need to read and experience the Hoover effect for yourself. Its so funny since her last name is Hoover she sucks you in seeeeee.... 
That woman has magical fingers for writing and an extraordinary mind because the way she puts words together, its so full of emotion and beauty I want to pick her brain so I can absorb her awesomeness!
Well it is now 7:55AM 07/08/13 and I think I have finally finished. Yeah it took me this long because in all realness I just wanted to say "READ THE DAMN BOOK BECUZ ITS JUST PHENOM!!" but I know I couldn't get away with that soooo. Hope you all liked the review. 
Oh yeah I need to rate the book, but ummm seriously I need to rate it??? you can't figure out what I am giving it just by all that I said above ? NO?? ok fine I know some ppl need to see the rating for themselves....Huh how do I put a rating on this book?? its one of the best books I have read all year....I know 5 hearts is not enough, shit even 10 isn't! I will give this book my stamp of approval. 20 living/loving hearts is that enough?  I think so too
x's these by 4
**ARC provided by Atria Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Love in All the Wrong Places by Audrey Harte

Love in All the Wrong Places (Love in L.A.) (Volume 1) - Audrey Harte

I enjoyed this book. It was a light and easy read. 

Annie reminded me of a few of my single friends that have went the route of online dating. 
Ok only thing is WTF Craigslist REALLY???
 I have heard such horror stories about Craigslist. I wanted to slap Annie just for that decision alone! ok so I guess people still use Craigslist but that scares the crap out of me.
I could comprehend the frustrations and apprehensions that Annie had about online dating. 
I enjoyed the way that the author made these characters down to earth and very likable. I was rooting for Annie throughout her misadventures of the men she scrolled through and went out on dates with. 
Annie meets one guy named Gabe and I was like:
Whoooo hooooo YEAH! 
especially when it got to the part that they did this
Then just like that and out of nowhere 
And I was like WTH man? Ugh more frustration and more dating and its just crazy (but a good crazy).
There was certain points that I found myself relating my friends to Annie and her experiences with dating. Its never easy and at times when Annie's heart broke so did mine, thinking gah she's so sweet she deserves her HEA. 
In the end I enjoyed Annie's story and can not wait for the next book as Audrey left me with a cliffhanger.
I rated this book
4/5 hearts

Slow Jam and Little Drummer Boy by Deliza Rafferty

Slow Jam - Deliza Rafferty Little Drummer Boy - Deliza Rafferty

Slow Jam (Vol. 2 The Savannah Rossi Chronicles)

WHOA! That's what popped into my head as I read this. This short but to the point little treasure features a hot female, Savannah Rossi lead singer of Death by Red, who knows how to get what she wants, and goes after it.

In this Chronicle, Savannah has one of the biggest shows of her career. Her regular bassist and best friend Leif is about to have surgery, the band brings in a guest bassist to help out.

Logan is a HOT sexy southern gentleman *cough, cough, wink, wink* who catches Savannah's attention. From the moment they see one another you can just feel the sexual tension rolling my kindle.

"As her hand was engulfed in his much larger ones, Savannah felt a rush course through her, accompanied by goose bumps. She could feel his calloused tips of his long fingers resting against the delicate skin of her wrist and a very dirty thought in relation to those fingers flashed in her mind." 

Imagine if you will with writing like this how much better it gets, and believe me it gets better. My kindle got all steamed up, that's how good it got! These chronicles are short reads but they pack enough punch to make you feel satisfied. Logan was a true gentleman, but showed a completely different side in the bedroom. Want to know why? well you will need to pick up this little morsel yourself to find out.

Little Drummer Boy (Vol. 3 The Savannah Rossi Chronicles)

*wiping off kindle screen* THAT. WAS. WOW!
I always knew Christmas was my favorite time of the year and apparently for Savannah Rossi as well! In this installment we find Savannah on Christmas Eve at a local jazz club, where she is sitting in with a friend's band. We meet Jesse a drummer with the band she is performing with. Although in the past they have flirted with one another it has never gone further. That night these two have eyes only for each other.

"letting her eyes travel down the length of him to his crotch, which was easily within her reach if only they were some place private"

While I was a bit upset that Logan was no longer in the picture because I seriously liked him (in the bedroom). I was happy that Deliza Rafferty stayed true to who Savvy (as she's called by friends) is. I can respect a woman who is secure, successful, and enjoys sex. She makes no apologies, that makes me like this character. She is who she is and although I thought she would settle, I like living vicariously through Savannah Rossi. I can not wait to read the next story. Although, I want to see Savannah settled down I am rather enjoying all the tasty men she is sampling.

If you enjoy erotic novels then you should definitely pick these up. Deliza's writing makes me feel like bursting and I'm just a spectator. It's hot and even better right to the point. Sometimes a quickie is exactly what you need *wink*.

                                              I rated these two books:

Let Love in by Melissa Collins

Let Love in - Melissa  Collins

I am ugh I don't even know where to begin. I think maybe its me IDK maybe its not. I damn how do I even say this. I didn't not like the book but I didn't love it either.

Okay lets see I am going to give you the good then the reasons it could have been better.

We have Maddy or Madeline who parents die when she is young she goes to live with her only relative far away from everything she knows. There she meets her BFF Mel. They form a special bond but Maddy has put up walls to not let others get close to her. 

She is in a relationship with Jay at the beginning but she knows she doesn't love him and she is going to start college and doesn't want to be with him as she isn't in love with him. Her and Mel go to college and guess what she meets Reid. A hot guy with walls of his own.

Maddy feels all these new things she's never felt before, he feels the same. He doesn't want to admit it, then something happens where he decides he wants her and only her. Oh she's a virgin. Then they date and are happy he does things for her he's never done for any girl because he was a player and never stayed with one chick for longer than 1 night. Except for one girl who understands no strings attached.

So a number keeps calling Reids phone and he doesnt want to answer it, Maddy thinks he's cheating. And you know drama ensues, secrets are revealed and tragic things happen. 

What I liked, I liked the friendships and bonds that are formed as this is college and could totes see this happen. I liked that Maddy is strong and confident yet vulnerable. The fact that she is able to recognize her unhappiness and does something about it made me say "YESSSS" because I like when girls or ppl are able to self reflect. Writing flowed and I enjoyed it for the most part. 

Ok so what I am not happy about. Maddy and Reid's relationship happened waaay to fast for me. I mean I get he's hot and all but he was a total douchnozzle to her. She forgives him rather quickly for my taste. I think its just so fast paced, that I wanted more angst and build up. I wanted to be sucked in and see exactly why he was so worthy of her love.

Then ok idk about everyone else but I just felt like was the cliffhanger necessary? I think a few more chapters would have sufficed and the story would have worked better for me. 

I am really big on books and I hate I mean hate to be negative ever. I know that with so many books out there its hard to write and original story, plot, etc. I know this author put lots of time and effort into this book. I am just expressing my take and how I saw things and what I felt did and did not work for me. 

For that I rated this book:

3.5/5 hearts


Keeping Secrets by Kitten Jackson

Keeping Secrets (Volume 1) - Kitten K. Jackson




Ok let me start all this off by saying that I want to marry Kitten K. Jackson! I did not get another perfect love story with Keeping Secrets in fact I got a fucked up....what the fuck am I reading but can't put down edge of my seat read!!! Yeah like that. I am soooo thankful. I needed that, seems that even though I love my HEA's thats all I get now. So this mind fuck of a thriller is GRRRREAT!!!

So this is typically not how I start my reviews but well I am Sandie and I love keepin you all on your toes.

NOw that you all think I am crazy here is the Ecerpt LOL

“And now you found her on Facebook.”

“It was easy. She spells her name with an ‘ie’, instead of a ‘y’. Abbie Rae Kolbeck. I searched it, and there she was.”
“Dude, how is it that she doesn’t know it’s you? You don’t have any photos on?”
“No, I have photos. Like I said, she knows me as Johnny Moretti. And when she knew me, I was this skinny little geek with big, wavy hair, bad teeth, zits, green eyes and big-ass glasses. Now, I’m four inches taller, about 50 pounds heavier, my hair is short, and I have the mustache and goatee. Oh, and I got my nose fixed. And I have brown contacts. And I had braces.”
“You got a nose job?”
“Yeah. Before I met you.”
“Yeah. You didn’t look like that when I met you.”
“That was the idea.”
“Hmm. So why did you send her the friend request?”
“I want to see her.”
“You what?”
“I want to see her.”
“Greg, you’re drunk. Let’s talk about this when—”
“No! I haven’t been drunk for the past 15 years! I’ve never stopped loving her, and
I’ve never stopped wanting her.”
“But Greg. You said you’ve done something that could get you’re a*s thrown in prison. What’s the statute of limitations for rape down there?”
“In Florida, there isn’t one.”
“What? You mean, for the rest of your life, you have to worry about going to prison?”
“I guess. I’m not sure the law’s reto…retroactive, but that’s Johnny Moretti. I’m not Johnny Moretti.”
“Greg, do you hear yourself? You need to go home and sleep this off, and in the morning, you’ll see how crazy this is.”
“I didn’t come up with this tonight, Mark. I’ve been thinking a lot about it on and off for the past few years.”
“Mostly off, I hope.”
“No, mostly on. And I think I can pull it off.”
“Look, going to a new place and starting over as someone else is one thing. But going back to where people knew you before and pretending to be someone else is a different thing entirely.”
“I’m not pretending. I am someone else.”
Greg reached into his back pocket. He pulled out his wallet and started going through it. There in the back, under some business cards, was a picture of an unattractive, skinny boy with shoulder-length, big hair, a huge nose, bad teeth, and big, ugly glasses. He showed Mark the picture.
“Does that look like me?”
Mark studied the picture, then looked at Greg. “No. Not at all. Damn!”
“See what I mean?”
“Okay, but what about your voice? Surely, your voice isn’t different from when you were in college.”
“That’s the only thing I’m a little bit concerned about. But back then, I was a southern boy. Now, I’m a full-on New Yorka. Fuhgetaboutit! Ya know? I’m a completely different guy, other than maybe my voice sounds a little like someone she used to know.”
“Yeah, someone who raped her! If you weren’t drunk, you’d realize how ridiculous that sounds.”
“Hey, I’ve thought this through when I was sober, and I know it’s a big chance, but I think it’s something I have to do. It’s a chance I have to take, Mark. She’s the reason I can’t, and don’t even want, to get close to anyone else. I still love her!”

Book Trailer <--- Click that

Back to the you can see Greg is a pretty effed up guy. I know what your probably thinking WTF is wrong with you. I know I know but don't get a judgey on me now. Alright so yes Greg or Johnny as he was known in the past raped Abbie. A beautiful woman back in college. She never really gave him the time of day and he was a shy and well by description not all that good looking. After he does this and she recognizes him and he flees, becomes a whole new person Greg. 

This where I tell you that you will need to hold on because I think several times I was like ooooh I see where this is headed and then 
nope that wasn't what I was expecting. Greg (Johnny) now 14 years older decides to look up Abbie. OK I will admit that is kind of creepy and weird but I went with it, because now I was all in, needed to see how this all played out. 

I am so glad I kept reading, lets see if I can get a good rundown without giving too much away ready....
Abbie and Greg begin to date, saw that coming but what I did not anticipate was the way I would feel for Greg. Several times I was like awww maybe he's not so bad, then Id be like what the hell, back to ok this is weird, and then finally WTF was that!!!

My concern was for Abbie, because it was like lie upon lie upon lie...but then I would be like wait was he lying? is something else happening that I can 't see coming? WTH?....and I couldn't stop spinning. 

Then dead bodies began to appear and I was like oh hell nooooo. It just got crazier and crazier. I think Kitty seriously had me like this 

By the end I was just OMG seriously? seriously!!!! I didn't know if I wanted to hug Kitty or smack her for making me go through all of that. LOL 

Needless to say I enjoyed the ride. NOT a HEA if thats what you are hoping for. This is a suspense filled book. With craziness, seat gripping suspense. I loved every damn minute of it!!! 
for that I gave this book 

4/5 hearts!!!!

Hiding in Plain Sight by Kate Mathias

Hiding in Plain Sight (The Silver Oaks Series) - Kate Mathias

Well where do I even start? That is my question! I swear I think all these authors have gotten together and are now on a lets fuck with Sandie campaign!!! This book had my head like this....

Yeah just like that. This is the second book in this series and I highly recommend that you read the first book Worlds Apart, only because the first book gives so much back round info. Plus its really good. You know the kind thats like ahhhh this is a bit different so its refreshing!
Hiding in Plain Sight picks up where World's Apart left off. We are still have Graham, Arie, Palmer, Pip and we jump 20 years into the future. So I hate giving away parts of the book but to better explain I must give you just bits okay LOL
In this book Piper being gone. So everyone is pretty much coping with that loss. Now whats interesting about this book is that certain characters are able to "jump" into alternate worlds. Its kind of crazy but it works well for the book. 

Graham is Piper and Joe's son and in this book we find him as an adult where he is just unsure of his path in life, or rather his career choice. Because of this it causes him to lose focus and his friend Lance has an accident that he feels responsible for.

Hiding in Plain Sight is a book about loss and how people cope with that. Its also about forgiveness. I am pretty sure that while I read this series I ummmm hmmmm forgot that uh my kids needed to eat. Don't smirk at the screen like that you all know you have done the same at one point or another. What really grabbed me was just the fact that the book is so different and unlike anything I have read in a while.

The "jumping" was one thing that I was like whoa, you get to see two different worlds. Katie does such a great job that there are no holes in the story. Nothing worse than reading a book and feeling lost or like WTF? ummm how the hell did I get here and what did I miss? nope I got none of that. I never felt cheated or at a loss, this book had me captured in this world for hours.

There is love and romance in the book as well as mystery, heartbreak and intrigue. What got me all caught up in these books was the fact that its so different but you watch these characters grow. The love aspect was well written. Lily is Grahams love interest and wow. You have to read it for yourself to understand what the WOW means. Yeah yeah yeah I am mean. I know but you all also know that I give nothing away and therefore you must read it for yourself.
I was like in awe of the way the books were written and put together.
I highly recommend this series. The next book Spitfire will be out in Fall and I can not wait to read it.

I gave this book:
4/5 hearts

He Belongs to Me by Theresa Rizzo

He Belongs to Me - Theresa Rizzo

Sandie's Review:


I ummm.....hmmmmm....uhhhh....Dee??? I am going to pull myself together for this and write this out. *deep breaths*

This book has really touched me in a way that I don't know if I can fully describe. Being a mother and going through an almost situation as I type this is really hard. I said ALMOST not exact LOL.....Ok let me get through this and I am sorry if I cry while doing this review and I can't express the greatness of this book.

We have Catherine Boyd who was married to Thomas, 4 yrs earlier they had went their separate ways. A tragedy regarding their children. They had twins Drew and Robert (Bobby). Robert stopped breathing in his sleep one night. Just going through all this put a strain in the relationship. They were young.

All of this is hard on Catherine so she does something that she feels is best for Drew and really I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND HER!! She leaves Drew in the care of her parents so that she can finish college. When she returns for her son her parents, which are far from nice will not let her have her son back....This is where I get emotional just thinking of all this because, I never knew ppl could be so cruel and evil. Especially being "family" Then things in my own personal life transpired this past week that really had me connect with this book on such a deeper level, I didn't think was possible. *deep breaths*

Catherine does what she has to in order to get her son back, contacts a lawyer to help her....gets back in contact with her ex....its not an easy road but I feel so strongly for her, she is a mother that will go and do whatever it takes to get her son back.

Thomas comes back into the picture and he and Catherine decide to errr "fake" a relationship for the courts in order to get their son back from her controlling parents. During the course of this trial things from the past are brought out. Secrets are told, deep scars re-opened and bleed out, I mean its like that train wreck you can't keep your eyes away from.

I don't really want to go into much further detail as you all know I do not do spoilers and I feel so strongly about the emotions brought forth from this book. So i would really you all read the book and find out how the story unfolds, secrets that come out, and relationships formed.For that reason, I gave this book 4 hearts.

Glass Hearts By Lisa De Jong

Glass Hearts (Volume 2) - Lisa De Jong











WOW! That is all I can say. I loved Plastic Hearts Review is up on my blog, but you all know me and my hateness for books that are cliche. So yes, Plastic Hearts surprised me and I loved the book, so when asked to read and review the Sequel I said...

We pick up literally right where the last book left off. Now if you haven't read Plastic Hearts I am not going to give away the ending but lets just say Alex (Alexandra Riley) was taking a HUGE risk in doing what she did. It pays off and I am so glad. I love Dane. Like he is you know the typical boyfriend that only has eyes for Alex but he is much more raw. Bad boy ummm yup well no, okay appearance wise yes. He has tattoos, he owns a motorcycle but he has changed his ways and is determined to clean up his life. 
In this book we get more of Alex and Dane and their messed up lives. No matter how much either of them try to change their past always haunts them. Do you ever start to read a sequel and feel like it just doesn't live up to the first book?
I can tell you NOT.THIS.BOOK! I was pleasantly surprised at the things this two needed to get through to make their relationship work. First off Alex is no longer supported by her parents. She has to join the real world and look for a job, which is hard to do especially if all your life things have been handed to you. She did me proud and even though she failed the first couple times, Dane was there to comfort her and tell her she could do it. 
Eventually she does land a job and although I would hate to live with my boyfriend and work with him, it uh yeah well it gets interesting. And oh man her boss! I was like ewwww creeper much.
IDK he just gave me a weird vibe. There is secret with him that you have to read to find out what it is, believe me I was kinda in shock! 
Well you know secrets come out about Dane and his past and what he was up to while he and Alex were apart
again you have to read the book to see what I mean. This book just kept getting crazier and crazier as I read. I thought I knew but ended up guessing wrong. Then Nolan, oh Nolan I really want this guy to get his shit together like his brother did. I would love to read a book about him because I seriously think his story would be great. He's confused, dysfunctional, raw and gritty and everything that makes me just want to reach in and save him. 
I feel so bad for Dane, because no matter how much he truly wants to change his life his mom and brother just never seem to fully let him. 
I was sad for the mom. I was upset with the way she just shoves shit away instead of dealing with it, I guess being an ex junky its hard to be a mom and help put things into prospective for your children, but it still drove me nuts!
Then there is Jade. I know her secret! and I am like hello Alex is your BFF let her help you damn it. I swear these peeps are all closed up and it drives me nutso! Oh and Gwen (Alex's sister) her too, I was yelling in my head grow a pair of tits and leave that damn asshole. 
We do see Alex's parents in this book and yes the momster
I gave this book 
4/5 hearts

For Everly by Raine Thomas

For Everly - Raine Thomas











Have you ever read a book and thought yeah its okay and then BOOM something happens and you can't put it down and stay up faaarrr to late and wake up faaarrr too early to be considered human? you kind of look like this...

Yeah that is me. Like literally I am not joking. I LOVE THIS BOOK. At first I was like its okay I mean you know like every love story there are twists, turns, but I swear I hit a certain point in this book and I was like say WHAT??? ummmm wait is this still the same book? did Raine Thomas just give me a new book within a book, am I crazy?
No I am not. I think for me its hard to get into books when the beginning doesnt grab my attention. SO I THOUGHT. lets just say I felt the same way with The Sea of Tranquility and The Edge of Never and those 2 books make my top 10 of ALL time books. I can be wrong.

I know, I am hardly ever wrong but I can totes admit when I am. So yes I WAS WRONG. This book rocks. Now you are probs like this chick is effing insane. I think she needs more sleep becuz shes rambling... I can give you that but my ramblings will lead into what you all want and that my friends is what this book is all about.

Wait did you all see the book trailer? yes ok then I can continue...

Everyly is a smart, intelligent wonderful girl who has been through a lot of crap in her life. She is in school to be a physical therapist.
Enter Cole Parker

Uh huh...He is sweet, charming, and a Major League Baseball player...SAY WHAT???? yup so you can only imagine he has a smokin body.
Cole injures his pitching arm well his shoulder, trying to keep it out of the press he asks his brother for help and this is how he meets Everly.

Everly has a past as I am sure we all do but she keeps a her distance from others as a form of protection. When you read the story you will see why. now what? this all sounds the same right like every book out there lately....Yeah I hear ya. I felt that way too. Then, as I contined to read I got it, it hit me and it hit hard! I think I am taken back by the refreshing way Raine Thomas built up this story. Its not instant love NOPE...

They actually take their time, feelings develop but they are friends, the undertone was perfect. It wasn't all ooh I see you lets go have sex and be together forever crap. It was like I don't know how to describe it other than the pace of everything was PERFECT! yes it is a love story, yes she is hot and so is he, and yes it has twists and turns I mean I would doubt I would have finished or reviewed the book had it not BUT like I said there is passion with out all the physical touching. A look that can stir my emotions and I can feel what the characters are trying to convey. That my friends is truly an awesome way to write a book. The fact that at first I just truly thought it was going to be like every other book with a HEA, and then made me change my mind. THAT all in itself is hard to do. Raine Thomas was able to do those things to me. THe book has its fun moments...super heros are awesome

Sooooo I mean I could like literally go on about things that happen or were said in the book but I really want you all to read it and let me know how and what you think? am I crazy? (I'm not but ya know) The witty banter of Cole, the way the book is written, the use of baseball and movies just to name a few things.
For all of these things I have sat here and debated what to give the book as a rating.....

5/5 hearts is what
I ended up with. Haven't 
given a book this rating in a 
looong while but in order to 
get one you must take me away!

Envisioned By Nikki Narvaez

Envisioned (The Elemental Prophecy #1) - Nikki Narvaez














Paranormal oh yeah! I know you are all probably like WTF again Sandie?? LOL well I do like it A LOT.

First thing that caught my attention was the cover. Yes I like covers and I know you should never judge a book by its cover yada yada, well I am not afraid to admit I do! I mean I will still read it anyways let me focus, I could write a whole post on this.
In this book we have Brielle who has these horrible nightmares, she is turning 18 and her best friend Kimber just wants to show her a good time. They live on Avalon Island or for us mainlanders that is Catalina Island.
Well her parents keep a HUGE secret from Brielle. Due to this secret she is not allowed off the island. Well you know teens they never listen. So in her nightmares she sees one guy that she wishes were real. The night of her 18th bday Kimber takes Brielle to Long Beach to a club were hot ass UFC fighter Jace Vasquez just so happens to be.

"I wanted to walk over there and pull them off of him by
their hair, yet I stood there frozen. I felt just like in my dream,
shocked and unsure of what to do. Do I go talk to him? What
would I say? Hey, I've been dreaming of you for as long as I
can remember. Yeah, right – he would think I was some
Lo and behold Bri sees Jace and she is in shock he is the guy from her dreams. Well this is where it gets interesting. He sees her and she is his 'twin flame'
WTF is that you ask....Well hmmmm if you have read the Significance series its almost like that. So Brie leans what she truly is. She is the one the prophecies spoke of, she was born to help mankind.
Yup and she turns pretty badass. As the story evolves there is more surprises....parents having extra kids...attempted kidnappings you know all the good stuff that keeps you interested oh and some of this
pretty hot right? as we continue We see so much more and oh goodness I was enthralled!
I thouhly enjoyed this book and can not wait to see what the next book has to offer.
Also OMG when I first started reading this I ran to my window
and was like is Nikki watching me?
The way Brielle speaks and acts is sooooo me!!! no joke check this out...
“I think someone slipped all of you some drugs because
you're all trippin'! What the fuck is going on?! How did I just
do that?!” I angrily questioned
"I blushed at the memory of Jace and I kissing, the warmth and electricity running though my veins was so
arousing … focus, Brielle, focus!"
Seeee I told you!!! I loved Kimber and Bries interactions I was laughing until I was crying in some points thinking of me and some of my true friends.
all in all I rated this book:
4/5 hearts
Ember's Curse - Gena D. Lutz

I was honored and excited when asked by the author to review her book. I have a fondness for paranormal novels. I am a sucker for Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Warlocks, Shadowhunters, Fey etc..When I learned that this book had pretty much all of these I was immediately drawn in.


Ember is a hybrid: half Werewolf half Vampire. I thought to myself," how the heck is that combination even going to work?" The author did Ember's genetic mutation justice the further I proceeded to read how and why she is a hybrid. Long ago a Witch cursed her pack leaving the women incapable of feeling love until they find their heartmate. Ember is not one to follow rules and is regularly in trouble for causing commotion with other packs. Something goes awry as several of her pack mates have disappeared. Ember comes home to find that her best friend Harper, a Vampire, has been attacked and left for dead. Nathan, a member of her pack and other best friend calls in his cousin Collin, leader of the Adelphi, "a group handpicked by each of the different species' elders that currently inhabit the earth. They were given the power to disband, incarcerate, and execute any supernatural being that broke our laws" to help them figure out what and who is doing this. Collin is a hot sexy beast, tall, well-built with a deep voice and beautifully vivid green eyes (yum) that turns out to be Embers heartmate. Even though these two are ecstatic for finding one another, their happiness is short lived as they investigate the disappearance of her pack mates. Enemies are coming at them from all sides as they struggle to keep each other alive and protected.


I enjoyed the story of Ember and Collin. I appreciated that Gena Lutz used these magical beings in their traditional sense. You know, where werewolves die by silver, Vampires by sunlight, and holy water etc...The secondary characters brought out a bit of fun and had me laughing at certain points in the book. I love Ember's best friend Harper, that girl is one tough Vamp. Another character I really enjoyed was Tegan, Collins niece. She is one witch you do not want to mess with! I absolutely liked the fact that Ember was a strong female character from the get go. She was tough and kicked ass right from the beginning. Collin helped her grow and see her true potential. He was her equal, not her dominant. Collin is the man who loves his partner and listens to her, he is there as a protecter but at the same time lets her get her hands dirty while standing beside her encouraging her. The only thing I felt was flawed was the fact that certain scenes went by too fast. It seemed as though they would start a fight and then a few sentences later it was over with no explanation as too how it got there. How did it end? Where did everyone go? Who got shot? Whats going on? I felt cheated out of the action and I wanted to see who was left standing and why. Other than that it was a great read. Action, romance, kick ass women, and suspense. I can not wait for the next installment of the series as I am now invested in the characters. I would say that Collin is a contender to be on the list of book boyfriends. He is an Alpha male who protects and loves his mate with his whole being, what woman doesn't want that?


                                           I rated this book:

4/5 hearts

Dawnflight - Kim Headlee

I love many genres. I know you all already think that I am crazy BUT like I said I review many genres. I just like books *laughing*
With that said I liked the book, I can not say I was enthralled but it was enjoyable. Gyan is a Cheiftiness for her tribe, she's to marry Urien.  Going into this book I really really expected it to be one way and it went a completely different way. IS that good you ask? Yeah I believe it is.
Alright back on task, so Gyan is to marry Urien but she is like eehhh you know being betrothed to someone your not all that fond of might do that to you. On her way to meet up with Urien she meets Author, they are soulmates. So now you ask how the hell does that work? yeah well you have to read it to find out.
Let me just say I liked the fact that Gyan is a warrior, she kicks arse.
In all I have to say I enjoyed the book. I know this genre is not for all people.
I gave this book:

3.5/5 hearts

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