Book Boyfriend Reviews

Reading is my passion, there is nothing like being taken away and being sucked into a great book and falling in love with one book boyfriend after another.

The Wager

The Wager - Rachel Van Dyken
After finishing The Bet, I was lucky enough to go right into The Wager. I am so glad because I seriously can not get enough of Grandma! Oh my goodness that lady had me Laughing out loud even more in this book. I seriously want to be this way when I am 85. 
If you have not read The Bet, you seriously do not know what you are missing out on. While The Bet focused on Jake, Kacey and Travis. This book is about Jake, and his man whoring ways and the way Grandma puts him back in his place and help his realize certain things. The way she did this may be a bit extreme but, it works. I laughed so hard right from the jump. That lady is crazy. 
This book starts kind of where The Bet left off with Travis and Kacey getting married and Jake feeling like shit because he never really apologized to Kacey for what he did to her. We also see Char. She grew up with the Titan boys and is Kacey's BFF. Jake and Char get thrown together by Grandma to do things and get ready for the wedding. I mean they are after all the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Lets just say that the situations they are put in are all for a reason. 
Char is witty and takes no bull. She and Jake share a secret that is revealed early on. I like that she does not take Jakes bull and in fact gives it right back to him. 
Jake has a secret about Kacey's parents and he has never told anyone. He totally redeems himself in this book, In the first book he was such a self centered jerk. He would make me so mad but then I don't know I wanted to hug him, weird right? Well we learn more about Jake in this book, oh damn all I have to say is if there were brothers such as these when I was growing up whoooo weeeee I would have snatched one of them up hella quick! I enjoyed this book so much, I haven't laughed this hard in a while. The cake scene is hilarious. 
We get to see more of Travis and Kacey in this book, which I am glad for. We also see some issues resolved and there is a bit of drama. 
I can not figure out if Grandma really is insane or just crazy smart. Either way, she knows how to get things done and she knows what people need before they, themselves even realize it. 
This book was a fun, flirty read. Had me laughing, smiling and rooting for Jake. Even though Jake is an arrogant man-whore who only cares about money and appearance, He learns a valuable lesson....his Grandma knows what's best. 
I gave this book
4/5 hearts


The Bet

The Bet  - Rachel Van Dyken


Have you ever gone into a book blind and find out that you really like the book and you're laughing out loud and nodding your head in agreement with the characters? That is exactly how I was with this book. 


We meet Jake an arrogant, selfish, man-whore who only cares about himself and how he appears to others. He grew up being best friends with Kacey, a smart, beautiful woman who has a weakness for Jake. They went off to college and did date in high school, but they were better as BFF's. One drunken night changes all of that because they sleep together. Jake, not wanting to hurt Kacey and is ashamed that he did this just leaves! OMG I know I was like are you kidding me? No explanation no nothing, then he acted as if it never happened. 

Needles to say they grow apart. 


Jake is the President of his family's company. So he is extremely wealthy, he goes through a plethora of women. You know he is living the rich bachelor life. That is until his grandma get sick. She wants him to bring his former BFF Kacey home. (Like I said they grew up together) This is where it gets interesting. Grandma just wanted Jake to bring her home but Jake (in his brilliant mind Pffft) has been getting bad press and the board wants him to grow up, so he tells Kacey he needs her to pretend to be his fiance for the weekend. Kacey after a while and Jake doing some convincing, agrees.


Now Jake has a brother Travis who also grew up (well obviously) with them. He is two years older but, when they were little he used to torment the crap out of Kacey. You know usual stuff boys do when they like a girl but have no swagger. Pulling hair, throwing rocks, making fun of her, making her cry....see usual boy stuff. Kacey hasn't seen Travis since she graduated high school, so he is there that particular week-end and what she doesn't expect is that he has turned into a total ripped hottie. 

This book had me laughing, yelling and saying Oh mah Gawd! Grandma is the true mastermind and I loved her. While Jake does care for Kacey it is nothing compared to the love that Travis has for her. Kacey was tormented by Travis but once she finds out why he did those things she looks at him in a new light. I enjoyed the story and to be honest I seriously thought it was headed in a different direction, so I was pleasantly surprised that is went the way it does. It works and I loved the writer for that. 


I gave this book 

4/5 hearts


Carter Reed by Tijan

Carter Reed - Tijan

Holy Shit! There are few times that I have come across a character so powerful that before he is fully introduced in a book that I am already wet with anticipation to finally meet him. Carter Reed is this man. Just the way he was portrayed prior to a proper introduction I knew I was a goner. The way he is described is just WOW!

"He was gorgeous with striking cheekbones, blue eyes that reminded me of a wolf, and dark blonde hair. All of that plus  a six foot two lean build with muscular shoulders."

I wasn't really sure what I was getting into when I signed up for this blog tour, but reading the synopsis I just knew this was going to not be the run of the mill book. I am so glad I listened to myself.  


The book focuses on Emma and the things she does to help and protect her friends, by doing what she did it put her in danger. Her brother (who was murdered) told her if she ever needed anything to go to Carter Reed (his best friend) and he would take care and protect her. This is where it gets interesting. Carter grew up with Emma and her brother but, once he was murdered they sort of lost touch with each other. Carter now is part of the mob. Now I have watched many mob movies and read enough about the mob to know how ruthless they are. I was a bit apprehensive and scared for Emma. As the story unfolded I began to fall in love with Carter. Who am I kidding I was obsessed with him even before he had actual dialogue.



I know you all know that I love a good book with drama, hot men, and well just a good plot. This book took all of those things I crave and much more. Emma is a strong character. She made certain choices and did what she felt was necessary for her survival as well as her friends. There were times I felt that Emma needed to check herself. She would rush into certain things without thinking things through. She is a great friend and is willing to do whatever she can to ensure that the people she loves are always taken care of. 


Carter, is...I don't even know what words I can use to describe him....lets see he is caring, thoughtful, successful  dangerous, mysterious, smart and so fucking hot. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Emma. He also made decisions in his life to ensure the survival of those he loves. Let me tell you this, he radiates so much sex appeal off the pages that I was a puddle of wetness and he hadn't even touched Emma yet. It is that HOT! Man oh man what he can do with his hands. Never had I thought that any man could top Travis Maddox but let me say that Carter Reed has. 


This book had me hooked from page 3. I could not stop reading and when I had to, I just kept thinking about the book and what would happen next. It was amazing because it is so unlike other books that I have read recently. Yes, there is a love story but I mean the plot line. There are twists and drama. The story of Emma and Carter is told so well that I was not left feeling like I needed more. Carter's love for her shows and I melted anytime he spoke to her about how he would protect her. When he tells her what and why he does/did things made my heart swell and fall further in lust with him. The author did a great job in keeping the story flowing well. I never felt as if there were things missing or not adding up. Even though this is a book with mobsters she did a great job in making me feel like I was there in the midst of it all. 


I gave this book

5/5 hearts


Just One Reason by Kirsten DeMuzio

Just One Reason  - Kirsten DeMuzio

I enjoyed this book. This is the second book in the series. I also enjoyed the first book. While the first book focused mostly on Taryn, this is Lindsay's book.
Lindsey has an aunt Lana who lives in a small town, when Lindsay was 16 she visited her aunt for the summer and she met and fell in love with Grady Hawke. Just that name alone is enough to make me say yummmmm. Lindsay's mom finds out and makes her break it off with Grady, who is not happy and very heartbroken. He is upset that she left back to the big city and left him and their love. 
Fast forward 5 years and this is where the story picks up Lindsay is back in town with her aunt Lana. She knows she broke Grady's heart and would love to explain why she did what she did 5 years earlier but isn't sure he wants to hear about it. Grady lives day by day and he often thinks of Lindsay but she broke his heart. He was in a bad place for a few years before finally pulling out of it. He is now finally able to live a somewhat normal life, but when he finds out Lindsay is back in town all the  hurt and anger come flooding back. 
They go through a huge journey but believe me it is so worth it. I loved the way there is dual points of view. looking at things through Grady's POV then Lindsay's its perfect. It is a light easy read that had me laughing out loud. 
The secondary characters are the best! Besides Taryn there is also Grady's Bff Josh and his wife Leah. Man Leah had me laughing, she is so blunt and open about everything. She reminded me of me. Oh and there are times I was like OH HELL NO! especially when in comes to Lindsay's mom. That lady is a bitch.
I really liked this book and am so excited that Ford is getting his own book. I can not wait to read about that guy. He is another one of Grady's friends that you meet in this book. He is so mysterious, I want to No scratch that I NEED to know more about him

Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen

Breaking Nova - Jessica Sorensen

I have officially decided that Jessica Sorensen is my hero. 


I am a huge fan of her work. Everything she writes I read. Plain and simple! When this book was announced I waited with anticipation. Reading the first few paragraphs I was sucked in and didn't come up for air for hours. Thank goodness all my kids are in school, I was able to read uninterrupted. 


This book held up to all the things I expect from Jessica. Angst (LOTS OF IT) drama, a great story that makes you keep wanting to swipe the pages of your kindle. Sheer perfection. She knows how to tell a story and do it well.


Gripped and awed as I read Nova's story and the things she went through. I was gasping and crying and having so much feels it was crazy. I have never been in her shoes but the way I felt while reading this was heartbreaking. To lose your love, your friend and the only person you felt you could rely on, well how does one move on? 


She survives day by day and its no easy task. Coming home from college and seeing the house across the street where your life ended. Never fully understanding why or how that person you loved so much could just leave you. My heart broke for her. I wanted to wrap her in my arms and soothe her, tell her everything would be alright. 


I have a strong suspicion that Jessica likes to make me feel all these sad, frustrating and intense emotions when I read her characters. 


This was no exception with Quinton. HOLY GEEZ WOMAN!!! I thought Nova's story was sad and heart wrenching, then I get to his story and I am a complete mess. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and loss he experienced. The feels....The feels ahhhhhhh....

As you are probs guessing this is not a happy unicorns and rainbow kind of book. Its raw and real. I love that the author writes like this. She brings to the forefront many issues facing our teens today. I could never imagine the way Quinton feels about the faithful night he is driving and 2 of his friends die. Man oh man I was gutted for him. 


Then to get into the story with both of them together. I am at a loss for words. All I know is that even though it ended like it did and I need the next book like RIGHT NOW, I enjoyed it. Yes, I cried and I got upset and frustrated but that is how I know the author is conveying what needs to be said and getting the point across. 


Thank you Jessica for once again showing me what a superb writer you are.


I rated this book

5/5 hearts



When You're Ready by J.L Berg

When You're Ready (The Ready Series, #1) - J.L. Berg

Have you ever had tragedy strike you so deep that you weren't sure if you would be able to live another day?

I love drama in books, I enjoy the angst. I love when a book takes me by surprise because it was not what I was at all expecting. 


Clare is the protagonist in the story and it is tragic and heart wrenching  She is a strong character. She is single mother and not by choice. Life intervened and took the man she married and loved. When she talks about her late husband and the love they shared, I felt it deep within me. How does one go one from tragedy? How do you learn to open up to the possibility of love again? How do you do that when you have a little girl to take care of? Its not easy and Clare has been holding back because of all of these things. 


Logan...he is described as Dr. McSteamy! Well hot damn that caught my attention straight away.  

Logan is your typical bachelor who is a whore with women. After a failed marriage he goes to Richmond to be closer to his friend Colin. He thinks he will never find love after growing up with a father who cared only about appearances and a mother who just left him, he is scared. You know life and fate, they can come at you when you least expect it. When he meets Clare and her 4 yr old daughter Maddie something changes with in him. As they come together they both have to learn to open up and share things even the painful ones. Love blossoms and I am so happy for them. 


There are times that her husband Ethan is brought up and I cried. That must have been a hard thing for her to go through. As the story progresses and you think FINALLY this woman is getting her HEA, another blow. WHAT???!!! How can that even happen and NOOOOO not again is what ran through my mind. 


Clare has a letter that her late husband had written her, and it helps her as well as Logan. I thought about myself being in this situation and I really have no clue how I would be able to handle it. 

The secondary characters are amazing, I especially love Leah, Clare's BFF. She reminded me a lot of me and my friends, the way we act and talk to one another. She was Clare's rock.

I enjoyed this book and the realness of it all. The fact that life is never perfect and you lose loved ones. Also it is a story of second and well third chances. This story is not exactly what I thought it would be. It was better, I cried, I laughed, I awwwwed. It was well written with the story flowing seamlessly. For that I gave this book

4/5 hearts

One more thing the name of the book reminds me of the song by Selena Gomez...You know "When youre ready come and get in Nananana" 



Leap of Faith by Jamie Blair

Leap of Faith - Jamie  Blair

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book. I just knew from the synopsis that I was a bit confused and wondered WTF was this book really all about.

Let me start with this, I wasn't expecting what I read. I actually think that I am still in a bit of shock. It's a good shock like OMFG I can't believe that this book didn't have all the cliche's that most books I have been reading have. This book is breathe of fresh air. I enjoyed Faith/Leah she is a strong character and even though she is young she demonstrates and exudes confidence most older people wish they had. I mean what 16 y/o takes on a baby that is not even their own and passes it off as if she really is her mother? I loved the reasoning for her taking the steps she took. 

The book is set around Faith who lives with a crack head for a mom. To say she has a bad childhood is putting it mildly. Her older sister Hope is leaving the shit hole of a situation by going to college. The druggie mother whom in my book is not really even a mother, decided to come up with a plan to get some money. She is going to have a baby for her drug dealer. I was like WHAT.THE.FUCK?? during the pregnancy you get to see the mom in action and how horrible of a person she is. Faith sees all this and doesn't want any of it for her sister so she comes up with a plan. When she executes that plan I was like OMG what is she thinking. I get it though. I understand why she wants to help her sister escape that life. She runs away to another state and starts over. She gets lucky and meets people that accept and her child. Yeah I know I said its her sister and it is but others don't know that. She meets Chris...Awwww he is just one amazing guy. He helps Faith who is now known as Leah to take care of the baby. Their story really is cute. Well you know when you have secrets and lies all that shit tends to come out sooner or later. Things slowly start to reveal themselves and Leah/Faith has no choice but to make a decision that will alter all (people that she truly loves) their worlds. Its at this point that I was getting sick to my stomach. I didn't want her to do what she needed to do. Then it ends! Yeah I was like WTH where is the rest???? nope I got nothing. Now I am all sad thinking about these characters and what happens next. I really need to know and Jamie Blair you are so not fair to do this to me. 

This book was just truly an amazing read. I never was bored or lost. I got lost in the world of Faith/Leah and Chris. I was sad for her that she had to experience things no child should ever go through. I was upset for the baby because she was so innocent. I loved that Chris and his family stepped up and helped Leah. This is a great book and I was so glad that I was able to read and review it. NOW JAIME WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK!!!! I have so many unanswered questions that need answers and woman you're the only one that has them!!!

I gave this book

4/5 hearts


Shooting Scars by Karina Halle

Shooting Scars - 'Karina Halle'

My blogger friends told me about this book, well the first book in the series Sins and Needles. I live in the Palm Springs area and I get sooo excited when authors write about the Coachella Valley or anywhere close to here. When I read the first book I was thrust into a whirlwind of greatness. The Novella is just WOW and Shooting Scars is AMAZEBALLS!!! 

Let me just say this I get scared with book #2 or #3 because lets just face it sometimes some books do not need a series, sometimes the second book just sucks. This book is not that, this book was beyond my expectations. I am in awe of Karina Halle.


The way the characters are written, they come to life in my head. Certain points of the book I was like OMG NO...then HOLY SHIT...I would get anxious, but could not put the book down. Man I think I was going into emotion overload.

The characters HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT!!! I love when I get to read about amazing characters that build and build. Like an orgasm, yeah that is how I would describe the characters they build and build until you are CUMpletely satisfied but you want to go another round because in actuality you really weren't/aren't ready for it to end. 


I like Ellie, I think she is strong and brave. She is far from perfect and has delt with a lot of stuff. I could see and understand why she did many of the things she did. Was I happy?? Hell No but I got it.

Camden, Camden, Camden *Le Sigh*

I fell for him in the first book. He is a tatted up hottie with piercings enough said! Well no, not really he is just an amazing guy that loves Ellie and it shows. He will go to any lengths to find Ellie. He is not perfect either he has his flaws but he's perfect to me. I fell even harder for him in this book if it is even possible. 

Javier, oh Lawd! I wanted to not like him, I wanted to hate him, I wanted to be like NO NO JAVIER NO BUENO. That almost happened but how could I resist this guy? Charismatic, sexy, irresistible, powerful and just lust worthy. I seriously tried to be resist him sadly I couldn't. I think its all the trickery. My mind and heart and lets face it even my panties were cuntfuzzled! 

I fucking love the shit out of this series! It is intense, story moved along well. There are no holes and shit comes out when you least expect it. (I love that). It kept me on my toes and I seriously was about to have a panic attack a few times. There is a book 3, and I can not wait for it to come out!! Now don't get all "I thought you were over series" Well, when an author does it right and you get so sucked in that you don't know which way is up then that series deserves to be read and cherished. That is this series.

I gave this book

5/5 hearts!!!!

Torn By K.A Robinson

Torn (Volume 1) - K.A. Robinson

I love when I find a book that I was not expecting to fall in love with.  I had heard some good things about this book but, well I am kind of skeptic because lets face it there are a lot of books out that all seem the same. Same plot line, similar character descriptions, yada yada yada. So I was impressed and admired the way KA Robinson wrote these characters. I mean ok yeah there is a hot tattooed and pierced guy who is a musician but I really like hot tattooed and pierced musicians LMAO. 


Chloe the main character is smart, funny and has a past that makes you cringe. Her only saving grace was her two best friends Amber and Logan. I connected well with Chloe I got where she was coming from and why she felt the need to run away from her mom and never look back. As her story develops and unfolds you find the reasons she stays far from her past. I do not fault her and understand completely. I think there was a few times I cringed when she did talk about her past.


Yes, this is exactly how I reacted to this character, my eyes turned into hearts (true story) LOL. I LOVE Drake. I love the way he tried hard to stay away from Chloe thinking he wasn't good enough for her. I loved the way he took care of Chloe when she needed it, and at times when she didn't even know he was. I loved that he made songs for her. I just loved him period. He turned his old ways around for her, even though they weren't even together. Ok that is all you get people, cuz if I go further you all know....well wait you don't know but yeah spoilers will happen and THAT I.WILL.NOT.DO!!!! let's just say that he reminds me a bit of Kellan Kyle you know except for the whole he goes to school, he has tattoos and piercings. I meant the singing and the band and the way he loves Chloe from afar. Even though there is one scene that I was like about to cry. I was like OMG OMG

my hubby was sitting next to me and was like...

to which I responded with.....

even though a few tears escaped my eyes, then he did this....

and then asked why I was crying and I said I am not my eyes are just glistening and watered over, and then proceeded to tell him about the scene and he looked at me like I was crazy. I mean WTF he asked why do I get the crazy looks, he should know by now gah! 

Anyways, so there is also another guy in the picture, Logan. Hmmmm now this is kind of tricky because I like this guy. He is Chloe's BFF and has been there for her since high school. He knows her well. Chloe never knew or maybe just never thought about Logan in a romantic way, but yeah dude has it bad for her. This is where I am like HOLY CRAP K.A.!! Why couldn't you just give me one hot guy why did you have to throw in a guy who is like perfect. He is sweet and caring, and adorable and well perfect?!

but no, no I will never be indickcisive. I was rooting for Drake, even though I liked Logan.


Overall I liked the book, the way it flowed. The main characters and the seconary characters. Oh and there is drama....I may not be indickcisive but Chloe sure is. Man I was like OH SHIZZLE did that happen, Oh girl you better not, she did WHAT!? Then there was even MORE drama and I was further sucked in and I was like OH SHIT CHLOE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING NOOOOOOOO....and it gets well worse. Lets just say you really need to read this book, to understand the crazyness of the phrases I'm throwing out.

Now the ending.....WHAT THE HOLY CRAP BALLS MAN!!!!???? I was like in shock and kept trying to swipe to the next page and NOOOOOO it ended like that?!! seriously!! Really??!!! I gave this book

4.5/5 hearts.....Darn you K.A. and that ending

now I am off to get Twisted because I have to know what happens next. Stay tuned peeps....better yet go get and read this book and be upset and cry with me :)


My Unexpected Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

My Unexpected Forever  - Heidi  McLaughlin
















I read Forever my Girl not to long ago and I fell for Liam! I was like 

Then I met Harrison and now I am like:


He is a rocker covered with tattoos. He is a drummer. He is a single father who loves his son more then anything in the world. Do you understand how sexy that is?

It melts my heart. When I read how and why he became a single parent, my heart warmed. I love Quinn as well. He is well mannered and his temperament is amazing. I loved reading about the James men and their bond. To me that is beyond sexy, to think of a famous tatted rocker loving and being a great father! Swoon.


Harrison falls for recently widowed Katelyn. I cried a few times reading her memories and her backstory with her love Mason. I was so sad for her and her twin girls. I understood why she was hesitant to fall for Harrison. 


I love to read a good love story, one that builds. One that the writer takes their time to show the readers how they got to where they are. Shows how they overcome their pasts and learn that they are meant to be in each others futures. Heidi has done this. I enjoyed watching them, learning their boundaries all while trying to maintain stability and peace for their children. 


Harrison is very respectful and never pushes Katelyn. Even though there is a few times I wanted to smack Katelyn and be like girl what the hell are you waiting on?

It is a great story and I also liked that Liam and Josie are in this book so I could continue to see how their relationship is working out.

Oh and I LOVE the motorcycle scene! I swear I am making my hubby buy a motorcycle because WOW! 


I gave this book 

4.5/5 hearts

C'mon peeps he's a hot single tattooed father who is a drummer and drives a motorcycle! I mean he is just perfect reminds me of this guy who I have a crush on....ready....

Arsen by Mia Asher

Arsen. A broken love story - Mia Asher


I am seriously stunned and speechless. 


I am still crying and just wowed by this book. 

When I was asked to be apart of this tour, I was like dang this book sounds good. Then I saw it was Angie that was hosting it. She is like me and we both like angst and drama in our books so I jumped on this tour. I am so glad I did.

Talk about book hangover! I am like reeling, remembering the book and I just cry. Sometimes I hate and I mean hate love triangles. It bothers me that women/men cheat. Then there is this book. It shattered all of that and my emotions to bits. 


I fell for these characters EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. You know I usually pick one man and run with it, but fuck me senseless I love both of them. I love them both because its so real and raw. Cathy drove me nuts but I connected with her. I felt her pain.

Usually I am so pissed when women cheat. I don't understand the rhythm or reason behind it. With this story I saw, I felt, I got it. I cried because I saw the inevitable. I cried because I was truly sad for her husband, but I understood it. The reasons may seem lame, but I went through miscarriages I know the feeling of not being woman enough, the hurt, the guilt, the loneliness. I just wanted to hide and bury myself in my own misery. 


I wanted her to run and open up to her husband, I wanted Cathy to choose wisely. I wanted her to choose Ben! 

But Arsen had me, he had my intrigue, he had me so cuntfuzzled that for a while I was like no she needs him. He can heal her, he is what she needs. AAAGGGHHHHHH. Life is that way sometimes it seems. I just couldn't stop reading. I had to know what came next and let me tell you I never felt short-changed. My mouth hung open a few times, tears were shed and my heart broke for Cathy, for Ben, and for Arsen. 

How do you do that to a person you love, how can you choose to walk away from the man you know worships you? how can you be with a man you know is volatile yet, is the sweetest thing? How can you break your own heart?

This has to be one of the greatest books I have read in a while. One where I connected with all characters. The ending is simply AMAZING. I am still in shock, still contemplating certain scenes in my head. Trying to make sense of all of it. 

I gave this book 

6/5 hearts! Ok I know I don't actually have 6 hearts but really its that good. TRUST ME!!!!


Every Shattered Thing by Elora Ramirez

Every Shattered Thing - Elora Nicole Ramirez
I didn't know what to expect. As I began to read and read and read I was so sucked in I couldn't stop. Then I had to. I needed to walk away. I need love and reassurance from my kids and hubby. I needed to feel alive. I cried. I cried because this story moved me. I know there is evil in this world. I know that this story could be told by countless girls. I thought about how in the little town I live in, how this could happen, and for that I wept. 
Sadness enveloped my soul, I wanted to shield my children from all evil. I just could not fathom how parents could be this heartless and wretched.
Stephanie the main character is easy to love. She is living in hell and everyday it gets worse and worse. Trapped in a house where her parents do not love or respect her, she fights daily to see the good in humanity. She uses her writing as an escape and does her best to shield her baby brother from all the rage and hate in the house. The only people that she can turn to are Emma, Jude and her boyfriend Kevin.
I loved Emma and Jude. They are truly heroes for loving and giving Stephanie the hope she needed to survive. They showered her with love even though at times she felt useless and dirty. 
Kevin, ah Kevin what can I say. This guy stole my breath away. He saw the beauty in Stephanie that most people over looked or did not care to see. He also gave her hope and was there for her even in her roughest and worst times in her life. His love for her was unconditional and beyond measure. I cheered for them and loved that he gave her something to look forward too.
Stephanie's parents are disgusting, vile, evil, nasty people who should have been shot. I was sick, so sick at the things I read that were done to this child and other children. Like I said I know there is evil in this world and I have read many books about abuse, drugs, human trafficking, prostitution etc...But the pictures of this girl were so strong in my head I cried. How parents could do this is beyond my scope of understanding, I know it happens, I have seen tv shows about it, even watched a few specials. My daughter is 13, Stephanie's abuse began when she was 12, so it hit me. I don't really know what else I can say, because I feel the author did her duty. She wrote a spectacular book. One that is eye opening. I am a bit sad with the ending only because it was not a HEA. I don't know if there will be a book two but (and I know I have bitched about series books) I need a book two. I need to know that Stephanie overcomes her past. That Kevin is able to repair the damage done. That Jude and Emma are still there giving her hope and love. 
I gave this book
5/5 heart wrenching hearts.
**Also I know I usually use gifs, but I honestly think all of them would have been crying ones, sad ones, and I think you all need to read this book because it gives you hope. Lets you see the beauty beneath the ugly!**

Diary of a Dieter by Marie Coulson

Diary of a Dieter - Marie Coulson

I am not going to lie I was a bit scared to read this book. Not because I didn't think it would be phenomenal no no, its the fact that Marie's last book (and don't get me wrong I fucking loved the hell out of it, I mean Ollie nuff said!!!) was like 600 pages. I mean I love the fact that she wrote all about my love (Ollie) but yeah thats like 2 books in one. Have no fear I do believe she is leaving those 600 page books for my man Ollie. How many times can I speak about Ollie. Idk but I should stop since this is not about Ollie. 

I knew I was going to love this book as soon as I finished the first page. I was like OMG seriously? I was already in the mood to punch a douchnozzle! Who the fuck did this arse think he was. OMG I laughed my ass off when Charlie was telling him off. Oh you wanna know who the douchnozzle and Charlie are? I can give you this since it won't give away the book. Douche is Brad he is supposed to marry Charlene or rather Charlie. In the opening scene he is breaking off the wedding and we come to find out he is a cheater and basically tells her its her fault because she is fat! 

I know right. And worst of all the dick does this over the phone! I was already yelling at him saying...

I won't continue because you need to read what else happens. But I love Charlie's friends, Ness and Dana. They are there for her and you all know I love it when the protagonist has BFF's she can lean on.

And then there is Adam! God Marie what have you done to me???? I had to keep repeating to myself....I love Ollie....I love Ollie....I love Adam errrr Ollie. I mean seriously I was all over that guy. He's is Charlie's BFF and gah he melted my heart. He was a great addition to the story. I think I need to continue my mantra of I love Ollie's becasue Marie has hit this one out of the park with Dr. Adam...yeah I said Dr. Damn you Marie!!

 I also loved Charlie's Grandma. I about died laughing when she spoke at dinner. I am pretty sure this will be me when I am that old. 

After her bad break up, Charlie decides to get into shape. I never laughed so hard. I love this book. I love the way Marie wrote this character. I could see myself in Charlie. This book is just

I could literally sit here all day and go on and on about this book. I wont because well for one I would probs fall deeper in love with Adam. Two I would defo do spoilers and you all know I hate to spoil any book and three I would just continue to gush about Marie and the wonderful job she did with this book. Let me put it like this...Not since Tara Sivec's Chocolate series have I laughed like this.

I gave this book 

5/5 tear filled but slap happy cupcake hearts!

Great job Marie seriously.


Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom (A Daemon Hunter Novel Book 2) by Tiffany King

Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom - Tiffany King

I love to read a good book where the heroine is a badass and isn't all whiney and weak. I sure the hell got that with this book. I enjoyed the first book so much that when I saw this book was coming up for a tour I practically jumped through the screen to tell the person hosting "HELL YEAH I WILL REVIEW THIS BOOK". I am so glad I did. Like the first book this one did not disappoint  There is action, adventure, suspense, intrigue and just plain old awesomeness. 

Book 2 starts off where the first left havent read it yet??? Ok well its free on amazon right NOW so click (this) and get your copy now. Jordyn is like super bad ass and kills daemons. I was like this reading the book




Just so much suspense and angst, I loved every second of this book.

Then there is Emrys. I was so confused was he good was he bad, wtf is his stance. I was hoping for the best but expecting the worse. I just couldn't take Jordyn getting hurt again. She has to trust Emrys to help her get her friends back and they must travel into the Caverns of Gloom to do so. I can't really say too much becasuse you all know me and how much I hate spoilers and I feel like if I start saying to much that is exactly what will happen. I need you all to read this series. It was exciting, fast paced and really enjoyable. I love it when the protagonist is able to hold her own, but has that quality that makes them vulnerable. Well you all know I am a huge paranormal fan so when I find those ones that enrapture me I go all balls to the walls, stalking the author :D


I gave this book 

4/5 badass hearts

Mortal Obligation by Nicole Chase

Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #1) - Nichole Chase

I am a huge sucker for paranormal books. I love to read about mythical creatures. Sometimes it can get a bit dull and I have to stop reading the genre for a bit. Nicole Chase has put my faith back in paranormal books! When an author can create a world that mixes both a "normal reality" with one of "mythology" seamlessly and effortlessly you have my full attention. It is because then I don't feel like I am in a dreamland but rather I can visualize this as reality. I know it can't really happen but that is what happens in my head.

I have had Mortal Obligation on my TBR for geesh forever, when I got the chance to do a spotlight blog post for the author I jumped on it. 

Ree is your typical High school student, has great friends and is love with her brothers best friend....see normal right? Well that is where her normal ends. 

There is action, drama, and romance. Nicole did a great job in the building of the characters. I didn't feel like they were missing anything. She is subtle in the way she also builds the story so I was never lost or confused as to how certain things came about. 

I loved that Ree has a great group of friends behind her and I even got me a bad boy ROLAND. I had it all in this book. Hot guys, paranormal, action, drama (I am all about the drama). 

I gave this book

4/5 hearts

I can not wait to finish this trilogy!!! 


Unscrupulous by Avery Aster

Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster

I am in awe of Avery Aster. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could love an author as much as I adore her. Why you ask? Well she wrote this awesome book. I didn't know what to expect to be honest. Her writing style fits me perfectly. She is obscene and funny and raunchy and I love it. 


Tabitha or Taddy is the focus of this book. I admire her. She comes from a rich family but as they say money can not buy happiness. Taddy learns to maneuver and be successful on her own with out help or guidance from her Mom and Dad. At 16 she is emancipated, I could not believe her mom and what she did I wanted to smack the crap out of her!

Taddy is described by her employees as a bitch but I never saw that. She is a go getter and great at what she does. She is fierce and knows what she wants. Her assistant Kiki is this young naive virgin from Utah but is a kick ass assistant and Taddy knows this. Taddy lavishes her with gifts and trips to France all paid for. She even gives her a wardrobe allowance. Yeah if that is a bitch then where the fuck do I sign up to work for her??

Warner Truman...

Can you say YUMMY-LICIOUS!!! damn he is everything I look for in a male lead. Alpha in bed, sweet and caring, devoted and knows how to fuck. What else does woman need?? When these two get together it is just HAWT! All I could visualize as I read was this...

Whoa! I uh...need a moment. 

Warner is a widower, he is a billionaire who owns multiple 5 star hotels/resorts/spas. He was engaged to this horrid biotch, who made me cringe. He figures out she is only after his money and since then has pretty much just been uninterested in pursuing a relationship. You know until he meets Taddy. OMG I laughed so hard at their first meeting....lets just say vagazzaling. It quickly went bad and then he is left high and dry and never knowing Taddy's real name. You know fate has a crazy way of throwing people together. What a way it is.....picture porn stars, balconies and a vibrating massage chair. 

This book is outstanding. Strong successful business woman, who has a messed up beginning in life but has a circle of wonderful friends who are her true family. Taddy is my type of lead female character. She is sharp and passionate. She made her way in life on her own and is now very successful. She cares and loves her friends and would do anything for them. She is rich but never acts as if she is above others, which I think is why I felt connected with her. Oh and she's like horny all the time, so her character reminds me of well me LOL. I laughed so hard in certain parts. I will never look at ellipticals, massage chairs and vagazzaling the same ever again. I enjoyed Avery's writing style. The characters are well written. The secondary characters were also delightful and brought a lot to the story. Anaconda penis' and Big Daddy's are going to be forever burned in my brain. I can not wait to read more from Avery Aster, she is my new favorite author. 

I rated this book 

4.5/5 hearts

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