Leap of Faith by Jamie Blair

Leap of Faith - Jamie  Blair

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book. I just knew from the synopsis that I was a bit confused and wondered WTF was this book really all about.

Let me start with this, I wasn't expecting what I read. I actually think that I am still in a bit of shock. It's a good shock like OMFG I can't believe that this book didn't have all the cliche's that most books I have been reading have. This book is breathe of fresh air. I enjoyed Faith/Leah she is a strong character and even though she is young she demonstrates and exudes confidence most older people wish they had. I mean what 16 y/o takes on a baby that is not even their own and passes it off as if she really is her mother? I loved the reasoning for her taking the steps she took. 

The book is set around Faith who lives with a crack head for a mom. To say she has a bad childhood is putting it mildly. Her older sister Hope is leaving the shit hole of a situation by going to college. The druggie mother whom in my book is not really even a mother, decided to come up with a plan to get some money. She is going to have a baby for her drug dealer. I was like WHAT.THE.FUCK?? during the pregnancy you get to see the mom in action and how horrible of a person she is. Faith sees all this and doesn't want any of it for her sister so she comes up with a plan. When she executes that plan I was like OMG what is she thinking. I get it though. I understand why she wants to help her sister escape that life. She runs away to another state and starts over. She gets lucky and meets people that accept and her child. Yeah I know I said its her sister and it is but others don't know that. She meets Chris...Awwww he is just one amazing guy. He helps Faith who is now known as Leah to take care of the baby. Their story really is cute. Well you know when you have secrets and lies all that shit tends to come out sooner or later. Things slowly start to reveal themselves and Leah/Faith has no choice but to make a decision that will alter all (people that she truly loves) their worlds. Its at this point that I was getting sick to my stomach. I didn't want her to do what she needed to do. Then it ends! Yeah I was like WTH where is the rest???? nope I got nothing. Now I am all sad thinking about these characters and what happens next. I really need to know and Jamie Blair you are so not fair to do this to me. 

This book was just truly an amazing read. I never was bored or lost. I got lost in the world of Faith/Leah and Chris. I was sad for her that she had to experience things no child should ever go through. I was upset for the baby because she was so innocent. I loved that Chris and his family stepped up and helped Leah. This is a great book and I was so glad that I was able to read and review it. NOW JAIME WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK!!!! I have so many unanswered questions that need answers and woman you're the only one that has them!!!

I gave this book

4/5 hearts