Just One Reason by Kirsten DeMuzio

Just One Reason  - Kirsten DeMuzio

I enjoyed this book. This is the second book in the series. I also enjoyed the first book. While the first book focused mostly on Taryn, this is Lindsay's book.
Lindsey has an aunt Lana who lives in a small town, when Lindsay was 16 she visited her aunt for the summer and she met and fell in love with Grady Hawke. Just that name alone is enough to make me say yummmmm. Lindsay's mom finds out and makes her break it off with Grady, who is not happy and very heartbroken. He is upset that she left back to the big city and left him and their love. 
Fast forward 5 years and this is where the story picks up Lindsay is back in town with her aunt Lana. She knows she broke Grady's heart and would love to explain why she did what she did 5 years earlier but isn't sure he wants to hear about it. Grady lives day by day and he often thinks of Lindsay but she broke his heart. He was in a bad place for a few years before finally pulling out of it. He is now finally able to live a somewhat normal life, but when he finds out Lindsay is back in town all the  hurt and anger come flooding back. 
They go through a huge journey but believe me it is so worth it. I loved the way there is dual points of view. looking at things through Grady's POV then Lindsay's its perfect. It is a light easy read that had me laughing out loud. 
The secondary characters are the best! Besides Taryn there is also Grady's Bff Josh and his wife Leah. Man Leah had me laughing, she is so blunt and open about everything. She reminded me of me. Oh and there are times I was like OH HELL NO! especially when in comes to Lindsay's mom. That lady is a bitch.
I really liked this book and am so excited that Ford is getting his own book. I can not wait to read about that guy. He is another one of Grady's friends that you meet in this book. He is so mysterious, I want to No scratch that I NEED to know more about him