Unscrupulous by Avery Aster

Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster

I am in awe of Avery Aster. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could love an author as much as I adore her. Why you ask? Well she wrote this awesome book. I didn't know what to expect to be honest. Her writing style fits me perfectly. She is obscene and funny and raunchy and I love it. 


Tabitha or Taddy is the focus of this book. I admire her. She comes from a rich family but as they say money can not buy happiness. Taddy learns to maneuver and be successful on her own with out help or guidance from her Mom and Dad. At 16 she is emancipated, I could not believe her mom and what she did I wanted to smack the crap out of her!

Taddy is described by her employees as a bitch but I never saw that. She is a go getter and great at what she does. She is fierce and knows what she wants. Her assistant Kiki is this young naive virgin from Utah but is a kick ass assistant and Taddy knows this. Taddy lavishes her with gifts and trips to France all paid for. She even gives her a wardrobe allowance. Yeah if that is a bitch then where the fuck do I sign up to work for her??

Warner Truman...

Can you say YUMMY-LICIOUS!!! damn he is everything I look for in a male lead. Alpha in bed, sweet and caring, devoted and knows how to fuck. What else does woman need?? When these two get together it is just HAWT! All I could visualize as I read was this...

Whoa! I uh...need a moment. 

Warner is a widower, he is a billionaire who owns multiple 5 star hotels/resorts/spas. He was engaged to this horrid biotch, who made me cringe. He figures out she is only after his money and since then has pretty much just been uninterested in pursuing a relationship. You know until he meets Taddy. OMG I laughed so hard at their first meeting....lets just say vagazzaling. It quickly went bad and then he is left high and dry and never knowing Taddy's real name. You know fate has a crazy way of throwing people together. What a way it is.....picture porn stars, balconies and a vibrating massage chair. 

This book is outstanding. Strong successful business woman, who has a messed up beginning in life but has a circle of wonderful friends who are her true family. Taddy is my type of lead female character. She is sharp and passionate. She made her way in life on her own and is now very successful. She cares and loves her friends and would do anything for them. She is rich but never acts as if she is above others, which I think is why I felt connected with her. Oh and she's like horny all the time, so her character reminds me of well me LOL. I laughed so hard in certain parts. I will never look at ellipticals, massage chairs and vagazzaling the same ever again. I enjoyed Avery's writing style. The characters are well written. The secondary characters were also delightful and brought a lot to the story. Anaconda penis' and Big Daddy's are going to be forever burned in my brain. I can not wait to read more from Avery Aster, she is my new favorite author. 

I rated this book 

4.5/5 hearts