The Bet

The Bet  - Rachel Van Dyken


Have you ever gone into a book blind and find out that you really like the book and you're laughing out loud and nodding your head in agreement with the characters? That is exactly how I was with this book. 


We meet Jake an arrogant, selfish, man-whore who only cares about himself and how he appears to others. He grew up being best friends with Kacey, a smart, beautiful woman who has a weakness for Jake. They went off to college and did date in high school, but they were better as BFF's. One drunken night changes all of that because they sleep together. Jake, not wanting to hurt Kacey and is ashamed that he did this just leaves! OMG I know I was like are you kidding me? No explanation no nothing, then he acted as if it never happened. 

Needles to say they grow apart. 


Jake is the President of his family's company. So he is extremely wealthy, he goes through a plethora of women. You know he is living the rich bachelor life. That is until his grandma get sick. She wants him to bring his former BFF Kacey home. (Like I said they grew up together) This is where it gets interesting. Grandma just wanted Jake to bring her home but Jake (in his brilliant mind Pffft) has been getting bad press and the board wants him to grow up, so he tells Kacey he needs her to pretend to be his fiance for the weekend. Kacey after a while and Jake doing some convincing, agrees.


Now Jake has a brother Travis who also grew up (well obviously) with them. He is two years older but, when they were little he used to torment the crap out of Kacey. You know usual stuff boys do when they like a girl but have no swagger. Pulling hair, throwing rocks, making fun of her, making her cry....see usual boy stuff. Kacey hasn't seen Travis since she graduated high school, so he is there that particular week-end and what she doesn't expect is that he has turned into a total ripped hottie. 

This book had me laughing, yelling and saying Oh mah Gawd! Grandma is the true mastermind and I loved her. While Jake does care for Kacey it is nothing compared to the love that Travis has for her. Kacey was tormented by Travis but once she finds out why he did those things she looks at him in a new light. I enjoyed the story and to be honest I seriously thought it was headed in a different direction, so I was pleasantly surprised that is went the way it does. It works and I loved the writer for that. 


I gave this book 

4/5 hearts