My Unexpected Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

My Unexpected Forever  - Heidi  McLaughlin
















I read Forever my Girl not to long ago and I fell for Liam! I was like 

Then I met Harrison and now I am like:


He is a rocker covered with tattoos. He is a drummer. He is a single father who loves his son more then anything in the world. Do you understand how sexy that is?

It melts my heart. When I read how and why he became a single parent, my heart warmed. I love Quinn as well. He is well mannered and his temperament is amazing. I loved reading about the James men and their bond. To me that is beyond sexy, to think of a famous tatted rocker loving and being a great father! Swoon.


Harrison falls for recently widowed Katelyn. I cried a few times reading her memories and her backstory with her love Mason. I was so sad for her and her twin girls. I understood why she was hesitant to fall for Harrison. 


I love to read a good love story, one that builds. One that the writer takes their time to show the readers how they got to where they are. Shows how they overcome their pasts and learn that they are meant to be in each others futures. Heidi has done this. I enjoyed watching them, learning their boundaries all while trying to maintain stability and peace for their children. 


Harrison is very respectful and never pushes Katelyn. Even though there is a few times I wanted to smack Katelyn and be like girl what the hell are you waiting on?

It is a great story and I also liked that Liam and Josie are in this book so I could continue to see how their relationship is working out.

Oh and I LOVE the motorcycle scene! I swear I am making my hubby buy a motorcycle because WOW! 


I gave this book 

4.5/5 hearts

C'mon peeps he's a hot single tattooed father who is a drummer and drives a motorcycle! I mean he is just perfect reminds me of this guy who I have a crush on....ready....