Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen

Breaking Nova - Jessica Sorensen

I have officially decided that Jessica Sorensen is my hero. 


I am a huge fan of her work. Everything she writes I read. Plain and simple! When this book was announced I waited with anticipation. Reading the first few paragraphs I was sucked in and didn't come up for air for hours. Thank goodness all my kids are in school, I was able to read uninterrupted. 


This book held up to all the things I expect from Jessica. Angst (LOTS OF IT) drama, a great story that makes you keep wanting to swipe the pages of your kindle. Sheer perfection. She knows how to tell a story and do it well.


Gripped and awed as I read Nova's story and the things she went through. I was gasping and crying and having so much feels it was crazy. I have never been in her shoes but the way I felt while reading this was heartbreaking. To lose your love, your friend and the only person you felt you could rely on, well how does one move on? 


She survives day by day and its no easy task. Coming home from college and seeing the house across the street where your life ended. Never fully understanding why or how that person you loved so much could just leave you. My heart broke for her. I wanted to wrap her in my arms and soothe her, tell her everything would be alright. 


I have a strong suspicion that Jessica likes to make me feel all these sad, frustrating and intense emotions when I read her characters. 


This was no exception with Quinton. HOLY GEEZ WOMAN!!! I thought Nova's story was sad and heart wrenching, then I get to his story and I am a complete mess. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and loss he experienced. The feels....The feels ahhhhhhh....

As you are probs guessing this is not a happy unicorns and rainbow kind of book. Its raw and real. I love that the author writes like this. She brings to the forefront many issues facing our teens today. I could never imagine the way Quinton feels about the faithful night he is driving and 2 of his friends die. Man oh man I was gutted for him. 


Then to get into the story with both of them together. I am at a loss for words. All I know is that even though it ended like it did and I need the next book like RIGHT NOW, I enjoyed it. Yes, I cried and I got upset and frustrated but that is how I know the author is conveying what needs to be said and getting the point across. 


Thank you Jessica for once again showing me what a superb writer you are.


I rated this book

5/5 hearts