Diary of a Dieter by Marie Coulson

Diary of a Dieter - Marie Coulson

I am not going to lie I was a bit scared to read this book. Not because I didn't think it would be phenomenal no no, its the fact that Marie's last book (and don't get me wrong I fucking loved the hell out of it, I mean Ollie nuff said!!!) was like 600 pages. I mean I love the fact that she wrote all about my love (Ollie) but yeah thats like 2 books in one. Have no fear I do believe she is leaving those 600 page books for my man Ollie. How many times can I speak about Ollie. Idk but I should stop since this is not about Ollie. 

I knew I was going to love this book as soon as I finished the first page. I was like OMG seriously? I was already in the mood to punch a douchnozzle! Who the fuck did this arse think he was. OMG I laughed my ass off when Charlie was telling him off. Oh you wanna know who the douchnozzle and Charlie are? I can give you this since it won't give away the book. Douche is Brad he is supposed to marry Charlene or rather Charlie. In the opening scene he is breaking off the wedding and we come to find out he is a cheater and basically tells her its her fault because she is fat! 

I know right. And worst of all the dick does this over the phone! I was already yelling at him saying...

I won't continue because you need to read what else happens. But I love Charlie's friends, Ness and Dana. They are there for her and you all know I love it when the protagonist has BFF's she can lean on.

And then there is Adam! God Marie what have you done to me???? I had to keep repeating to myself....I love Ollie....I love Ollie....I love Adam errrr Ollie. I mean seriously I was all over that guy. He's is Charlie's BFF and gah he melted my heart. He was a great addition to the story. I think I need to continue my mantra of I love Ollie's becasue Marie has hit this one out of the park with Dr. Adam...yeah I said Dr. Damn you Marie!!

 I also loved Charlie's Grandma. I about died laughing when she spoke at dinner. I am pretty sure this will be me when I am that old. 

After her bad break up, Charlie decides to get into shape. I never laughed so hard. I love this book. I love the way Marie wrote this character. I could see myself in Charlie. This book is just

I could literally sit here all day and go on and on about this book. I wont because well for one I would probs fall deeper in love with Adam. Two I would defo do spoilers and you all know I hate to spoil any book and three I would just continue to gush about Marie and the wonderful job she did with this book. Let me put it like this...Not since Tara Sivec's Chocolate series have I laughed like this.

I gave this book 

5/5 tear filled but slap happy cupcake hearts!

Great job Marie seriously.