Shooting Scars by Karina Halle

Shooting Scars - 'Karina Halle'

My blogger friends told me about this book, well the first book in the series Sins and Needles. I live in the Palm Springs area and I get sooo excited when authors write about the Coachella Valley or anywhere close to here. When I read the first book I was thrust into a whirlwind of greatness. The Novella is just WOW and Shooting Scars is AMAZEBALLS!!! 

Let me just say this I get scared with book #2 or #3 because lets just face it sometimes some books do not need a series, sometimes the second book just sucks. This book is not that, this book was beyond my expectations. I am in awe of Karina Halle.


The way the characters are written, they come to life in my head. Certain points of the book I was like OMG NO...then HOLY SHIT...I would get anxious, but could not put the book down. Man I think I was going into emotion overload.

The characters HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT!!! I love when I get to read about amazing characters that build and build. Like an orgasm, yeah that is how I would describe the characters they build and build until you are CUMpletely satisfied but you want to go another round because in actuality you really weren't/aren't ready for it to end. 


I like Ellie, I think she is strong and brave. She is far from perfect and has delt with a lot of stuff. I could see and understand why she did many of the things she did. Was I happy?? Hell No but I got it.

Camden, Camden, Camden *Le Sigh*

I fell for him in the first book. He is a tatted up hottie with piercings enough said! Well no, not really he is just an amazing guy that loves Ellie and it shows. He will go to any lengths to find Ellie. He is not perfect either he has his flaws but he's perfect to me. I fell even harder for him in this book if it is even possible. 

Javier, oh Lawd! I wanted to not like him, I wanted to hate him, I wanted to be like NO NO JAVIER NO BUENO. That almost happened but how could I resist this guy? Charismatic, sexy, irresistible, powerful and just lust worthy. I seriously tried to be resist him sadly I couldn't. I think its all the trickery. My mind and heart and lets face it even my panties were cuntfuzzled! 

I fucking love the shit out of this series! It is intense, story moved along well. There are no holes and shit comes out when you least expect it. (I love that). It kept me on my toes and I seriously was about to have a panic attack a few times. There is a book 3, and I can not wait for it to come out!! Now don't get all "I thought you were over series" Well, when an author does it right and you get so sucked in that you don't know which way is up then that series deserves to be read and cherished. That is this series.

I gave this book

5/5 hearts!!!!