The Wager

The Wager - Rachel Van Dyken
After finishing The Bet, I was lucky enough to go right into The Wager. I am so glad because I seriously can not get enough of Grandma! Oh my goodness that lady had me Laughing out loud even more in this book. I seriously want to be this way when I am 85. 
If you have not read The Bet, you seriously do not know what you are missing out on. While The Bet focused on Jake, Kacey and Travis. This book is about Jake, and his man whoring ways and the way Grandma puts him back in his place and help his realize certain things. The way she did this may be a bit extreme but, it works. I laughed so hard right from the jump. That lady is crazy. 
This book starts kind of where The Bet left off with Travis and Kacey getting married and Jake feeling like shit because he never really apologized to Kacey for what he did to her. We also see Char. She grew up with the Titan boys and is Kacey's BFF. Jake and Char get thrown together by Grandma to do things and get ready for the wedding. I mean they are after all the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Lets just say that the situations they are put in are all for a reason. 
Char is witty and takes no bull. She and Jake share a secret that is revealed early on. I like that she does not take Jakes bull and in fact gives it right back to him. 
Jake has a secret about Kacey's parents and he has never told anyone. He totally redeems himself in this book, In the first book he was such a self centered jerk. He would make me so mad but then I don't know I wanted to hug him, weird right? Well we learn more about Jake in this book, oh damn all I have to say is if there were brothers such as these when I was growing up whoooo weeeee I would have snatched one of them up hella quick! I enjoyed this book so much, I haven't laughed this hard in a while. The cake scene is hilarious. 
We get to see more of Travis and Kacey in this book, which I am glad for. We also see some issues resolved and there is a bit of drama. 
I can not figure out if Grandma really is insane or just crazy smart. Either way, she knows how to get things done and she knows what people need before they, themselves even realize it. 
This book was a fun, flirty read. Had me laughing, smiling and rooting for Jake. Even though Jake is an arrogant man-whore who only cares about money and appearance, He learns a valuable lesson....his Grandma knows what's best. 
I gave this book
4/5 hearts