Mortal Obligation by Nicole Chase

Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #1) - Nichole Chase

I am a huge sucker for paranormal books. I love to read about mythical creatures. Sometimes it can get a bit dull and I have to stop reading the genre for a bit. Nicole Chase has put my faith back in paranormal books! When an author can create a world that mixes both a "normal reality" with one of "mythology" seamlessly and effortlessly you have my full attention. It is because then I don't feel like I am in a dreamland but rather I can visualize this as reality. I know it can't really happen but that is what happens in my head.

I have had Mortal Obligation on my TBR for geesh forever, when I got the chance to do a spotlight blog post for the author I jumped on it. 

Ree is your typical High school student, has great friends and is love with her brothers best friend....see normal right? Well that is where her normal ends. 

There is action, drama, and romance. Nicole did a great job in the building of the characters. I didn't feel like they were missing anything. She is subtle in the way she also builds the story so I was never lost or confused as to how certain things came about. 

I loved that Ree has a great group of friends behind her and I even got me a bad boy ROLAND. I had it all in this book. Hot guys, paranormal, action, drama (I am all about the drama). 

I gave this book

4/5 hearts

I can not wait to finish this trilogy!!!