Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

Stripped - Jasinda Wilder

I know you are all probably like Ummm hello San did you not read the synopsis for this book? She is a virgin. I know I know....But I was intrigued like how the hell does a virgin become a stripper?? that is a contradiction. OMG all I can say is this book is just WOW!

I love finding new books that really blow me away, especially ones that make me change my way of thinking about how I feel about the cliche virgin college girl. Grey (yes she is a girl and yes this is her name!) is just down right loveable. I couldn't help but feel her struggles. Being brought up the way she did is the reason behind the way she is. I have never said being a college virgin is a bad thing, just that it has been over played. Few authors have been able to capture my attention with this storyline. Jasinda had my attention, she had my heart, she had me engrossed so deeply that this book is all I have thought about for the past few days.

Grey's life in Georgia was confined. When things unravel and the only person who ever truly knew who she was is no longer around, Grey goes to USC to study film. As I am reading and understanding Grey, circumstances happen that lead her to become a stripper. I could totally see this happening to someone. I was sad for her. I felt her pain and anguish to have to do this. The way she was raised is never far from her thoughts. Her morals kick in and it is hard for her. I felt every one of those emotions. I saw myself in this naive innocent girl (you know prior to my being exposed to real life). My heart broke for her because I knew she didn't want this but had no other choice. Then Jasinda throws in my new book boyfriend DAWSON 

I love this man. I love the way he speaks, I love the way he cares, I love that he can see through Grey like no one else can. 

Dawson is a Hollywood actor and can have any woman he wants. When he sees Grey stripping in the club he is drawn to her, just as she is to him. Life has a funny way of putting two people in each others paths. Call it fate, coincidence or cupid either way it gets interesting. All I could think to myself was "Ooooh Gre y you are in for it now!" I could not get enough of these two. I was so caught up in Dawson that I read well into the night. I was like this by 3AM

I swear Dawson was all....

And I was like...

I am telling you all that this right here is how you write about a college virgin. This is how you gently pull me in so deep that I won't stop reading and devouring this book until I am fully satisfied. This is how a book boyfriend should be written. Strong, masculine, no nonsense yet caring, warm and loveable.

I abso-fucking-loutly LOVE this book. Love the characters, love the fact that Grey is a strong character (even if she doesn't know it herself). And I just LOVE DAWSON *sigh*

I gave this book

4.5/5 hearts