Winning Back Ryan

Winning Back Ryan - S.L. Siwik

Have you ever in your life had someone you truly love tell you things that made you feel less then worthy? I know I have. I have even felt as Annie did. Like it was my fault by being cheated on. I loved and hated the main character. I hated her because she was with an asshole who treated her like crap and cheated on her. I loved her because she had the courage to grow and see that he was not what was best for her and grew in confidence. Ryan is the ultimate jerkoff. His ass cheats on Annie then the bastard tells her its her fault that he did so! I was like....

 I know at the time Annie didn't have the courage to fight back. I seriously wanted to choke Ryan out! 


Annie has many guy friends who love and care about her. Enter Brian and Ben. Ahhh the makings of a love triangle. Both of these guys have loved Annie for a while. I liked both characters but I think Ben many be a better choice for her. Yes, Brian is her BFF but idk, I like Ben. 

Yes, there is even an OH SHIT moment where I cringed. Some guys are just plain assholes and need to be kicked in the balls. What?? its true don't act like you have never thought about it, at least once in your life.

Overall I liked the book. I could connect with Annie. Maybe not the whole all these guys are in love with me but ya know what I mean LOL. I rated this book....

3/5 hearts