Intentional by MK Harkins

Intentional - M.K. Harkins

We begin with Mattie who has a BFF Sarah. They have been friends since the 4th grade. As they grow up Mattie's parents die and she is taken in by Sarah's family. 

Sarah and Mattie move to Sedona, AZ after graduating college. Sarah a lawyer and Mattie a graphics designer. Sarah lands a job at a respectable law firm in town. Her boss Jeremy Harkins is 28 well accomplished and gorge!!! One day Mattie meets Sarah for lunch and Jeremy sees her and instantly is attracted. This is where things get weird because Sarah tries to keep Mattie away from him. It got me thinking WTF is up with her?

Eventually Mattie and Jeremy do get together and they are really in love, they even plan on getting married. Then yup you guessed it....


Drama! I kind of expected it. Then enter Cade. An engineer by day and a rockstar by night. He tries to help Mattie heal from the betrayal she went through. Things get interesting and then I learn the truth. 


Say whaaa??? I can't believe someone could be that hateful, well wait yes I can. It was all crazy. 


Well the writing style wasn't really for me but the book was good. It was a pretty quick read and I enjoyed all the characters well except for one. I will enjoy reading more from this author as she grows. I like the basis of the story so that is what kept me intrigued. 


I rated this book

3/5 hearts