Tension by RL Griffin

Tension - R.L. Griffin

Holy shit where do I even start with this review? I am seriously in love with R.L like seriously. This book has breathed new life into me. How you ask? Well after reading so many books that for me all seem to be the same, this one is just  completely blew me away. While there is a love story here you have to get through all kinds emotions to get there. Its not an easy ride. 


The entire time I am like OMG...Oh no....Holy crap!....Did that just happen? so many emotions ran through me. Have you ever thought of sky diving or meeting up with someone you have a total crush on and you get those butterflies and you feel excited yet sick at the same time? that is the only way that I can describe this book to you.


Stella has been through so much, and wakingup in the hospital and not knowing how or what it was that happened or why she is there. (If you have not read BY a Thread, you have to read that book prior to this one). Slowly the fog in her head begins to clear and she remembers bits and pieces. A twist is now she is being called a hero and paparazzi is now all around and the news is reporting things about her personal life. 


Imagine being shot in an explosion and waking up to you all over the news? could you handle that? Even more pressing could you handle the fact knowing that someone you once trusted and cared for is the one who shot you? 


 George is by Stella's side and I was so thankful for that. Thankful because I feel that had he not been there she would have probably become more withdrawn. He is so patient and never gives up on her. I love this guy. *sigh* he warms my cockles. 


Millie makes me laugh, she is Stella's BFF and makes her a twitter account so Stella can tweet updates about her progress to the world. She will text Stella to let her know when she is trending. Who does that? a real BFF that's who. 


I loved this book. It has drama and suspense as well as the love aspect. It has friendships and sometimes those friendships are broken. R.L took me by my hand and lead me through a maze of fucked up emotions. There were times I wanted to kick her ass, times I wanted to kiss her, times I wanted to slap her and then at the end....I wanted to kill her! yup, she did this shit to me again! she is making me wait for another book, another fucking book!!! IDK if she thinks my heart and body can continue to take all the emotions she dishes out. 

 Even though she is going to make me wait yet AGAIN for another book I will gladly wait because I enjoy this series very much. I love Stella and George. So R.L is lucky that I am so invested and willing to wait because I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!!

I rated this book 

4.5/5 hearts