Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea

Unbreakable  - Rebecca Shea, Okay Creations

There are times that you come across a book that really takes hold of your heart and makes you love it so completely.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. At first I was like damn it man not another cliche girl virgin yadda yadda bs...but slowly it morphed into this book that I could not put down. The beginning of the book was sweet and then it got hot...I was like ummm can I please have me a Gabe Garcia??? I like the lead character Jessica. She was a bit nerdy and she wasn't stick thin. Refreshing right!


So Jessica has a dad who is the fire chief and is never around so she was basically raised by the Garcia's. Ava is her best friend and Jessica is in love with her older bro Gabe. I liked him straight off and the we find out that he feels the same way for her. Yes, they get together and damn it he's hot and guess what else he is a firefighter, so you can only imagine how hot his body is. These two are super sweet with one another, the banter was great, the sex was hot. 

Now, you all know me I have to have drama because hello what else really makes you want to continue to read right? Oh man the drama in this book is HUGE! I cried, I was like OMG NOOOOO!!! it was the saddest shit ever! Then it fucking gets worse. I can't tell you what happened but I can say that Gabe tries hard to hold on to Jessica as she just gives up. Gabe was all

But damn Jessica just shuts him out so he walks away! 

Can you hear that??? that was my fucking heart cracking!

Now I am a blubbering fool and I am like wtf....Guess what comes next?? just take a guess....No? fine.... it gets even worse. Jessica who is ahead in college credits needs an internship at a news station so she decides to go to North Carolina. Like WTF??? My head at this point is spinning and I am like Oh my Gawd, poor Gabe he loves this girl so whole heartedly. Poor Jessica because she loves Gabe but is pushing him away. I get the reason why believe me I do but it doesn't make it hurt any less. 

At this point I am so invested in the book that I feel as thought these characters are apart of my being. I am emotionally connected. Jessica is now is North Carolina and starting her internship. She meets a chick named Lindsay who has a hot ass brother named Landon who is a cop! 

Now he is an alpha and you can totes tell, oh and BTW did I mention he has tattoos and had a motorcycle??? I wanted to not like him, I wanted him to stay away from Jessica, I wanted Gabe back, but damn he is hot and sweet and I was conflicted. This is where I leave you. I know I suck but you have to and I mean have to read this book to see how it all ends. I cried like this



I really liked this book even though, yes it stared out pretty cliche, by the end Rebecca Shea slapped me in the face as was like what now biotch? I loved all the characters, and even though I was conflicted with Landon he is pretty fucking amazing and I ended up loving him for what he does, and who he is. I loved that this book has alternating POV's. I loved being in Gabe and Landon's heads and of course Jessica's. This is a great book and I loved the way it is written and executed. I can not wait for book two. No it doesn't leave you with a cliffhanger but a certain guy gets his own book and I can not wait!!! 

for that I rated this book

4.5/5 hearts