Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

Beautiful Broken Rules  - Kimberly Lauren

OMFG! I am in awe right now! Like literally I am just sitting here thinking HOLY FUCK! words can not even begin to express how I feel. Ok so do you ever look at a book or read the synospsis and think yeah heard and read all this before? Yeah me too until this book. I think I have found competetion for my #1 love Travis Maddox!! Yes you heard me right! I know you are probably thinking WTF?? there could never be anyone like Travis, ok true but Jaxson Riley OMFG!!! 


Right from the first sentence I knew I was going to love this book....FROM THE FIRST SENTENCE....I mean it opens up with Em calling herself the school slut! I was like OMG a non virgin college chick who sleeps around and isn't afraid to admit it?? 

Then you throw in the fact that she is best friends with a hot ass dude named Cole who is like her older brother I was like "fuck this keeps getting better and better" then Omg I was dying laughing because she walks out of some frat dudes room and her clothes are up in a tree so she has to walk to her car practically naked and her first introduction to Jaxson is her just like that in a bra and undies...Oh man this was just the best.


I loved that Em has certain rules that she lives by. The one rule I absolutly loved was:

"Never sleep with someone who is in a known relationship (when this isn't disclosed to me, it is not my fault)"

Bahahaha I totes agree if you don't know how can you be at fault. So at first I was like ummm why all these rules??? well as I read I got to understand her more and more and why she is the way she is and I was like Oh damn girl! 

Jax knows she sleeps around but he doesn't care. He truly just cares for her. Oh man and this guy just....I can't even put into words his amazingness...oh and did I mention that he is a twin!! HE HAS AN IDENTICAL TWIN!!! Gah! 

Let me show you what he says about her so you can understand what I mean:

"If they think you are beautiful, feisty, and brilliant, then I would agree with them. Anything else, I don't care about."

So all this happens by like 30% and I was like holy motherfucking shit!! how can I barley be at 30% and already be so damn invested and in love?? What the hell. I swear I had been through sooo many emotions by this point that I didn't think I could even go on.

I kept going and I was pleasently surprised that these two didn't just jump into a relationship especially since Emmy aka Ems (her real name is Emerson, and can I just say that I love her name!) is like a total commintment phobe, I think she was actually worse then Abby. I know right, Abby was so bad. Anyway Ems is like killing me because you can tell she wants Jax and I am like girl get this man! If not I will gladly swoop in and take his adorable ass.

Yeah I know I am a cheating whore but once you read about Jax you will totes get what I mean. There is just so much that happens but I another reason I love this guy is that he writes her notes on the palm of her hand.

Mind you I haven't even started telling you all about the secondary characters. Quinn who is Ems step-sister/BFF. Man this chick is just incredible. I loved the way the two girls interacted with one another and when you read about them you will understand why I love Quinny. I told you about Cole but man this guy I want him as my BFF. He is there for both girls and I am hoping that Cole and Quinn get a book because these two together are just WHOA!!! then we have Jase...Jax's twin...IDENTICAL TWIN. He just rounded out the group and I loved that he was so studious and that he loved his brother so much that he gave up two years at a university to be closer to him. I swear these Riley men have riled me up and since I can't have Jax I will gladly take Jase!!

Alright then came the part that I cried....yup I cried. I was like heart was ripped out, I was axious, I had to walk away. I couldn't even believe my eyes had just read that. I mean I know it has to have angst and drama or else what's the point right?? but c'mon make me suffer and then put my heart back together. Nope this was worse then the whole Travis trying to win Abby back. I was crying and I was thankful for Quinn and Cole and Jase. Even though Cole is Jax's Bff he stood by Ems side. The whole quad scene I was like this:

At this point I was ready to give up. I know I had to have stopped at least 3 more times before the book ended. Ugh it was so damn good. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I pouted, I was anxious and I wanted nothing more then to beat Jax and Em. I fell so hard for this book and I am really surprised that it is not more known. I mean IDENTICAL TWIN TATTOOED, MOTORCYCLE RIDING, YUMMY, DELICIOUS, LOVING, CARING TWIN BROTHERS. Like I said Jaxson Riley has really put Travis Maddox up for some serious competition. I know I know I can't even believe I typed that. If you know me at all you know that Trav is my #1 like seriously #1, so I am just as shocked that I have Jax this high in my sights but after you read this I think you will understand why. For that I rated this book


5/5 hearts! I know I gave a 5!!!!