The Wingman Chronicles by James Holeva

The Wingman Chronicles - James Holeva

OMG all I can do is laugh. I know that not all people are like me and some may be more well whats a nice way to say this....uh...sheltered?....prude?...uptight? I am very open when it comes to sex and talking/reading about sex. My friend (who is a blogger and is as raunchy as me) told me YOU have to read this book. Yeah yeah yeah I am like if you have read one sex book you have read them all. She went on and on and on. I was like JEEEZZZ Nat ok ok I will read the damn book. She literally said she professes her vagina to the author. WHOA!!!

I was still a bit apprehensive just cuz I like to make life more difficult then it needs to be but that is ok because yeah I am a drama queen at times but I admit that shit. Anywho back to the point, another friend was like have you signed up for the blog tour? So I did, now lets get this straight while I am not opposed to sex and reading/having it, I am a bit ummmm judgmental when it comes to dudes writing about it because I instantly think "This dude has to be a douche, I mean c'mon he's writing about his sexual adventures and talking about women." Damn my friends and James Holeva for once again making me feel the need to apologize for being a judgmental bitch.

I loved this book. I laughed my ass off and I thought James was great. Yes, these are his stories but the truth of them and the way he is just idk such a guy to some answers had me rolling in fits of laughter. I loved how honest he was about sex. Never promising anything more then a great time. I couldn't help but LMAO when he was with the "Prom Queen". I was like OMG he didn't say that did he (you have to read it to understand) I about died with wall of pillows.

While I know most people will look at him and say he is a pig, I applaud him because I am sorry ladies, I have been out to clubs with my girlfriends and they meet a guy go out back fuck and come back. Hey I am an adult, if you feel the need to get your rocks off like that more power to ya. I think what set James apart is the fact that he was just honest about it. He wants to make the lady he is with feel good, and then you know if they meet again cool and if not that is ok too.

Overall I think you should read this book because it is not like anything I have ever read. It made me crack up, get hot, want to go to a funeral, a wedding, a bathroom, a balcony, shit I just want to meet this guy because I was so wrong about the book :) yeah that's why! Oh and James I will buy you lobster! Bahahahaha Best scene ever with that!!!

So I gave this book

5/5 hearts