Just Breathe by Rachel Brookes

Just Breathe - Rachel Brookes













I LOVE TATE CONNORS! that is all!!

ok its not because duh I need to gush about him and tell you all how wonderful he is.

I have read so many books sometimes I feel that they all seem to run together. Well kick me in the ass, this book was just so refreshing. Savannah is from Australia and she is moving to Los Angeles with her boss and only family Mr. Davenport. Savannah has a bit of a past and she is looking to make a fresh start in L.A. 

Tate Connors is your typical playboy, player. Sleeps with random women, is sexy and fine as hell. At first glance I thought meh just another one of those guys, but boy was I wrong. As the story goes on we see that these two are attracted to each other but they try hard to stay away from one another. Until finally they give in, but it seems that when things are finally looking good for them something happens to try to keep them apart. It was a bit frustrating. 

Both Tate and Savannah have things in their past that they need to let go of before either of them can move forward. When they do get that chance and it seems like FINALLY they will be together 

yup you guessed it another twist in the story.


What I enjoyed about the book was Savannah's way of speaking. She is from Australia so many of the things that we say here are not the same meaning for her. For example we say flip flops, she calls them thongs (bahahahaha) I still laugh thinking of that. I enjoyed her relationship with Tanzi, Tate's twin sister. I loved that even though Sav was a mess she decided that she should be able to love again and was willing to open herself up. The fact that she wouldn't give up on her friendship with Lucas even though Tate is not so nice about them being friends. She is a broken but strong character and that made me happy. She wasn't perfect, she was a bit out there which made me like her even more.


Tate is the all around great looking guy who knows he can get any girl he chooses. He doesn't do relationships but Savannah is something else and there is way more to him deep down then he lets on. He is charming, romantic and 

I just want to keep him forever. I liked the fact that he was a typical guy who is jelly of Savannah's friend (even though it bugs me). He eventually man's up and accepts him because he knows Sav will not stop being his friend. He is incredibly sexy...

Tate Connors has his effect on me and I am soooo happy with that. I will take it!!!


There are many memorable scenes in this book for me. I love that Savannah calls chips, crisps. It made me smile because they're chips Sav just chips. Another scene is where she goes to eat a hamburger with Tate and she orders a hamburger with chips and tomato sauce BAHAHAHA...its just so cute that you can't even be annoyed by it and finally my FAVORITE Australian word that I have adopted for my own is Fairy Floss!! I know you all want to know what it is but I refuse to tell you, you need to read the book to find out what it is!


Overall I think this book has everything I look for. Drama, angst, frustration, sexy lead male character who is vulnerable, strong female lead, great story and I love that Savannah finally finds a home here in LA. I am not a hugs fan of sequels anymore, so I was a bit disappointed that there is another book, but if its Tate I can live with it. I mean hello I will be needing my Tate fix!!! 


So I rate this book with 

4.5/5 hearts

And Tate is definiftly Book Boyfriend material! he will make you want to come back for more!