Truth and Humility By J.A. Dennam

Truth and Humility - J.A. Dennam

I thoroughly enjoyed this ride the book gave me. Have you ever looked at a book description and thought this sounds good and then you begin to read and you can't stop? so you pretty much just look like this

well this was certainly me. We begin with a girl named Danielle Bennett but her family and friends call her Danny. She has an older brother named Derek who is best friends with Austin Cahill. These two families are feuding like Romeo and Juliet style.

  No one knows why it all started, nobody cares they just know they don't like each other. Derek and Austin have to keep their friendship a secret.

Ok so skip ahead some years and Danny is now grown up. She is pretty badass! She is doing what most would consider men's work, her father doesn't want her to go to college. She has enrolled without her father's knowledge or money, so she does what any woman in that situation would do.....She goes to work for Austin Cahill. 

I know I couldn't even believe it myself. Well lets just say that at this point I was fascinated  I mean what the hell! She basically lies on her application, Austin is not stupid. Well as I kept reading I find out that Austin now hates Danny's brother and is accusing him of committing a pretty serious crime. So naturally he does what any person who is hell bent on getting revenge would do, he takes it out on Danny! I have to say I give Danny major props because I think I would have beat the crap out of Austin. Lets just say Austin was less then a gentleman. As he continues to spend time with her guess what happens? C'mon take a guess....


Yup I am not gonna say! just kidding. He starts to fall for her. Really I don't blame him. She's smart, pretty and can hold her own among a bunch of men! Now we get into all the drama, the secrets come spilling forth, and I was like 

then it turned into

next it was 

Yup, full of angst and drama just how I love my books! 

I am so glad that I got a chance to read this book. This author has a way of sucking you in and chewing on your emotions until they combust, then spits you out, all the while you are begging her to give you more! Its a bit masochistic I know, but I wanted it and I wanted it bad. 

The lead characters were really what drew me in, the way the author presented them. You felt the intensity from Austin and the fight within Danny. Then you throw in the family and the drama and bang a book I could not put down.

I was satisfied with the ending, you know I hate when you go through a book and its so good and then the ending is like BLAH. Did not get that here, and I was so glad for that.

So in the end J.A Dennam delivered a book that had me on my toes and kept me guessing. The things I thought I knew I was way off. So for that I give this book..


4/5 hearts

**I was provided a copy of the book for an honest review**