Make it Last by Bethany Lopez

Make it Last - Bethany Lopez
Love when I read a book and can totes connect with it. As I began to read by the 2nd page I was like 


You know you start a happy dance becasue you just know and feel it that this is going to be something grand?? no you don't do that?? well shit! I do.....
okay well back to the we have Briana and Colin. They were high school sweethearts. Yeah I know so rare that they last. No exception here, he's a BIG ol football jock he's leaving for college and though he "loves" her he says good-bye *cough* bullshit *cough* I mean I am sorry I think...even though I get where he is coming from that if you truly love someone you will make it work. See yes I am crazy I know it never works that way in real life.
Needless to say Briana is hurt
Skip ahead 4 years later and look whos back....yup you guessed it Colin. Knee injuries suck...there went his chances to go pro and Of course he sees Briana and all that he has missed. Of course he still wants her.
I was so happy when she was like 
Awww yeah, now we all know what happens right? he wants her, more so because he cant have her. I know MEN!! 
Now at this point Briana has this "arrangement" with Kent. You know the kind. 
Uh huh that would be the kind. Well apparently Kent has deeper feelings for Biana then he has lead her to believe. I know most guys do right? 
Eventually they do get back together and this my friends is where I am like yeah! DRAMA
Apparently Missy has a secret with Colin's BFF Rich. Ummm hmmm wanna know what it is? read the book LOL ok that was mean but
I am Sandie and I post no spoilers.
Ok wait it gets better. So Colins ex-gf from college comes to town and guess what??? she has an announcement of her own!!! So this is where I got all OMG seriously??? 
In the end, I enjoyed the book I connected with the characters. It was a pretty fast read. Do I believe you will enjoy it? yes I think you will
I rated this 
4/5 hearts