Lost by Nadia Simonenko

Lost - Nadia Simonenko

How do I even start this review? HOLY SHEEEEIIIITTTTT that's how!

From the first page this book had my full attention! I am honestly over HEA but this book has touched me in a way no book has in a long while. The subject matter in this book is not for those who are faint of heart. 

From the first page I was encapsulated. I knew this wasn't going to be another beautiful boy meets girl love story. This story is about finding your voice and yourself. Learning to love yourself and letting go of things that have hurt you. Though the things in your past shape your present they dont have to control who you are today.

Owen is a Teachers Aid in college and has had a horrible past. I think like 3 pages into the book we see why his life is not all happy and wonderful. He is trying to move on from his past. He is still very much controlled by his past. It is hard for him to go out with his friends and just have a good time. A certain person from his past pops up every now and again and he feels guilty for what took place that night so many years ago.

Maria is a bright woman, who is fighting demons of her own. Her past is also not a joyous one. She was a typical teen until one day that all changed and has never been the same. She is skittish around people and has a hard time in a crowd. 

Owen and Maria both have best friends that know one another and in a way hook them up. I laughed a lot during the skiing/snowboarding scene. I was happy to see that Maria was open to the possibility of opening herself up to Owen. Now while I am tired of books having these HEA, I can honestly say I wanted these two to have that. They are both broken and seem to find comfort in one another. I loved that the story slowly developed and wasn't this whole 

"Oh I see you and your my soul mate lets just go into a relationship and every things beautiful"
Nope that sure isn't what happened. They took their time, slowly opened up and learned to love and trust again. This was a great book and I was happy to see the progression. 

Oh and I almost forgot there were times in the book that made me mad. I was like OH HELL NOOOOOO!!! you will see when you get to those points in the book.

This book is full of drama, angst and just an overall powerful message that many people may not have the best upbringing or things may happen tot them in the past that delegates the choices they now make but we should never judge anyone. I connected with Owen being a child of abuse I understood the feelings he felt. It was a bit hard but I truly connected and wanted these two characters to overcome their past and find true happiness.

I gave this book 

4/5 hearts
Favorite quotes:
"I don't care if you're messed up. I am too. It doesn't matter how lost we were, because we found each other anyway."
"You have to take the bad with the good, and you've got more of the good than I ever imagined"
"If your willing to stick by me and put up with my problems, I'm sticking by you." 
"impossible-looking shapes that can't be accidental...they're all part of the boy I love, and he needs to know that I love them too. He found his way out of Hell, fell in love with a mess like me, and I can't imagine being without him now."