Love in All the Wrong Places by Audrey Harte

Love in All the Wrong Places (Love in L.A.) (Volume 1) - Audrey Harte

I enjoyed this book. It was a light and easy read. 

Annie reminded me of a few of my single friends that have went the route of online dating. 
Ok only thing is WTF Craigslist REALLY???
 I have heard such horror stories about Craigslist. I wanted to slap Annie just for that decision alone! ok so I guess people still use Craigslist but that scares the crap out of me.
I could comprehend the frustrations and apprehensions that Annie had about online dating. 
I enjoyed the way that the author made these characters down to earth and very likable. I was rooting for Annie throughout her misadventures of the men she scrolled through and went out on dates with. 
Annie meets one guy named Gabe and I was like:
Whoooo hooooo YEAH! 
especially when it got to the part that they did this
Then just like that and out of nowhere 
And I was like WTH man? Ugh more frustration and more dating and its just crazy (but a good crazy).
There was certain points that I found myself relating my friends to Annie and her experiences with dating. Its never easy and at times when Annie's heart broke so did mine, thinking gah she's so sweet she deserves her HEA. 
In the end I enjoyed Annie's story and can not wait for the next book as Audrey left me with a cliffhanger.
I rated this book
4/5 hearts