Let Love in by Melissa Collins

Let Love in - Melissa  Collins

I am ugh I don't even know where to begin. I think maybe its me IDK maybe its not. I damn how do I even say this. I didn't not like the book but I didn't love it either.

Okay lets see I am going to give you the good then the reasons it could have been better.

We have Maddy or Madeline who parents die when she is young she goes to live with her only relative far away from everything she knows. There she meets her BFF Mel. They form a special bond but Maddy has put up walls to not let others get close to her. 

She is in a relationship with Jay at the beginning but she knows she doesn't love him and she is going to start college and doesn't want to be with him as she isn't in love with him. Her and Mel go to college and guess what she meets Reid. A hot guy with walls of his own.

Maddy feels all these new things she's never felt before, he feels the same. He doesn't want to admit it, then something happens where he decides he wants her and only her. Oh she's a virgin. Then they date and are happy he does things for her he's never done for any girl because he was a player and never stayed with one chick for longer than 1 night. Except for one girl who understands no strings attached.

So a number keeps calling Reids phone and he doesnt want to answer it, Maddy thinks he's cheating. And you know drama ensues, secrets are revealed and tragic things happen. 

What I liked, I liked the friendships and bonds that are formed as this is college and could totes see this happen. I liked that Maddy is strong and confident yet vulnerable. The fact that she is able to recognize her unhappiness and does something about it made me say "YESSSS" because I like when girls or ppl are able to self reflect. Writing flowed and I enjoyed it for the most part. 

Ok so what I am not happy about. Maddy and Reid's relationship happened waaay to fast for me. I mean I get he's hot and all but he was a total douchnozzle to her. She forgives him rather quickly for my taste. I think its just so fast paced, that I wanted more angst and build up. I wanted to be sucked in and see exactly why he was so worthy of her love.

Then ok idk about everyone else but I just felt like was the cliffhanger necessary? I think a few more chapters would have sufficed and the story would have worked better for me. 

I am really big on books and I hate I mean hate to be negative ever. I know that with so many books out there its hard to write and original story, plot, etc. I know this author put lots of time and effort into this book. I am just expressing my take and how I saw things and what I felt did and did not work for me. 

For that I rated this book:

3.5/5 hearts