Keeping Secrets by Kitten Jackson

Keeping Secrets (Volume 1) - Kitten K. Jackson




Ok let me start all this off by saying that I want to marry Kitten K. Jackson! I did not get another perfect love story with Keeping Secrets in fact I got a fucked up....what the fuck am I reading but can't put down edge of my seat read!!! Yeah like that. I am soooo thankful. I needed that, seems that even though I love my HEA's thats all I get now. So this mind fuck of a thriller is GRRRREAT!!!

So this is typically not how I start my reviews but well I am Sandie and I love keepin you all on your toes.

NOw that you all think I am crazy here is the Ecerpt LOL

“And now you found her on Facebook.”

“It was easy. She spells her name with an ‘ie’, instead of a ‘y’. Abbie Rae Kolbeck. I searched it, and there she was.”
“Dude, how is it that she doesn’t know it’s you? You don’t have any photos on?”
“No, I have photos. Like I said, she knows me as Johnny Moretti. And when she knew me, I was this skinny little geek with big, wavy hair, bad teeth, zits, green eyes and big-ass glasses. Now, I’m four inches taller, about 50 pounds heavier, my hair is short, and I have the mustache and goatee. Oh, and I got my nose fixed. And I have brown contacts. And I had braces.”
“You got a nose job?”
“Yeah. Before I met you.”
“Yeah. You didn’t look like that when I met you.”
“That was the idea.”
“Hmm. So why did you send her the friend request?”
“I want to see her.”
“You what?”
“I want to see her.”
“Greg, you’re drunk. Let’s talk about this when—”
“No! I haven’t been drunk for the past 15 years! I’ve never stopped loving her, and
I’ve never stopped wanting her.”
“But Greg. You said you’ve done something that could get you’re a*s thrown in prison. What’s the statute of limitations for rape down there?”
“In Florida, there isn’t one.”
“What? You mean, for the rest of your life, you have to worry about going to prison?”
“I guess. I’m not sure the law’s reto…retroactive, but that’s Johnny Moretti. I’m not Johnny Moretti.”
“Greg, do you hear yourself? You need to go home and sleep this off, and in the morning, you’ll see how crazy this is.”
“I didn’t come up with this tonight, Mark. I’ve been thinking a lot about it on and off for the past few years.”
“Mostly off, I hope.”
“No, mostly on. And I think I can pull it off.”
“Look, going to a new place and starting over as someone else is one thing. But going back to where people knew you before and pretending to be someone else is a different thing entirely.”
“I’m not pretending. I am someone else.”
Greg reached into his back pocket. He pulled out his wallet and started going through it. There in the back, under some business cards, was a picture of an unattractive, skinny boy with shoulder-length, big hair, a huge nose, bad teeth, and big, ugly glasses. He showed Mark the picture.
“Does that look like me?”
Mark studied the picture, then looked at Greg. “No. Not at all. Damn!”
“See what I mean?”
“Okay, but what about your voice? Surely, your voice isn’t different from when you were in college.”
“That’s the only thing I’m a little bit concerned about. But back then, I was a southern boy. Now, I’m a full-on New Yorka. Fuhgetaboutit! Ya know? I’m a completely different guy, other than maybe my voice sounds a little like someone she used to know.”
“Yeah, someone who raped her! If you weren’t drunk, you’d realize how ridiculous that sounds.”
“Hey, I’ve thought this through when I was sober, and I know it’s a big chance, but I think it’s something I have to do. It’s a chance I have to take, Mark. She’s the reason I can’t, and don’t even want, to get close to anyone else. I still love her!”

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Back to the you can see Greg is a pretty effed up guy. I know what your probably thinking WTF is wrong with you. I know I know but don't get a judgey on me now. Alright so yes Greg or Johnny as he was known in the past raped Abbie. A beautiful woman back in college. She never really gave him the time of day and he was a shy and well by description not all that good looking. After he does this and she recognizes him and he flees, becomes a whole new person Greg. 

This where I tell you that you will need to hold on because I think several times I was like ooooh I see where this is headed and then 
nope that wasn't what I was expecting. Greg (Johnny) now 14 years older decides to look up Abbie. OK I will admit that is kind of creepy and weird but I went with it, because now I was all in, needed to see how this all played out. 

I am so glad I kept reading, lets see if I can get a good rundown without giving too much away ready....
Abbie and Greg begin to date, saw that coming but what I did not anticipate was the way I would feel for Greg. Several times I was like awww maybe he's not so bad, then Id be like what the hell, back to ok this is weird, and then finally WTF was that!!!

My concern was for Abbie, because it was like lie upon lie upon lie...but then I would be like wait was he lying? is something else happening that I can 't see coming? WTH?....and I couldn't stop spinning. 

Then dead bodies began to appear and I was like oh hell nooooo. It just got crazier and crazier. I think Kitty seriously had me like this 

By the end I was just OMG seriously? seriously!!!! I didn't know if I wanted to hug Kitty or smack her for making me go through all of that. LOL 

Needless to say I enjoyed the ride. NOT a HEA if thats what you are hoping for. This is a suspense filled book. With craziness, seat gripping suspense. I loved every damn minute of it!!! 
for that I gave this book 

4/5 hearts!!!!