Hiding in Plain Sight by Kate Mathias

Hiding in Plain Sight (The Silver Oaks Series) - Kate Mathias

Well where do I even start? That is my question! I swear I think all these authors have gotten together and are now on a lets fuck with Sandie campaign!!! This book had my head like this....

Yeah just like that. This is the second book in this series and I highly recommend that you read the first book Worlds Apart, only because the first book gives so much back round info. Plus its really good. You know the kind thats like ahhhh this is a bit different so its refreshing!
Hiding in Plain Sight picks up where World's Apart left off. We are still have Graham, Arie, Palmer, Pip and we jump 20 years into the future. So I hate giving away parts of the book but to better explain I must give you just bits okay LOL
In this book Piper being gone. So everyone is pretty much coping with that loss. Now whats interesting about this book is that certain characters are able to "jump" into alternate worlds. Its kind of crazy but it works well for the book. 

Graham is Piper and Joe's son and in this book we find him as an adult where he is just unsure of his path in life, or rather his career choice. Because of this it causes him to lose focus and his friend Lance has an accident that he feels responsible for.

Hiding in Plain Sight is a book about loss and how people cope with that. Its also about forgiveness. I am pretty sure that while I read this series I ummmm hmmmm forgot that uh my kids needed to eat. Don't smirk at the screen like that you all know you have done the same at one point or another. What really grabbed me was just the fact that the book is so different and unlike anything I have read in a while.

The "jumping" was one thing that I was like whoa, you get to see two different worlds. Katie does such a great job that there are no holes in the story. Nothing worse than reading a book and feeling lost or like WTF? ummm how the hell did I get here and what did I miss? nope I got none of that. I never felt cheated or at a loss, this book had me captured in this world for hours.

There is love and romance in the book as well as mystery, heartbreak and intrigue. What got me all caught up in these books was the fact that its so different but you watch these characters grow. The love aspect was well written. Lily is Grahams love interest and wow. You have to read it for yourself to understand what the WOW means. Yeah yeah yeah I am mean. I know but you all also know that I give nothing away and therefore you must read it for yourself.
I was like in awe of the way the books were written and put together.
I highly recommend this series. The next book Spitfire will be out in Fall and I can not wait to read it.

I gave this book:
4/5 hearts