Glass Hearts By Lisa De Jong

Glass Hearts (Volume 2) - Lisa De Jong











WOW! That is all I can say. I loved Plastic Hearts Review is up on my blog, but you all know me and my hateness for books that are cliche. So yes, Plastic Hearts surprised me and I loved the book, so when asked to read and review the Sequel I said...

We pick up literally right where the last book left off. Now if you haven't read Plastic Hearts I am not going to give away the ending but lets just say Alex (Alexandra Riley) was taking a HUGE risk in doing what she did. It pays off and I am so glad. I love Dane. Like he is you know the typical boyfriend that only has eyes for Alex but he is much more raw. Bad boy ummm yup well no, okay appearance wise yes. He has tattoos, he owns a motorcycle but he has changed his ways and is determined to clean up his life. 
In this book we get more of Alex and Dane and their messed up lives. No matter how much either of them try to change their past always haunts them. Do you ever start to read a sequel and feel like it just doesn't live up to the first book?
I can tell you NOT.THIS.BOOK! I was pleasantly surprised at the things this two needed to get through to make their relationship work. First off Alex is no longer supported by her parents. She has to join the real world and look for a job, which is hard to do especially if all your life things have been handed to you. She did me proud and even though she failed the first couple times, Dane was there to comfort her and tell her she could do it. 
Eventually she does land a job and although I would hate to live with my boyfriend and work with him, it uh yeah well it gets interesting. And oh man her boss! I was like ewwww creeper much.
IDK he just gave me a weird vibe. There is secret with him that you have to read to find out what it is, believe me I was kinda in shock! 
Well you know secrets come out about Dane and his past and what he was up to while he and Alex were apart
again you have to read the book to see what I mean. This book just kept getting crazier and crazier as I read. I thought I knew but ended up guessing wrong. Then Nolan, oh Nolan I really want this guy to get his shit together like his brother did. I would love to read a book about him because I seriously think his story would be great. He's confused, dysfunctional, raw and gritty and everything that makes me just want to reach in and save him. 
I feel so bad for Dane, because no matter how much he truly wants to change his life his mom and brother just never seem to fully let him. 
I was sad for the mom. I was upset with the way she just shoves shit away instead of dealing with it, I guess being an ex junky its hard to be a mom and help put things into prospective for your children, but it still drove me nuts!
Then there is Jade. I know her secret! and I am like hello Alex is your BFF let her help you damn it. I swear these peeps are all closed up and it drives me nutso! Oh and Gwen (Alex's sister) her too, I was yelling in my head grow a pair of tits and leave that damn asshole. 
We do see Alex's parents in this book and yes the momster
I gave this book 
4/5 hearts