For Everly by Raine Thomas

For Everly - Raine Thomas











Have you ever read a book and thought yeah its okay and then BOOM something happens and you can't put it down and stay up faaarrr to late and wake up faaarrr too early to be considered human? you kind of look like this...

Yeah that is me. Like literally I am not joking. I LOVE THIS BOOK. At first I was like its okay I mean you know like every love story there are twists, turns, but I swear I hit a certain point in this book and I was like say WHAT??? ummmm wait is this still the same book? did Raine Thomas just give me a new book within a book, am I crazy?
No I am not. I think for me its hard to get into books when the beginning doesnt grab my attention. SO I THOUGHT. lets just say I felt the same way with The Sea of Tranquility and The Edge of Never and those 2 books make my top 10 of ALL time books. I can be wrong.

I know, I am hardly ever wrong but I can totes admit when I am. So yes I WAS WRONG. This book rocks. Now you are probs like this chick is effing insane. I think she needs more sleep becuz shes rambling... I can give you that but my ramblings will lead into what you all want and that my friends is what this book is all about.

Wait did you all see the book trailer? yes ok then I can continue...

Everyly is a smart, intelligent wonderful girl who has been through a lot of crap in her life. She is in school to be a physical therapist.
Enter Cole Parker

Uh huh...He is sweet, charming, and a Major League Baseball player...SAY WHAT???? yup so you can only imagine he has a smokin body.
Cole injures his pitching arm well his shoulder, trying to keep it out of the press he asks his brother for help and this is how he meets Everly.

Everly has a past as I am sure we all do but she keeps a her distance from others as a form of protection. When you read the story you will see why. now what? this all sounds the same right like every book out there lately....Yeah I hear ya. I felt that way too. Then, as I contined to read I got it, it hit me and it hit hard! I think I am taken back by the refreshing way Raine Thomas built up this story. Its not instant love NOPE...

They actually take their time, feelings develop but they are friends, the undertone was perfect. It wasn't all ooh I see you lets go have sex and be together forever crap. It was like I don't know how to describe it other than the pace of everything was PERFECT! yes it is a love story, yes she is hot and so is he, and yes it has twists and turns I mean I would doubt I would have finished or reviewed the book had it not BUT like I said there is passion with out all the physical touching. A look that can stir my emotions and I can feel what the characters are trying to convey. That my friends is truly an awesome way to write a book. The fact that at first I just truly thought it was going to be like every other book with a HEA, and then made me change my mind. THAT all in itself is hard to do. Raine Thomas was able to do those things to me. THe book has its fun moments...super heros are awesome

Sooooo I mean I could like literally go on about things that happen or were said in the book but I really want you all to read it and let me know how and what you think? am I crazy? (I'm not but ya know) The witty banter of Cole, the way the book is written, the use of baseball and movies just to name a few things.
For all of these things I have sat here and debated what to give the book as a rating.....

5/5 hearts is what
I ended up with. Haven't 
given a book this rating in a 
looong while but in order to 
get one you must take me away!