Envisioned By Nikki Narvaez

Envisioned (The Elemental Prophecy #1) - Nikki Narvaez














Paranormal oh yeah! I know you are all probably like WTF again Sandie?? LOL well I do like it A LOT.

First thing that caught my attention was the cover. Yes I like covers and I know you should never judge a book by its cover yada yada, well I am not afraid to admit I do! I mean I will still read it anyways let me focus, I could write a whole post on this.
In this book we have Brielle who has these horrible nightmares, she is turning 18 and her best friend Kimber just wants to show her a good time. They live on Avalon Island or for us mainlanders that is Catalina Island.
Well her parents keep a HUGE secret from Brielle. Due to this secret she is not allowed off the island. Well you know teens they never listen. So in her nightmares she sees one guy that she wishes were real. The night of her 18th bday Kimber takes Brielle to Long Beach to a club were hot ass UFC fighter Jace Vasquez just so happens to be.

"I wanted to walk over there and pull them off of him by
their hair, yet I stood there frozen. I felt just like in my dream,
shocked and unsure of what to do. Do I go talk to him? What
would I say? Hey, I've been dreaming of you for as long as I
can remember. Yeah, right – he would think I was some
Lo and behold Bri sees Jace and she is in shock he is the guy from her dreams. Well this is where it gets interesting. He sees her and she is his 'twin flame'
WTF is that you ask....Well hmmmm if you have read the Significance series its almost like that. So Brie leans what she truly is. She is the one the prophecies spoke of, she was born to help mankind.
Yup and she turns pretty badass. As the story evolves there is more surprises....parents having extra kids...attempted kidnappings you know all the good stuff that keeps you interested oh and some of this
pretty hot right? as we continue We see so much more and oh goodness I was enthralled!
I thouhly enjoyed this book and can not wait to see what the next book has to offer.
Also OMG when I first started reading this I ran to my window
and was like is Nikki watching me?
The way Brielle speaks and acts is sooooo me!!! no joke check this out...
“I think someone slipped all of you some drugs because
you're all trippin'! What the fuck is going on?! How did I just
do that?!” I angrily questioned
"I blushed at the memory of Jace and I kissing, the warmth and electricity running though my veins was so
arousing … focus, Brielle, focus!"
Seeee I told you!!! I loved Kimber and Bries interactions I was laughing until I was crying in some points thinking of me and some of my true friends.
all in all I rated this book:
4/5 hearts