Dawnflight - Kim Headlee

I love many genres. I know you all already think that I am crazy BUT like I said I review many genres. I just like books *laughing*
With that said I liked the book, I can not say I was enthralled but it was enjoyable. Gyan is a Cheiftiness for her tribe, she's to marry Urien.  Going into this book I really really expected it to be one way and it went a completely different way. IS that good you ask? Yeah I believe it is.
Alright back on task, so Gyan is to marry Urien but she is like eehhh you know being betrothed to someone your not all that fond of might do that to you. On her way to meet up with Urien she meets Author, they are soulmates. So now you ask how the hell does that work? yeah well you have to read it to find out.
Let me just say I liked the fact that Gyan is a warrior, she kicks arse.
In all I have to say I enjoyed the book. I know this genre is not for all people.
I gave this book:

3.5/5 hearts