Date Me  - Jillian Dodd

My Review:

I am so excited to be apart of this tour! I love me some Keatyn and her sometimes crazy and confused self. 
I LOVE this series, Keatyn is a girl after my own heart. I would seriously love to live her life. This story picks right up where Kiss Me left off...
Jillian Dodd, has another hit series with the Keatyn Chronicles, I have enjoyed every single one of the books. The fashion, the boys and the friendships. I love reading about how much Keatyn grows and learns in each book. 
There were times that I was like this:
Then It turned into:


Le sigh...
thats how I feel when ever I read the names Dawson and Aiden. 
Keaytn and friend embark in many more dramatic filled moments that kept me glued to my kindle. I wanted to devour every single moment and did not want to miss a thing. Miami...oh yeah when you read this book you will understand what that means.
In the end I just loved that Keatyn is just well Keatyn and as her friendships grow and her life involves I love being able to be a part of her world. Wish I could stay in there, I mean hot guys and being able to afford the best in fashion, where do I sign up. 
I rated this book 
4.5/5 hearts