By a Thread - R.L. Griffin

Sometimes its hard to read a friends book and be totes honest because you have built a friendship right? unless you are me. I am honest so with that said I want to tell RL WTF??? like seriously WTF??
lets see if I can better explain this to you all ok.

1. This book took me and turned me upside down, then it grabbed me by shoulders shook the shit out of me, next it slapped me in my face, finally it set me down and gave a little bit of love but not too much.

2. What did I expect? Well fuck not all this I think my emotions were and are still on overdrive. 

3. then you want to know what she did to me????? She gave me all the shit I look for in a book. Yeah you all know me well enough to know what I am talking about right??? The angst, the drama, the passion, the men, the main character is a BAD ASS BITCH!!! yup and what do you have?

Now you are all probably like Sandie WTF are you even talking about this review makes no damn sense! LMAO well I had to let out all my emotions because feelings suck. They can do a number on you. That is 
precisely what this damn book did to me. It grabbed me from the beginning I mean seriously RL to start a book like that I didn't know if I wanted to run and hide or throw my kindle cuz I just knew this was going to take me on a whirlwind. 

Stella is a bad ass chick and I was so excited I hate with a passion whiney needy chicks that can't so shit for themselves. I mean it works in some cases but seriously no. Take notes ppl take notes Rl made her and I have to say one of the best main women characters I have seen in a looong time. You know life is about tragedy and this chick has that too. So I guess this is when it becomes apparent if she will be a survivor or giver upper

Another thing I love is great banter you know the kind where I am laughing and snort laughed and then would yell HAHA! yup yup!! all that is in this book. There are so many twists to the plot that I was a bit miffed that I kept seeing shit one way and it was sooooo not that way at all. HELLOO I think my sensor is off or something or these authors have caught on and are now making me pay dearly for earlier comments about knowing how things end.
By the end of this book with my emothions everywhere I didn't think I could handle anymore. Yeah well she's mean and guess what? yup I have to wait for book 2 MEAN right??!!

I mean that in the nicest way possible too RL really I do!
I am sorry this review was all over the place but its really hard to tie down my emotions.

You are all probably wondering if I am on crack, drunk, coke, Dr.Pepper LOL well I think i might be all of those combined but no sorry no drugs were involved, drinks maybe but defo no drugs. This review is actually a good one, I enjoyed this damn book so much that I think I am going to harass this author forever. She is #hoefficially one of my top 10 Authors. That is how extraordinary this book is. To be able to capture and enthrall me the ENTIRE way through is no easy feat. But she did it and then she slapped me, and punched me and I loved every single minute of it! So for that RL for that I applaud you and give you 

5/5 hearts!!!!