Avoiding Mr. Right - C.J. Ellisson

Sandie's Review:

Alright I think this book is more up my alley and has successfully brought me out of my slump. You know when you keep reading essentially the same book over and over. I am not going to lie and IDK if I am just in a rut, or what but it took me about 3/4 pages before I was able to get into this book. Have no fear though because once I was into it I was pretty much submerged in this story/book/characters and ummm dinner??? what dinner? yeah thats what the hubby and kids said. So glad for pizza (sorry)

Carla oh man Carla. I love her, and I like the "love em and leave em" attitude. What?? I mean really its not that bad. She has been through a lot in her life that has brought her to this point. I mean for me its pretty obvious that thats the reason as most women want to have a relationship and all that right? anyways Carla isn't looking for love. So meeting Andy was just supposed to be another one of those casual encounters...

Andy wow Andy. I think I was expecting something else and I was pleasantly surprised by him. He is a mix of HOLY HOTNESS, with a touch of YES SIR anything you want.

Yeah that's pretty much how I was when he came on the scene. I was actually excited to see how this was going to play out. I mean you read as many books as I do and I think the premisses pretty much is the same right? UMMMM NO! Andy is an accountant and yeah I was with Carla ehh whatevs accountant pppfffttt....BOY was I wrong. So the first encounter is not all that great. 

So Carla is like dude its cool but Andy is like oh hecks no I need to PROVE to you that it can be better. Well not exactly like that but I am paraphrasing here. Andy is an Alpha ad if you didn't already know well hell yes I love me some Alpha's.

Guess what happens??? c'mon just guess....

HOLY HELL YES!!! I was actually rooting for Andy, like get that girl and show her who's boss (hehehe). Yeah I know I know you all need to know about the story. Geez ok....Carla begins to find and we read about her issues and why she avoids relationships.
Lets just say Andy is noooo boring accountant. He is actually like hot and wow and

PLEASE??? LOL I loved the way the story developed. I was intrigued and I couldn't stop reading. Like I said pizza was dinner this night because I was so absorbed in the story. CJ did a great job in keeping my interest. Carla is a character that I connected with and totes got. I am glad that Andy fought and proved his worth. 

In the end I gave this book

4/5 hearts
Do I think you all should read this? HELL YES I DO!!!! 


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